8 Sensitive topic

I'll upload a real chapter later but I have a question for you guys and it might make you guys made if I go through with this.

Wolbet can only get those or those close to goblinkind with a select few exceptions pregnant where as everyone else it's impossible unless he breaks the curse on himself which wouldn't happen unless he hits around lvl. 100 to over power the curse itself.

That being said he and his tribe will come in conflict with Mortals, Humans, Demihumans, Elves and Dwarves will appear and try to destroy his home only due to him being a monster.

And when dealing with these adventurers they will kill them, repel them or even capture some before taking their stuff and killing them as well.

And in any world with adventurers there will be female adventurers so the ultimate question remains….


Kill them like he has with all the rest?

Or have his way with them and make them his bitches?


And don't worry I won't make a few chapters to make you actually care for a female adventurer, I'm not that cruel hahaha….

Or am I?

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