40 Sorry. I Must Win This Match

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The thin and small man in black had something up his sleeve!

Lu Li's expression turned cold when he saw his new opponent

Although he was only at the sixth level of qi refinement realm, Lu Li could smell danger.

This last battle was very likely to result in Lu Li's death!


Seeing that the black-clothed man was about to walk to the center of the hall, Lu Li's expression turned solemn as he shouted.

"Eh? Brat, don't tell me you want to run away from the battle? If you dare to run away, I'll be the first to kill you!"

Heavenshaker's gaze was fierce as he said.

"Of course not."

Lu Li's expression was cold as he uttered slowly, "I used up a little too much mana and qi in the battles just now. Now, let me recover first. By the way, let me change my clothes. There shouldn't be any problems, right?"

Heavenshaker had nothing to say when he heard Lu Li's words.


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