15 Next Threat (Vote Chap.)(Fin)

Before we continue on our sexcapade with Wolbet I gotta ask what should be the next Major Threat/ Obstacle that he and his village will need to face next.

For now the Oni Sisters and mortal adventurers won't be an issue as that would be too soon to put them in that kind of danger as he isn't strong enough to deal with that unless he used all his available resources to fend them off and even then it could end badly for the village as a result.

So here is the list of things that are possible Threats that he and his village will have to deal with and you guys will vote on which one you like, and yes you can vote on each one of them, but only once, if I get people spamming this then I will no longer be making vote chapters like this.


So here are your choices along with threat levels from 1 to 10, 1 being minor to 10 being extremely dangerous.

•Forest Monster Attack (1-5)

•Water Monster Attack (3-7)

•Monster Stampede (5-10)

•Monster Incursion (7-10)

•Wild Mountain Tribe Problems (7-10)

•Wild Forest Tribe Problems (6-10)

•Wild Plain Tribe Problems (4-8)

•Natural Disaster (5-10)


After a few chapters I'll end this vote so that the scenario can be implemented as well as I will take those danger numbers and put them on a wheel and give it a spin and I'll upload a screenshot of the picture so you guys know how big the threat is.

This may be a smut fic 60-70% of the time but I still want to build some of a story to this world that Wolbet and his tribe inhabits so problems will arise as a result.

And mind you I know I have his territory under Terra's protection so extremely strong monsters won't attack his home, but he and his family need to leave their territory if they are ever gonna get the things they need to develop further than what they are right now as well as get necessary materials to build his village, into a town, a city, a capital and finally his own country to call his own.

But to do that he needs resources he can't get from the forests nearby and he will need to travel further a field to get those things for himself and his building kingdom.

Thank you all for voting on this but from what I can see it's a near even split in two choices so I will stop this vote here as of 6/2/23 and start the tiebreaker vote two chapter from now so go their and vote instead.

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