Pasiphae doppelganger

Author: Mary_Onaduja
Historical Romance
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  • 14 Chs
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What is Pasiphae doppelganger

Read Pasiphae doppelganger novel written by the author Mary_Onaduja on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering magic, mystery, revenge, teen, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Doppelgangers are bound to murder each other in other to get their abilities. This was the spell casted by the wicked witch Pasiphae. The doppelgangers becomes powerful enough to liberate Simon the Lord of darkness from his tomb once the strength reaches the proper level. The queen of Light are also obligated by destiny to wipe the evil doppelganger from the face of the Earth. This supernatural occurrence occurred in the life of Juliana a young adolescent. Juliana lived a typical life and fell in love like any other adolescent. Certain things began to happen once she turned seventeen. Her mother had passed away. Juliana had to juggle working at the grill and going to school. Juliana wants to avenge the death of her mother and battle for love, but as the story progresses, unexpected facts are uncovered. Juliana discovered that her fiercest enemy was connected to her and the woman she referred to as her mother was not even related to her. Note: Please do not copy any part of this book without the permission of the author.

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This book has been my greatest achievement in life. I love being an author and I would proudly call it my future ambition. I would like all my readers to support me not by only reading but giving this book a review and comment.


Well I think the plot is interesting and has enough story to tell. I love the chapters as well, it’s descriptive and nice to read. I love the supernatural aspect as well. I look forward to reading more. Keep it up writer.


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the great read! this book very recommended to add to the library, keep going author!


Interesting topic with many twists and turns. Juliana goes on an epic journey where everything she thinks she knows will be turned on its head. Give it a try! 🎉


The story is really good, the start is with some of the truth of life and I'll say that is a pretty good job, chapters are interesting too, you are doing a good job🍃


What a flashback, I mean it's great just from the first chapter I was so intrigued to read more chapters. Great work Author for the amazing characters and the plot was breathtaking I loved it so much, I loved reading the first 4 chapters and I really enjoyed them .Can't wait to read more soon. Great work Author well done !!! DEAR READERS PLEASE CHECK THIS BOOK OUT AND ADD IT TO YOUR LIBRARY !!!


The story started with surprises and curiousity fields. one can see the author hardwork in making the readers to see the 17th century world and the current world. She told what to expect and what she was gonna write. It is surprising that... story is clear with surprises unlike many stories that takes the stories in circles. all the best author.


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Such amazing work deserves all the credit I truly love and appreciate the story. The author should write more though there were some bits I didn't understand, it was indeed a good read


Am in love with the flow of the story. Each chapter is weaved better than the previous one and it just makes you eager to read more. Keep it up girl! I do love your work.


The twist and turn from the beginning makes me hooked. Interesting plot and story developed is good.The thriller with adventure and drama makes the flow smooth. But the scenario and character changes so fast it makes me difficult to understand some part.But overall is wow. Keep going on.[img=recommend][img=update]


The mystery and supernatural elements are very strong in this novel. There are a lot of secrets to discover. Definitely an interesting and fresh plot to look into. Keep writing, Author!


Title✓ Synopsis✓ I think the author really has a great potential. This is really good and I appreciate the author's effort. Good luck with this piece!


This is an honest review The book cover is great, like it matches with the tittle of the novel. The synopsis is good. There a bit grammar's problem but the author can solve it by reviewing again the chapters, overall the story is unique and hard work pays back the fruit..I wish all good luck


This was a very entertaining read with lots of mystery, murder and intrigue. Despite the need for proofreading the writer will have you hooked. Expect a unique storyline with so many twists and turns, especially since the characters double cross each other when you least expect it. The writer will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting to see who will be next. Highly recommend.


The story is a nice one captivating me from the beginning. The world background is very vivid and you can imagine it just like as if you are watching a movie. All in all, I suggest y'all read this


Uhm, what can I say. I was really, and I mean really disappointed in the grammar. You honestly need to learn things like there needs to be a period after marital statuses like all the "Mrs" need to be written "Mrs." There were also some points where you don't put both quotations in and a lot of other grammar mistakes. The writing style is also really robotic. Stability of updates is fine, no qualms there, just, if you want to get more readers, then update every day or every other day. Story development is also fine, it's going pretty well. Character design is okay... The interactions between them are, again, really robotic, so I had to give it a 3. World background is the best part. I really like the unique idea of the world, and want to see how deep and intricate it goes. Overall, a good novel for an aspiring author.


From the cover itself the novel hooks you up. The characters are unique and beautifully crafted. I read until the last chapter and fell in love with the unique world this novel is set in. there are no major grammar mistakes or errors that would spoil your read.  This has the potential to become one of the best novels in this genre. Add it to your library and give this one a go. You wont regret it. Have a great read!!


I love the storyline. The grammar is also on point. It's good work. Sparing a few moments to thank the author for penning this down. Keep writing. Cheers


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