8 Journey to the Fleeting Sword Sect

An entire week has gone by since Su Yang left home to become a disciple at the Fleeting Sword Sect. Every day, Su Yang jogged until he couldn't lift his legs any longer, which took half the day. When he exhausted his legs, he would leave the path and enter the wilderness to set up his camp, making sure not to stray too far away from the path. Then, he would eat some food before swinging his sword until he had to sleep.

He repeated this routine until he reached the next city on the eighth day of his travel.

Su Yang gazed at the imposing sign above the city entrance bearing the name 'Blue Willow City'.

'This will be my first time entering another city,' Su Yang mused as he approached the expansive city entrance, where two distinct queues awaited their turn to enter. One line catered to carriages, while the other was designated for individuals on foot, such as Su Yang.

There were several guards at the entrance doing inspections. After waiting for a bit, it was Su Yang's turn to be inspected by the guards.

The guard doing Su Yang's inspection glanced at his mask and asked, "What's your purpose here?"

"I am just passing through."

"Then what's your destination?"

"The Fleeting Sword Sect." Su Yang calmly responded.

"Do you intend on staying here for long?"

"No, I will leave immediately after restocking some supplies."

"Then I will give you a 1-day visitor's pass, but before that, place your hand on this." The guard showed him a crystal ball.

Su Yang followed the guard's instruction and placed his hand on the crystal ball. A moment later, the crystal ball briefly emitted a faint white light.

"Okay, you may enter." The guard handed Su Yang a piece of paper.

Hearing how young Su Yang sounded, the guard warned him, "Make sure you don't lose the pass or stay past the limit. The consequences will be severe."

Su Yang silently nodded his head in acknowledgment and entered the city a moment later.

Inside the city, Su Yang quickly restocked his food supplies and rented a room to wash his body. Then, without lingering in the city, he left through the other entrance.

This time, it took him almost ten days to reach the next city.

"Tranquil Bamboo City…" Su Yang muttered in a low voice as he stood before the city entrance with a dazed look on his face.

'This is her home…' Su Yang wondered if he would be able to meet the General in this place.

After a thoughtful minute, Su Yang resolved to spend a day in the city, harboring the hope of catching another glimpse of the General.

When it came time for his inspection, Su Yang said, "I am on my way to the Fleeting Sword Sect, but I plan on taking a small break in this city."

"How long do you intend on staying?"

"A day or two."

Once Su Yang passed the crystal ball inspection, the guard handed him a 3-day pass. Normally, visitors who hide their faces would receive stricter inspections, but since Su Yang claimed to be heading to the Fleeting Sword Sect, none of the guards wanted to inconvenience someone related to such a prominent place. 

Upon entering the city, Su Yang restocked his supplies and rented a room again. After washing his foul-smelling body, Su Yang immediately started asking around for information on the General.

'According to father, her surname is Li— Li Meiqi.'

Once he found someone who looked knowledgeable, Su Yang approached that person and asked, "Excuse me, do you know where I can find General Li?"

The middle-aged man wearing a scholar's outfit looked at Su Yang's suspicious appearance with a raised eyebrow, "General Li? She isn't someone you can meet just because you want to. Now scram."


Su Yang did not give up and tried asking a few more people.

"Who the hell are you? Stop bothering me and shoo!"

"Get away from me, you little beggar!" 


"Huh? You want to see General Li? Then you're out of luck since she left with the army last week."

"Oh… Is that so…" Su Yang sighed in a dejected manner.

Now that he knew he wouldn't be able to see the General, Su Yang no longer had any reason to stay in the city and immediately left.

However, as he tried to leave the city, the guards there warned him, "Hold on. Since we are close to the Fleeting Sword Sect, there will be a much higher chance of encountering roaming spiritual beasts. Are you sure you want to travel alone? You aren't a cultivator, correct?"

"How strong are these spiritual beasts?" Su Yang asked.

"They are mostly at the Elementary Spirit Realm, but even the weakest of them will threaten your life."

Su Yang fell silent. 

Seeing this, the guard continued, "Why don't you wait for a carriage? You're heading to the Fleeting Sword Sect for their annual entrance exam, correct? There are carriage services for that exact purpose, but they won't be here until tomorrow morning."

Su Yang nodded, "Thank you for the information. I shall come back tomorrow then."

He returned to the hotel and slept for the rest of the day.

Early in the morning the following day, Su Yang returned to the city gate, and sure enough, there were several carriages available outside the city, and there were already plenty of people in line for them.

Su Yang approached the carriages and read the large sign beside them, "One-way carriage service to the Fleeting Sword Sect's entrance exam area. 75 Silver."

'75 silver?! That's nearly my entire fortune!' he cried inwardly.

Carriage services typically don't come with such high costs, but these specific carriages employ cultivators to ensure they arrive at the Fleeting Sword Sect safely, hence the increased price.

Su Yang wanted to avoid the hefty expense, but as a mere mortal, he lacked the strength to fight spiritual beasts. No matter how talented he was with the sword, it wouldn't bridge the gap between those with Profound Qi and those without.

In the end, he could only clench his fists and cough up 75 silver for their services. 

Having paid for his ride, Su Yang boarded the carriage, joining five other individuals who would be sharing the carriage and traveling with him. Among them were three young men and two young ladies between the ages of 14 to 25.

Su Yang, the final person to enter the carriage, drew immediate attention from the others due to being the only one wearing a mask.

Ignoring the curious gazes directed at him, Su Yang took a seat in the sole vacant spot next to the door, beside a young man with a robust physique and in front of an unassuming young girl with short black hair.

The carriage started moving shortly afterward. 

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