7 Witches exist

{Juliana's POV}

We reported the situation to the police and they were on the lookout for Tiara. Days passed and it turned into weeks and months but there was still no news about mom's whereabouts, so we assumed my mom was dead and buried an empty casket hoping that once my mother's corpse is found we would bury it. Even do the casket was empty, my dad would always take roses to the grave. I felt so guilty because this is all my fault.

One day, Eric came to my house and I slapped him in the face. Well, he deserved it! My mom died and he didn't even check up on me. Why should I even blame him? We are no longer dating so he doesn't care about me anymore. But still, Eric is to blame, if I hadn't met him, my sweet mom would be alive. Oh, I miss mom so much and I wish to see her again. If that is even possible thanks to that witch, Tiara.

"Out," I yelled. I couldn't face him cause I looked so fragile and pale at the moment.

"Sara filled me in on everything. I'm so sorry. I didn't know that Tiara did this to your mom. Believe me, but there is something I want to tell you only if you give me a chance to say it. This is going to sound stupid so I'll just demonstrate first before I talk."

I gave Eric a cold stare. Infact, I'm not ready to listen to whatever he has to say cause I would never forgive myself for my mother's death. I don't think I would ever patch things up with Eric. We are better off without each other.

My dad stood there watching with tears flowing from his eye like a stream. He loves my mom so much and it aches my heart to see him like this. Sara was also there.

Lucy, Ruth, and Rick were in their room sleeping. They were really affected by mom's death especially Lucy.

Mom does not deserve this. She was so kind, sweet, and caring. I loved her so much. But now she is all in the past.

Eric muttered some unknown words and teleported us to my room. Shock was boldly written on my face and Sara's face. My dad managed to keep a straight face and he looked like someone who remembered a lost memory.

"What the hell just happened now?." I managed to say after being sure what happened was real.

"I am a witch," Eric said.

"What are you talking about? Witches don't exist." I said.

"Then how did I teleport all of us to your room?."

"This doesn't make sense. It is just ...."

"This is real. We all witnessed it." Sara cut me short.

"You believe him?." I asked Sara.

"Why wouldn't I? I believe what I see."

"Dad say something!." I looked at my dad but he was lost in his thought.

"It is time I tell you my greatest secrets. You see, Jessica's parents were witches but Jessica was born without any power. The thing that pained her most was when her parents adopted Tiara. Tiara was also a witch but Jessica was something else. She was a witch with no powers! So Jessica killed her both parents and took their powers. Making them orphans!."

"But, my parents took full responsibility of Tiara and her sister Jessica because Jessica's mother was a friend of my mom. I fell in love with Tiara but she was controlled by her evil sister Jessica. The reason why I said Jessica is evil was because, after killing her parents, she became hungry for more powers, to the extent that she wanted to rule the witch coven."

"I came from a witch family known as the Williams witch. Our lineage is destined to rule every witch coven because we are the strongest witch on Earth. To choose a leader, a twin must be born in the family of a royal Williams witch and they must be eighteen years old. The two will fight until only one of them is left. I am a twin and a royal Williams witch which means that I must kill my twin sister Isabel and I don't want to. A royal Williams witch are witches that come from the bloodline of royalties and Williams."

"Jessica and Tiara are also witches but they are not from the lineage of the royal Williams witch. Jessica wants to rule the witch coven so as to gain more power, meaning she has to fight with me but it is an abomination because Jessica is not a royal Williams witch."

"I don't believe all this, this is just a prank right?." I said still finding it hard to believe that any of those supernatural stuff are true.

"I'm not joking at all," Eric said.

"Carry on." Sara burst in. She was really interested in listening to Eric's story. So she believes him because he teleported us from the living room to my bedroom. Who knows if it was just a magic trick?.

  "Jessica needs to first of all sacrifice a human being to defy the rules. She will also need one of the twins of a Williams witch to cast the spell. Since I fled she used my twin sister and it almost killed Isabel. In the process, it backfired on Jessica and turned her into a vampire. For now, she is fixed on getting the cure to vampirism."

"So now vampires are real? I'm not interested in this shit. I just wish I can believe all this." I kept ranting on and on but that didn't stop Eric.

"After my twin sister helped Jessica to sacrifice a human soul, she lost her powers and it would take a long time before she regain it. Since my twin sister is unavailable for now. Jessica wants me to fight with her. I moved to Newcastle to start my life afresh and live a normal life. But now I realize that no matter where I go Jessica and Tiara won't let me be. I am sorry that I ruined your happy family."

"Hell no. I hate to say this but I still don't believe all this crap. I know am dreaming. I just want to wake up and know that my mother is alive." I went out of my room but Eric followed me.

"Eric leave this house this instant! I can't stand the guilt. I can't stand looking at you because you are the cause of my mother's death. I am on the verge of committing suicide because dad can't cope with all this. It is just too unfair."

"I don't know what they are up to but I promise you that no one would ever hurt you again. It is a promise."

I burst out in tears. Sara came to me and held my hands. Then she signaled to Eric to leave the room because I needed a moment alone.

"Don't cry because sooner or later we would lose the one we love. You have to move on. I came to Newcastle to start my life all over again, I just couldn't stay at home because I made so much memory with my deceased mother. Staying at home would only drive me crazy. I tried to make myself happy because that is what she wants me to do in heaven." Sara said.

We both hugged each other.

  Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, which means the family's responsibility is bounded to me. Mom is dead now, so I need an out-of-school job. I became a waitress at the grill where Eric works. I tried to push my past behind me so that I can concentrate on my job. I also tried to avoid Eric but I can't since we work at the same place. It is just hard to believe that my mom is dead.

I would have loved to tell the police that witches and vampires exist but they would never believe me. They would just think I'm crazy and lock me up in the asylum. Funny huh?. But those goddam police never believe that those shit are real.

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