171 Strategic retreat

"Eat,eat, eat! Do you know anything else except eating?", Zhan Chen yelled out in frustration while looking at the memory of the sixth tier magical beast. He had never felt such frustration in his entire life.

Looking at the memory of a cultivator was no small matter as a cultivator had countless memories inside his mind. it was same for a magical beast or one could say it was more difficult considering the longer lifespan of a magical beast.

Longer lifespan meant more memories and Zhan Chen became increasingly frustrated as he looked at the memory of the sixth tier magical beast. 

He only had one wish now. If given chance, he wanted to violently beat this stupid bear which he had tamed recently. Even it's recent memories were filled with various kinds of exotic bear foods.

Checking the memory of the sixth tier magical beast didn't mean he forgot about the battle. He kept dodging and waving his sword at the group of magical beasts.


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