1 Estate of Divine general

The blue sky was covered with brilliant lights. Frightening rumbling sounds were coming from the distance. A handsome young man was leaning on a heavysword while his gaze was focused on the distant battlefield.

Blood was trickling out of his mouth but he seemed to not care about it. His eyes were focused on the falling warriors. "What is the point in being a sage. Am not I still useless?", he questioned himself with deep pain in his eyes.

In front of him two old man were fighting ferociously. They were swinging their weapons with all their might. Dazzling lights coming out of their weapons as they colliding fiercely with the enemy experts.

The handsome young man swayed for a bit. A reluctant look appeared on his eyes. He took a look at his surrounding. His eyes reddened after seeing the fallen warriors. He felt strength was seeping out of his body as his tall frame shook in the wind. "Uncle Cai, Uncle Long", he called out in a feeble voice.

The two old man who were fighting ferociously, shuddered after listening the feeble call. They quickly retreated and tried to reach the place where the tall, handsome man was standing. "Uncles, please escape. I am going first. I am such a useless person....", his voice became faint gradually. His eyelids became heavy as he felt his life was going away.


Moon light was cascading through the opened windows. A frail and delicate looking woman was sitting inside the room. She had worried look in her eyes as she was gazing at the young man lying on the bed. She was caressing the hair of the young man time to time. Her eyes were full of concern as she looked at the sleeping young man.

Eyes of the sleeping young man twitched as he opened his eyes after few seconds. His eyes fell upon the woman caressing his hair. "Chen-er", she cried out after seeing him opening his eyes.

"Chen-er, you have finally opened your eyes. I was so much worried for you", tears trickled down from her phoenix like eyes. She is Li Qingzhao, the wife of the sword general from Divine general estate.

Zhan Chen observed the woman Infront of him. Her look was frail yet beautiful and she had two bright clear eyes. He could feel how deeply concerned she was for him. From her look he could imagine how much he meant to her.

"Mother, please don't cry. I will never chase after that girl again", it took some moments for Zhan Chen to adjust to his current reality.

"Chen-er, my poor Chen-er. I was so worried for you", Li Qingzhao started to sob like a little girl. Zhan Chen felt a stabbing pain in his heart after seeing his mother sobbing like this.

"Mother, it is my fault. I shouldn't have go to the place of Gu clan", Zhan Chen tried to console her. But her tear didn't stop trickling down. "How is it my Chen-er's fault. It is I, your mother who is useless. You didn't do anything wrong. It is we, your parents who failed you".

"Mother, it is alright. Don't you see, I am awake now. Everything will be alright", Zhan Chen consoled his mother. After coaxing her for sometimes, Zhan Chen managed to sent her back.

"Uhh!", Zhan Chen grunted as soon as she left. The pain was unbearable even for someone like him. He recalled what had happened earlier. He had visited the Gu family to see Gu Ningxi but he couldn't meet her. Instead something happened to him and he was caught forcing himself on a Gu family girl.

He was beaten violently and his body couldn't handle the shock and the pain. He lost his consciousness as a result. This time his body had took severe damages but it was still a blessing in disguise.

Due to this life threatening incident, he managed to break the seal on his soul. The memory of his past life rushed like a tiding wave to his mind.

Before this he was only the fifth young master of the Divine general estate. But now that he had recovered the memory of his past life, everything had changed.

He was still the same Zhan Chen of Divine general estate but he knew his destiny had changed from here on. His soul had somehow survived that incident of past life and it took fourteen years to awaken it from its slumber.

What amazed him the most was that the awakening of his soul. He had the body of his current life but his soul was the same as his past life. Despite his unremarkable cultivation of this life, he still managed to awaken his powerful soul of past life.

He thought about this strange incident for a bit. He had a hunch about how his soul survived his past life. But he was not sure. So, he stopped thinking about it after few moments.

He knew, he was carrying the hope of his entire clan. it had been seventeen years since he had born in this place but he had no idea about what happened after he died.

He recalled the bloody slaughter that he had witnessed in his past life. That was the day of his wedding and entire Zhan dynasty was celebrating the fateful day of their crown prince. Zhan Chen was also happy that day. After all, why wouldn't he be happy? He was marrying the most beautiful girl of the world.

She was not only beautiful but also talented. She was just a little bit away from attaining the Sage realm. Everyone was praising them as the most perfect couple in the world.

Everything went on as expected. But the calamity started when they were paying their respect to the heaven. He got stabbed by his newly wed wife and the Imperial family faced the sneak attack of enemies. Many powerful figures showed up that day and blood started to flow like river on his wedding day.

He watched everything powerlessly as his loved ones got slain one by one. Many sacrificed their lives to protect him but he still couldn't keep his life. Enemies were everywhere and they were not sparing even the women and children of the imperial family. He forced to close his eyes despite his unwillingness. He thought everything was over but his soul mysteriously survived and he born in another family with the similar name to his past. Evan his present family had the same Zhan surname.

Eyes of Zhan Chen turned cold after recalling the incidents of his past life. "Wait for me. I will collect every single blood debt of my clansmen", he vowed to himself.

In his past life he had dedicated his life to the cultivation path. He was hailed as the never before seen genius of the world. He managed to reach the sage realm before he turned fifty but heaven was jealous of talented men. He got killed soon after he reached sage realm.

Zhan Chen recalled the words of the person who he believed as the person behind his mysterious survival.

"Your heart is too pure and your talent is unprecedented. Even I am a little bit jealous of your gifts. But it is not necessarily a good thing for you. As a result of your upbringing, you have yet to witness the ugliness of the world. What is evil and what is good? Everything depends upon your heart.

Currently, you are not agreeing with me but I am sure that you will agree after seeing the ugliness of the world.

Remember one thing. There is no absolute right or wrong in this world. Weak is the prey to the strong and no one will pity those who failed in their path.

If you want to reach the peak, then follow your heart. As long as your conscience is clear, then what of it even if you cultivate an evil technique. Without strength you will be buried all the same in this heartless cultivation world".

The words of the mysterious man was still clear in his memory. He thought for a while and a determined look appeared on his eyes.

A thought appeared in his soul and he felt a mysterious diagram appeared in his soul. He poured his spiritual energy inside it and the mysterious diagram lit up with divine light. It sucked away his soul consciousness and Zhan Chen discovered himself before an ancient platform.

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