Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator


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Heavenly emperors reigned supreme in the cultivation world but there were still existences beyond the power of the Heavenly emperors. They were revered as sages as they had mastered the laws of the mortal world. Prince of the Zhan dynasty once reached that epitome of the cultivation world. At the mere age of thirty, he had reached the Heavenly emperor realm. Next, he attained the legendary sage realm before turning fifty. His achievement was unprecedented and he was hailed as a never before seen genius in the cultivation world. While he was basking in the glory of his achievement, fate played a cruel joke on him. He got stabbed by his fiancée on his marriage day. Powerful enemies appeared out of now here and the Zhan dynasty got attacked from every direction. His father got killed Infront of his eyes, many of his relatives were slaughtered. He wanted to charge towards the battlefield but the injury given by his fiancée proved fatal for him. He perished despite his unwillingness. ---------- When he opened his eyes, he was already a seventeen year old young man who shared the same name with his previous life. With his previous memory as a sage and the inheritance of the Evil emperor as guide, he aimed to reach the peak again. Since then, the most cursed art of 'wife stealing' reappeared and an unprecedented genius appeared in the path of dual cultivation.

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