170 Who is the mastermind?

The Shredded mountain range was full of all sorts of vegetation. Tier one and tier two magical beasts were plenty as they had found their sanctuary in different types of vegetation.

"Be careful. Generally the low tier magical beasts would not attack our group after sensing the auras of powerful warriors. But it is not certain", Li Han warned the Shen clan warriors who were walking ahead of him.

Kai Min, Li Shu and Li Yan placed their hands on their weapons after hearing the words of Li Han. Zhan Chen smiled after seeing the nervous look on the faces of Li Shu and Kai Min.

"Relax. Don't be riled up this early. We still have a long way to go", Zhan Chen looked towards both of his girls. Li Shu and Kai Min nodded their heads but their nervousness didn't lessened completely. Zhan Chen couldn't do anything about it as he accompanied the group of Li Shu, Kai Min and Li Yan.


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