17 Gathering Supplies

After that night of fun we all had together had ended it was time to start a new day and expecting to double or triple our current village population in a few days it was best we got this out of the way now and start gathering necessary supplies.

So after we all cleaned up and the women emptied out their wombs of my seed and ate a breakfast comprised of some fruits and fish from the river I got their attention and began to divide up who is going to do what for the next few days before the pregnancy's became to pronounced to do anything later on.

Reka, Paula, Nesha, & Froni along with Wolba and Yizzy would work together on wood & fruit gathering to the south side of the forest near the forests edge, wood for building and more fruits for later on to eat.

Toxi, Fera, Vala and Mila along with Vira as escort and main protection will head to the grassy plains area in search of grains and hops, and if they can capture some small blue slimes as they are great for deep cleaning the skin compared to what we do in the river right now along with thoroughly cleaning hair, while they do eat anything their preference is dead or non living thing so they are rather safe to hold and carry around, only the elemental ones are threatening to people while the basic blue ones aren't.

Then we will have Rala & Lily along with Shalla, Ekah and Neex head towards the nearby rocky terrain of the mountains to gather up ore deposits of iron and rock salt and bring it home.

While me, Regina, Shazza and Xahka head into the deeper woods to hunt down packs of Deer, Boars, Bears, and other wild animals along with any monsters we can find with Rachel and Kat being their to help carry our haul as supporters with their bonus carry capacity for being loot goblins.

And the rest that stay in the village their main job will just to be fishing up Bass, Trout and Walleye that can be found in this river for more food to supply us in the long run.

There were some complaints but everyone had at least some people strong enough to help defend them if anything happened to them in one shape or another so the grumbling a of discontent faded and everyone got to work with what they needed to do before heading off leaving only a few to stay in the village to fish while we all did our work for the day.

Soon enough Me along with Regina, Shazza, Xahka, Kat and Rachel headed northwards deep into the woods as we began our hunt for animals.

Luckily Shazza and Xahka are Bokoblins so they have a keen sense of smell so soon enough we caught onto some animal tracks, boars to be exact as we began to follow after them.

Though luckily after creating the Bokoblins house I was able to keep my Hungry Grizzly pelt for myself which I was currently using as a cloaked hood over my head as the rest of the pelt went down my back and down to my angles in length, and I think I looked pretty damn cool wearing it as well.


But it was scrubbed clean of all the scent of the Hungry Grizzly or else we wouldn't be able to keep going with our hunt as the smell would drive all the animals away but it did give a +10 DEF while wearing it, much better than my normal straps I wear underneath.

(N) Also I may have said that Orcs, Pig Orcs, Ogres, Oni's, Trolls and Giant have their own territories that they mostly inhabit but they can still be found in other areas just not as much as the areas they mostly inhabit.

"There they are." Shazza says quietly as we crouch down in the bushes and peek out to see a small group of boars sniffing the ground for truffles, eating some fallen fruits or head butting each other in a fight to show dominance there being 5 in total.

"On my signal." I say quietly as I, Shazza and Xahka pull out our bows to take aim at the boars before us aiming at the three not fighting in the group as they aren't moving.

"3, 2, 1, shoot." I whisper loud enough for them to hear as we unleash our arrows onto our prey with all our shots hitting their marks, killing them instantly, or hitting them that made them bleed hard and stumble and fall over as they tried to run before losing to much blood and energy to move.

This made the other two realize something was up and began to scatter but by the time they got that thought in their heads Shazza and Xahka already had their next arrows aimed at them and hit kill shots on them as well making us get all 5.

"Nice work, will get them all set and will head back, then will see what else we can hunt." I say to them before we head down the hill and grab our kills before we start hauling them off towards home.

"Daddy *grunt* I think we should get a cart instead of carrying all this around like this." Rachel said as she was carrying two large boars over her shoulders, showing the benefits of the Loot Goblin Class in full.

"Hmmm, your probably right, but the problem is we don't have any horses or monster animals that can pull our carts, so how about tomorrow we see if we can tame any wild horses out in the plains, but only after we get the slimes a build the slime tub and slime pit for the animals." I don't need the smell of animal/monster shit to be in the air around our village and that's where the slimes come in to deal with that problem.

We could just keep dumping it down river but that leads to Jaw Bone Fish swimming upstream to get more of that garbage from the source and we don't need those things infesting our waters near home, that will just cause more dangers for my younger and weaker children and I won't lose a child due to incompetence of my own.

Luckily the kingdom management system I have let's me make things that are crucial for the continued construction of my kingdom such as Pull carts, Wagons and Advanced wagons to name a few things I can make.

Theirs even more things I can make way down the line as well but the required parts needed to make these weird things is insane, a ton of processed steel, advanced machine parts, a drum of Gasoline(?), Leather, cotton, glass, copper and several other parts needed to make a thing known as a 'Bulldozer' I have no clue what this thing is but it's a beast from the sheer size of its outline when I preview it in open space.

But the things needed are way out of my budget for now but it's something I definitely want later down the line.

But no matter for now, it's best we get home, hand off our haul to the girls at home and go back hunting.

And that's how our day went as everyone did everything needed for them before everyone returned with their gains for night fall.


Alright so it's basically an even split between either a Forest Monster Attack or a Wild Forest Tribe Attack from all the votes so far.

So I'm gonna stop that vote and make a new one here with only those two options you guys can choose from.

Forest Monster Attack (1-5)

Wild Forest Tribe Attack (6-10)

So you guys can put your votes here and will see which one people prefer the most of all, though I should note that the Forest Tribes aren't all gonna be a goblinoid race and can be some of the various other monster tribes like Gnolls and Lizardmen to name a few.

So put your votes above which you want more out of the two.

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