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Path to Strength


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This is the first book I am posting on this platform, so I ask for patience. My native language is not English, and I am not ashamed to say that I am using the so-called "Best Translator in the World" to help me with this work (DeepL translator). I was really trying to find fanfics that take place in the worlds of Baki, Kengan Ashura or the like, and although I found them, I only came across ones where the character gets supernatural powers that put him above any fighter from these worlds, and that frustrated me. A man needs to see two people fighting using their fists entirely, rather than creating interdimensional portals or something of that sort. So don't expect these kinds of powers here, because here there will just be the old way of solving problems. ---------------------------------------------------- It was a normal day for Yuji, going to school, then to the gym he was attending and finally home. A monotonous, but pleasant routine. There was no cause for pride, much less shame, so for the teenager that was enough. As always, everything was going as it should. That was until the moment when, looking in the mirror, the boy's whole perspective seemed to change. Facing someone who looked like him, but at the same time, was not him, Yuji sees himself in a similar world, but which is certainly not his. Crossover world of animes, including Tokyo Revengers, Baki, Kengan Ashura, Holyland, Hajime no Ippo and others that can easily be included in FF if readers have ideas.


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