It was noisy outside as if someone was preparing for a big event. The sound of footsteps could be heard outside the door.


The young man on the bed looked sleepy. His small face was thin, without any color.

As soon as the young man sat up, his body suddenly curled up.

"Cough, cough, cough."

The young man coughed violently as if he was used to it. He sighed, shook his head helplessly, and made an expression that was different from his peers.

If it had been anyone else present, they would have been shocked. How could a ten-year-old child have such an expression?

In reality, his name was Li Ran, and he was not his original body. He was a fine young man who lived in the modern world but had unexpectedly transmigrated here a month ago.

This was the Azure Dragon Continent, a world where magical beasts ran amok and Martial Dao reached godhood!

Everyone on the Azure Dragon Continent, as long as they awakened their Soul Rings, would become a Soul Warrior. When their Soul Power reached Level 10, they would be able to absorb the Soul Rings of magical beasts for a certain period of time and enter the next realm of Soul Cultivators. After that, they would become Great Soul Masters, Soul Grandmasters, Soul Kings, Soul Monarchs, Soul Saints, Soul Gods, and even Supreme Martial Gods!

However, not everyone had the hope of becoming a Supreme Martial God.

On the Azure Dragon Continent, everyone would have a chance to awaken their Soul Rings when they were ten years old. The number of Soul Rings awakened would determine whether or not they could become a Supreme Martial God in the future.

The prerequisite to becoming a Supreme Martial God was to bind nine Soul Rings. The older the Soul Ring, the better.

However, the number of Soul Rings was often determined by one's innate talent. Some people were gifted and could awaken more than one Soul Ring at the age of twelve. This meant that their strength would reach a high level in the future.

On the other hand, if only one Soul Ring was awakened, it meant that they would forever be at the stage of Soul Warriors, unable to break through to Soul Cultivators.

"Young Master, are you awake?"

The servant's voice came from outside the door, interrupting Li Ran's thoughts.

He concealed his expression and returned to his usual obedient expression, looking a little dazed.

"Come in."

The servant pushed the door open and said respectfully, "Young Master, the Master has something to ask you. He's waiting for you in the study room."

"Got it."

Li Ran coughed after he finished speaking. The servant at the door was used to it and quietly left, closing the door behind him.

"Tomorrow will be the day of the awakening of the Soul Ring."

Li Ran's eyes flickered. His original body's constitution was too weak. He did not know if it would affect the awakening of the Soul Ring tomorrow.

Li Ran collected his thoughts, opened the door, and walked out. He walked around the corner and was not far away from the study.

"Look at his sickly appearance. Will he be able to successfully awaken the Soul Ring tomorrow?"

"Let's see hahaha."

"Your words are too much. Be careful not to be heard by the Chief. Otherwise, he'll teach you a lesson!"


Li Ran ignored the discussions of the disciples behind him. He only sighed in his heart. His original body was the Chief's eldest son after all, yet those disciples actually dared to talk about it in front of him.

If Li Ran did not have this identity, he could not imagine how difficult this original body's situation would be.

The survival principle of the Azure Dragon Continent was that the strong were respected!

Li Ran suddenly stopped outside a room and knocked on the door.

"Father, I'm here."

The people inside did not make much noise. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. When the door opened, it was a middle-aged man wearing a green robe. The moment he saw Li Ran, he had a warm smile on his face.

The middle-aged man was this original body's father, Li Xun. He was also the Chief of the Pure Wind Clan. The Pure Wind Clan was considered one of the bigger sects for martial arts in Sifang Town.

"Lil Ran, how is your body today?"

The skinny youth lowered his head and did not say anything.

"I'm fine!"

"A few days ago, I sent you the Linglong Magical Fruit. Did you notice anything strange after you ate it?"

Li Ran shook his head, but he said regretfully, "My constitution hasn't improved."

Although he had just transmigrated, he respected the man in front of him from the bottom of his heart.

His original body had been weak since he was young. In order to cure his illness, Li Xun had entered the Magical Beast Mountain Range many times to find precious and rare spirit herbs. Over the years, Li Xun had invested a lot of Heavenly and Earthly Treasures in Li Ran's body, but the effects were minimal.

So many years had passed, but Li ran's body had not changed in the slightest. The elders in the clan were getting more dissatisfied.

After all, which disciple in the clan did not have more talent than Li Ran?

As a sickly person, no matter how many spirit herbs he used, it was useless!

"Tomorrow will be the day of the awakening of the Soul Ring. Don't worry, just maintain your usual attitude."

Li Xun looked at his son and said, "Also, I have another thing to tell you."

The youth looked over.

"After tomorrow, I want you to enter the Divine Sect to cultivate. There will be more cultivation techniques and rare treasures there. It will be of great benefit to you."

Li Ran was stunned. Divine Sect?

Divine Sect was the largest sect in the Yenjiu Prefecture. It was said that since its establishment, a Supreme Martial God had walked out from the Divine Sect!

A Supreme Martial God was born in the Divine Sect, and there was such a super expert behind it. This was also the reason why the Divine Sect could sit firmly as the number one sect in the Yenjiu Prefecture.

On the other hand, the Pure Wind Clan was only a martial clan in Sifang Town. It was not even considered a sect.

The gap between the two was huge!

"How could a big sect like that accept a disciple like me?"

Li Ran felt that his father was joking. How could a sickly man like him be chosen by the Divine Sect?

"I have my own ways."

Li Xun said with a face full of confidence.

According to the rules of the past years, the Divine Sect would send a few elders to recruit disciples in Sifang Town. The conditions were very strict. Only those who had awakened more than one Soul Ring were qualified to join the Divine Sect.

However, every year, there would be one or two disciples from the Pure Wind Clan who were lucky enough to join the Divine Sect.

However, Li Ran did not have any hope. With the conditions laid out, it was impossible to go through the back door.

There might still be some hope for him if he could awaken more Soul Rings tomorrow.

"Soul Rings..."

All this while, Li Ran had not been able to understand a single question. He looked at the man in front of him and still asked.

"Father, can the age of a Soul Ring be changed?"

The number of Soul Rings that a person could awaken in their lifetime was destined and could not be changed.

In that case, could the age of the Soul Ring be changed?

Li Ran had already prepared for the worst. If his Soul Ring awakening on the next day was not ideal, then he would work hard to increase the age of his Soul Ring. The higher the age, the stronger his strength would be.

Even if he did not have that many Soul Rings, he could still increase his strength.

However, what happened next completely broke his plan.

"The age of the Soul Ring is fixed. Only when you break through to the next realm and hunt magical beasts with high age, will the age of the soul rings you can absorb be higher."

Li Xun shook his head.

"Could it be that there are other ways to increase the lifespan of a Soul Ring?"

Li Ran did not give up. If the number of Soul Rings he bound was too few and he could not increase the age of his Soul Ring indefinitely, would he not be able to increase his strength?


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