172 Matter of heart

"Before answering your question, Ling'er, let me ask you the same question first. What will you have done, if something unexpected happened to me today?", Zhan Chen looked towards Ling'er. 

"Young master, I....", Ling'er stuttered as she had never thought of such a possibility. As for something happening to her young master, she couldn't even think about such a possibility.

Zhan Chen need not hear her response from her mouth. He had the Heart peering art. So, he could somehow know what she was feeling at this time.

"Come here", Zhan Chen beckoned to Ling'er. Ling'er was always obedient. So, she walked towards Zhan Chen while looking at the gazes following her.

She felt somehow awkward after seeing so many gazes. A blush appeared on her face as she thought how embarassing it was to be seen by so many people at a time.

Zhan Chen pulled her to his embrace after she reached near him. Ling'er could feel the warmth of Zhan Chen's body.


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