1 Meeting The Devil

He ran down the streets in fear.

His eyes glimpsed back to check if he was been followed or not.

Tired of the sprint,all he wanted was a place to hide. But an empty highway with huge trees welcomed his eyesight.

His whole body was soaked in sweat, his mouth panting for air. A place so isolated and inhabited was nothing more than a death trap. And he was the one standing on it.

Screeching sound of a group of cars reached his ears. Danger was near.

He turned back to find his death approaching in disguise of 5-6 sleek black cars. The roaring sound of the engines broke the silence of the road and halted in front of it's prey. Many tall, large armed men in black stepped out of them, looking like the harbingers of hell.

If fear had a name, then it would be the predicament he laid in.

Soon, a black mercedes stopped in front of his tracks. A few men dressed similarly as the others moved out of it. One of them opened the backdoor to reveal the person who induced shivers down his spine

Gandhari shivered at the sight of the six feet tall, well build man . Wearing a three piece suit as dark as his soul  stepped out of the car in his domineering demeanor. His eyes were hidden under the black shades, veiling away his emotions. His right hand skimmed through his suit, and pulled out a cigrette . Clinking the lighter on,  he burt the cigrette's head and took a puff.

" P-please forgive me! I didn't mean t-to betray you!I would've given you the money,b-but the circumstances weren't favourable." Gandhari pleaded.

The man didn't care to stare at the little figure begging in front of him. A few puffs and a smoke of cruel intentions lingered around him. Flicking the finished piece out of his fingers into the side ,he spared a glance at the former,who was trembling in fear of the consequences he's ought to pay. Not paying your debts to someone was indeed a crime. But Gandhari's biggest crime was taking the money from the Mafia Emperor, Dhruv.

" Please!I beg you,Dhruv. Please forgive me."

He started weeping.

"It's ok.I leave you."

Gandhari was shocked for a minute to hear mercy from the devil in disguise. Gratitude overruled his conscience.

" T-thank you, Dhruv.I promise to give it back." he said.

Dhruv staggered towards him, his left arm shoved in his trouser pocket. His face stoic, yet looked as if a man of plan. No word could comprehend what he was thinking.

"Y-you are very generous, Dhruv. T-thank you for sparing my life.Trust me, I'll give the money b-back."

Stuttering wasn't Gandhari's habit. But standing in front of a man like Dhruv,the demons could wet their pants. What was he compared to that?

Dhrv didn't care for any further interaction and signalled him to move ahead.

Gandhari stood up from his grounds and paying his last gratitude to Dhruv, walked away. But a deep voice stopped him from behind.

"No mercy for rule breakers. That's Dhruv's principle."

Gandhari turned back,his eyes dilated.

A sound of gun shot echoed through the air, scaring the birds who rushed for their plight.

Police was too late to arrive and only received the deadbody of Gandhari lying in his pool of blood. ACP Krishnamurthy ran the investigation but there was no such evidence. He looked around the highway, pitying the life of the man's family lying dead in front of him.

The last words that Billa had spoken to Gandhari was lingering somewhere in the woods, draped under the evening darkness.


" Ma'am, do you need anything?"

The woman looked at her driver with a nervous expression.

" Umm... No. I jus-umm.."

The driver noticed her hesitation and focused back to the road.

He was surely convinced that she was scared. And he seconded her condition.

"H-how much time would it take?" she asked

" Just 15 minutes." he stared back.

Meenakshi's pale face had just lost all it's colors. How much she wished to get  crashed by a car or truck at this moment. Anything that would stop her from meeting what she heard was every human's worst nightmare.

Underworld Mafia Emperor Dhruv.

In Kolalampur, Malaysia...

A tall man paced through the brightly lit corridors and knocked at the huge polished glass door. After getting his permission, he entered the room.

"Dhruv! She has arrived." he reported.

The man standing at the balcony, didn't receive the former's words with any such interest . His hands gripped the railing, while his shaded eyes, devoid of any warmth, stared at the vast island which he owned. When it came to woman , he got quite intrested in his subjects. But this time, his subject was far from the vision of his liking. He regretted the promise he made.

A knock was heard at the door and Ranjith received it with utmost respect.

"Its Meenakshi."

Dhruv carelessly arched his head at the side and witnessed a tall woman standing behind Iqbaal. She looked pale and fragile, but there was a warmth emanating from her bright chocolate eyes. She wore a pink saree(Indian Cultural dress for women) that had its colors almost reach the dead age and the only embellishment she carried was a minute bindi(circular dot that Indian woman wear) between her brows.

She received a warm welcome from Iqbaal, but she couldn't say the same for the tall man in a black suit and dark shades, who scrutinized her.

Old memories rushed through Dhruv's mind like a tornado.

The rooftop. The thunderstorm and her.

What she said to him.

"You're a monster!"

She had told him

Iqbaal broke Dhruv's thoughts, bringing him back to reality.

"I hope you're journey from India wasn't very tiring." Iqbaal inquired Meenakshi who was standing with her head arched down.

She nodded at Iqbaal keeping her smile intact.

"Ok.So I will leave you two with each other. Meenakshi? If you need anything then do tell me. And Dhruv we need to talk about tomorrow's deal.Give me the plan details in the evening."


Iqbaal bowed his head in respect and left the room putting Meenakshi in an uncomfortable disposition.

She was too scared to mumble a word. There was something extremely precarious about his looks. The way he observed her wasn't very assuring of his good interests. And the power he radiated was suppressing her vocals. The rumours about his powerful aura weren't wrong.

"So you are Meenakshi?" he broke the silence.

His eyes didn't twitch an inch from her.

"Y...yy..yesss...I heard a lot about you... I was very excited to meet... "

Before she could continue Dhruv interrupted her.

"Look woman!If you are here to stay with me then you must remember one thing! Dont expect any love or care from Dhruv!! And never try to get involved in my life in any way. Or it may COST YOU!!"

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