Path to Strength

This is the first book I am posting on this platform, so I ask for patience. My native language is not English, and I am not ashamed to say that I am using the so-called "Best Translator in the World" to help me with this work (DeepL translator). I was really trying to find fanfics that take place in the worlds of Baki, Kengan Ashura or the like, and although I found them, I only came across ones where the character gets supernatural powers that put him above any fighter from these worlds, and that frustrated me. A man needs to see two people fighting using their fists entirely, rather than creating interdimensional portals or something of that sort. So don't expect these kinds of powers here, because here there will just be the old way of solving problems. ---------------------------------------------------- It was a normal day for Yuji, going to school, then to the gym he was attending and finally home. A monotonous, but pleasant routine. There was no cause for pride, much less shame, so for the teenager that was enough. As always, everything was going as it should. That was until the moment when, looking in the mirror, the boy's whole perspective seemed to change. Facing someone who looked like him, but at the same time, was not him, Yuji sees himself in a similar world, but which is certainly not his. Crossover world of animes, including Tokyo Revengers, Baki, Kengan Ashura, Holyland, Hajime no Ippo and others that can easily be included in FF if readers have ideas.

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211 Chs

Chapter 181

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Sitting in the director's chair, Choyun greeted the man responsible for invading his territory with an impassive face, almost as if he was unfazed by his presence there.

But Yuji was easily able to see through that mask. Choyun was afraid of his presence, but he knew how to hide it. 

Choyun was cautious. The slightest movements of his fingers, the sweat slowly forming on the back of his neck, the almost imperceptible trembling in his eyes. Yuji could see everything.

The man in front of him wasn't much of a man.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of the presence of someone so powerful?"

Yuji rolled his eyes at that. Flattery wouldn't work with him, even if his target knelt down and kissed his feet.

The job had taken longer than expected, which had irritated him enough. He just wanted to get rid of the man in front of him and leave as soon as possible.

"But before that, I think I can get some explanations out of you.

Approaching Choyun until he was in front of him, Yuji stared at him for a few seconds while he seemed to be thinking about what to do.

The man in front of him, according to Yuji's analysis, didn't seem to be a good person. He wouldn't feel sorry about torturing him if he had to, but he wasn't in the mood for it. 

He would just beat him up and then ask for some information. If there was no cooperation, then he would just finish him off right there.

"I think you know why I'm here."

Placing his hand on the table that separated the two, Yuji maintained an impassive expression as he applied enough force to make the table shake.

"And believe me when I say that no negotiations will change that."

Choyun closed his eyes in understanding, a small smile of recognition appearing on his lips.

"I understand." Nodding, Choyun adjusted himself in his chair as he slowly opened his eyes. "Then let's finish this."


With the table shattering, Choyun was the first to attack, a kick hitting Yuji's defense and causing him to stagger backwards.

Choyun saw this, and trying to seize this moment to invest, his eyes widened as a fist fell right in front of him, the ground beneath his feet cracking.

"You're stronger than your henchmen."

Choyun, noticing Yuji shortening the distance between them, widened his eyes as he lowered his guard to block a punch aimed at his ribs.


But while the punch was clearly heading for his torso, Choyun was unable to react when it changed trajectory at the last moment, his face being hit hard enough to send him into the wall.

"But that won't change much."

Grabbing his opponent by the hair, Yuji smashed his face into the remaining pieces of the director's desk, before lifting him up and kicking him away.

Choyun spat out blood, and seeing that he was about to be hit again, immediately rolled to escape, turning in time to raise his arms to block a knee strike that carried enough force to make his arms shake.

Choyun gritted his teeth, and putting up his hand, he tried to strike back with a spinning kick. But to his misfortune, Yuji only blocked the attack while hitting him with a powerful punch that smashed him to the ground.

"Ugh!" Spitting blood, Choyun looked up to see Yuji standing over his body, staring at him with an expression that could only be described as: "Completely bored."

"I have to admit, you're strong. Your physical capabilities can match Gun, but I doubt you can beat him. Still, it's pretty impressive."

Crouching down next to Choyun, Yuji stared at him with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Now, I have some questions about the strange things I've seen around here. I hope you'll cooperate, or I'll have to be very inconvenienced."

Moving his hand towards Choyun's face, Yuji cracked a small smile.

"Then don't make my job any more complicated."



Feeling Choyun's fingers wrap around his wrist, Yuji raised his eyebrow in confusion, his eyes slowly turning to the man, who, unlike his impassive expression, was now showing a smile full of disdain.

"Give me everything!"

With those words coming out of Choyun's mouth, Yuji's eyes widened as he felt a powerful impulse run through his body, a sense of danger coursing through him as he felt his muscles begin to weaken.

'What the hell is that?'

Punching Choyun away, Yuji broke free of his grip, his eyes narrowing as he stood up and looked down at his arms, confusion all over his face.

'I... I feel weaker.'

It wasn't just a sensation. Just with his grip, he was able to notice the difference in strength. He had become weaker, somehow.


[The system detected another user trying to harm the Main Host]

[Part of the Host's Attributes have been stolen]

[The system is adapting to correct the problem]


'Did he steal from me?'

Frowning at the change in his status, Yuji slowly turned to see Choyun standing up while something glistened on his lips.


With the sound of chewing ringing throughout the room, Choyun raised his head to show a completely unharmed face, without any signs of the damage previously caused by Yuji.

"Let's keep going."

Yuji's frustration grew more and more, his fingers tightening as he stared at Choyun with murderous intensity.

Even with his attributes weakened, he didn't feel he was going to lose.

Being robbed only served to infuriate him.

If Choyun had a chance of survival before, in that instant, he had trampled he underfoot as if he were nothing.

He had sentenced himself to die.

"All right." Pulling up the sleeve of his shirt, Yuji's face relaxed as he took a deep breath. His once hostile aura had completely disappeared, his presence so weak that Choyun felt as if he wasn't even there. "I'll fight with everything, so be proud."

Stepping forward, completely unfazed by the fact that he was ranked weaker than usual, Yuji began to approach Choyun.

"You'll be the first in Korea to see how Yuji Shinakawa really fights."