8 The cure to vampirism

{Juliana's POV}

Eric tried his best to make me believe the story he narrated and at the end of the day, I believed him. He promised to seek justice for my mother's death by taking down Tiara and her evil sister, Jessica. I decided to work hand in hand with him. My dad and Sara also supported me.

Now I understand that a true friend is someone who sticks with you during your worst hour. Sara is the best friend anyone could ever have or ask for.

   Jessica is a vampire now because she broke the rule. Being a witch and a vampire is impossible. There is only one person who can be both at the same time. Being a vampire is a curse placed on anyone who breaks the rule. Jessica is now hell-bent on finding the cure to vampirism. Some think that the cure is a myth to give hope to those who lost their humanity. But truly the cure to vampirism is real and Eric knows where it is.

  Eric has a plan. He intends to negotiate with Jessica. He would provide her with the cure to vampirism which is locked in a tomb with a vampire named Anna. If Jessica becomes a witch, Eric would fight with her and if he triumphs, he'd murder her. If Jessica die then, Tiara would be vulnerable to kill. So it is a good plan with good benefits. The first benefit is that my mom would get justice and the second one is that Eric won't have to kill his sister.

  To execute the plan, Eric would do a locator spell to find Anna's tomb. The spell requires the following items. A packet of candles, a new knife, a photo of Anna, and a volunteer. The volunteer would be sent by Eric to look for Anna's tomb.


However, I decided to be the volunteer, but my father objected, saying that he was not prepared to lose another person. But I have made up my mind.

  The problem at hand is how to obtain Anna's photo. My dad suggested that he would go to his friend's house (Micheal). Micheal is a man enthusiastic about witches, vampires, and werewolves. He might be of help. Sara would get the other items. The spells would be performed at Eric's house, it could have happened at our house but I don't want my siblings to get involved in any paranormal activities.

  My dad went to Michael's house. The house has a spooky and old appearance. The house's framing was flimsy, and the windows were outdated. The house was believed to be hunted and it was the only creepy house around. My dad knocked on the door. A young man who looks just like Mr. Michael opened the door, which indicates that he is Mr. Micheal's son. His hair was black and long. His eyes were also black which matches the color of his hair.

"I am seeking an old acquaintance of mine named Micheal."

"He passed away a while back. But I am his son and my name is Johnathan, what can I do for you?."

"May I come in?." My dad asked.

  A woman suddenly appeared behind Johnathan. She was tall and slim with wavy grey hair that reached her shoulder. She also wears glasses. Her name was Mrs. Mogana.

"Christian." She smiled and hugged my dad warmly.

"Morgana, good to see you."

"Come in." She smiled as she gestured for my dad to enter.

  She offered my dad some food. While my dad eat, they chatted about my mom's death and Mrs. Morgana's late husband, Micheal.

"I'm so sorry about your wife." She said.

"Oh please don't. I came here to inspect the study room of Micheal. I'm looking for something and I hope to find it here"

"The key is at the entrance of the room. I haven't opened it yet and I hope you find whatever you are looking for."

"Thank you, Morgana."

  My dad located Michel's study room and opened the door.

The room was pure darkness. He found a switch and by flipping it, light illuminated the room. The room was crammed with bookcases and the books on the shelves were stale. Weapons were also hung on the wall. My dad accidentally overturned the shelf and a gigantic book fell to the ground. The book was titled. "THE ORIGIN OF PASIPHAE DOPPELGANGER." The book caught his attention and he opened it to read.

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