1 Family and Friends 1

I don't remember. But, all I know is the fact that I'm dead. I don't remember my name, I don't remember anything related to me.

"Uwaa! Uwaa!"

I heard some child crying, but why does it feel coming from my mouth? I felt air coming in my lungs, my throat vibrating and my skin moist. I slowly opened my eyes in a blur.

"It's a boy!"

Said by a distant voice, it was… how should I describe it? Blurry.

I kept hearing noises, but for the record there aren't a lot, it's mostly composed of three masculine voices and one panting feminine voice.

"My child…"

"Have you thought of a name for him, sis?"

"Just like I stated, if its a boy it would be Damian"

I felt my whole body wrapped by cloth, I could guess this was me now, And the woman being my mother, the warmth of being held was good.

I could tell that my past life was worse, the warmth felt so distant, but I didn't push it away, no. I embraced it.

My crying made me tired, so I slept like a log.

A year has passed, from every information I gathered I came to a conclusion, my mother was a single parent, I also have my Uncle taking care of me.

My mother, Freya, has platinum Blonde hair with emerald green eyes that shines vibrantly. Her porcelain skin will make men kneel in front of her beauty like an Egyptian goddess.

My uncle also has the same description, Platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes, his pale white skin was on par with my mother. If he was a man who existed in my past life, he would be a man full of scandals thanks to that beauty.

I'm Freya's only son. Since I didn't inherit her platinum blonde hair, My hair which was jet black hair is obviously came from my father. I only inherited mom's emerald Green eyes.

My family name is Cassanova, which I would brag about. It's a very badass name.

I don't know what's up with my father, but I'm not complaining, the affection I received from this household was already enough.


The moment I heard that voice I knew who it was. It was Uncle Richard, Mother's brother. His platinum Blonde hair shines a lot in the room, I felt like I had gazed at the sun.

"I have another book for our curious boy~"


I was already curious what kind of world I was born in, thanks to uncle Richard I learned a lot from him reading me some books.

After a while I learned that this world is full of magic. But also in the modern era.

Uncle started to notice that I like reading books, so he gave me more and more books as I grew up.

I'm now 3 years old. I learned that I'm a son of rich people, the moment I could walk was when I started exploring the mansion I live in. We even have servants that I call grandpa, granny, aunty or uncle.



My speech also improved when I turned 3, my sentences are clear and understandable so it might make you question if I'm actually a toddler. My voice, on the other hand, is still adorable.

Uncle Richard and the servants in the mansion still find me adorable, Uncle Richard who was in front of me walked closer.


I looked at the item he presented to me

'Magical Circle Theorem'

Because Uncle Richard saw my curiosity in magic he would secretly give me books related to it.

Right now I know when you concentrate and feel the warm sensation in your stomach was mana, I know how to condense it, I only do it in secret though.

"Thank you uncle!"

I hugged his leg before running in my room to look at the contents of the books that were in my hand.

Magical Circle theorem, you need to be a scholar to understand magical theorems, every line was filled with magical terms, every sentence was filled with mathematical hypotheses that always lead to magical results.

Ever since I was 1 years old I was already reading advanced books, I was simply too curious. I understood every single term used in the book.

After all this is a world with magic, who wouldn't get excited about reincarnating to a world filled with magic? Even in the modern era at that!

I completely disregarded my previous life, and fully accepted that I am Damian.

Damian Cassanova. That was my name, I don't remember my past life and whenever I do I could only summarize it in one word.


Not because I am being edgy, but because I can't even remember a single good thing from that life.

But it's not all of that, I remember Spongebob, an Anime called Dragon balls on a weird dub.

Right now it's the very same earth as back then, the difference being that this earth only has a super continent, and was in the future, date being the 26th century.

Right now it's not so hard to learn since my second language is english. We're using English as a continental language as of now.

I don't know what nationality I really am, I still question whether I'm European or Somewhere in Asia. My body is constantly rejecting the idea of being American due to one reason and its healthcare.

How bad was my previous life?

Anyways there is that one item I'm always curious about, I stood up and pitter pattered towards my Uncle, Richard. Who was luckily looking at a phone in the kitchen whilst sitting at a table.



"What's that!"


He showcased the phone and I nodded excitedly, he started tapping on the phone with the light on his face turning different colors.

He gave it to me the screen already displaying a game called 'Wrath of the Birds'

You think I'm playing when Magic is waiting for me to unravel? I ran upstairs to my room.

"Hey damian I'm going to introduce your cou-"

You were a slow uncle, too slow.

I'm already up here. I couldn't hear your voice.

I opened the possible search engines in the phone and by god I accidentally tapped something that holographic images started showing on top of the phone.

This is the future! I'm so amazed I momentarily forgot about the research of the magic circles.

With the help of the notebook gifted to me I started searching Magic circles and even wrote theories of my own. I was busy in my own world full of fantasy.

I searched and searched with the gadget in my hand, my curiosity is boundless as I'm learning about this world.

Until I searched the history before magic even existed in this world.

With the sound of tapping from my tiny fingers I continued to search about the world's history whilst summarizing it in my diary.

500 years ago all the continents in the globe were the same. Until a crack in the sky opened, it was wonderful to look at like Aurora borealis.

Humanity wasn't bothered by it first since they only applied simple precautions, but sooner it took for the worst.

something came out of the giant crack from the sky, it looked like the most alien-like invasion you see in movies.

A zenite invasion, the thing that came out of the first dimensional rift.

It was like an extinction event, the casualties were enormous. Half of the human populace was wiped out.

Humanity managed to drive away the aggressors, they were later introduced by other races as Zenites, the hunter of worlds.

They survived with a massive cost, not even later another alien race came out of the crack, humanity was too exhausted to fight back.

But thankfully that race to come out was an ally.

They have the generic pointy ears, their beautiful stature enough to mesmerize anyone, the elves.

Next one was short but sturdy men that looks like they're carrying tanks on their back, the dwarves

The last one was with humanoid people with scales and wings, they called themselves descendants of the dragons, the dragonborne.

They were impressed by humanity who managed to defend the first invasion of the zenites without any magic.

Though they sympathised about the loss they gave them no time to mourn, they said they have to get stronger by the next time a rift happens, and exactly 1 year later.

The effect of the First Dimensional Rift occurred. The globe experienced a massive earthquake. And they all were blinded by a bright light in the sky.

The whole 7 continents back then were no more, all merged into a supercontinent. The air became heavier and everyone felt heavy in general.

The massive crack in the sky split into a thousand pieces called gates. Scattering across the globe. The otherworldly species helped humanity by stopping the monsters that came out of the gates.

It constantly poured out mana too, that it affected the animals on the globe. Humans on the other hand became more powerful.

In a moment the world had a one singular earthquake, everyone passed out and the moment they opened their eyes all the landmass suddenly stuck together into a supercontinent.

That took a moment to happen. while Humanity is recovering Elves, Dwarves and Dragonborne's are helping them recover.

As every species that was attacked by Zenites, all of their explanations match.

The 1st Dimensional rift will divide the giant crack in the sky and scatter it around the globe. But will leave a massive one somewhere.

The one singular crack in the sky is now only a memory. The crack appearing everywhere is now called gates

Earth was now anew, and people adapted to it with the help of other races, they are yet far from peaceful.

"Wow.. english is the most used language because the people who survived spoke it the most, so it became a national language, makes sense"

As I was deep in my thoughts I remember humanity making a line of defense in case a disaster struck.

Heroes, the humanities greatest force. I know my mother was a hero so I got curious and searched for her.


Freya Cassanova

World ranking: 19th / 1002

Title: The Witch of Calamity

Freya Cassanova was renowned as the Witch of Calamity due to her…


19 ranking Hero?!. My mother? Wow, I'm the son of a superhero! I can see why she's always busy. Reading the whole article I scrolled down and the latest news from the website showed itself.


Sung Jin-hoo

The 8th ranking hero was murdered by the Infamous criminal organization 'Nexus' confirmed…


My head aches after reading that, we are in danger and some people still decide to be this unreasonable.

Humanity is on the edge as the other races right now, it's not the time for that.

It made me think, I'm hidden out here in a mansion somewhere. Are they the reason why?

Anyways now that I checked the article one more time I noticed about ranking. Since I'm curious I looked through it.

And it turned out that there are millions of heroes but there is a global ranking that only displays the 1002 heroes. It seems that criteria is a bit strict for a hero, and my mom was at 19th at that.

She was that powerful, I wonder what makes her powerful. The Status sheet on the web got my eyes wide,


Freya Cassanova


Attributes: Sunlight

Affinity:Light, Fire



Her stats are abnormally high! Then one thing caught my eye, what's with affinity and attribute?

I got curious about the difference between them, so I naturally searched. Affinity is a filter that helps the user pick a specific primus.

A primus is an origin element within mana. There are only 4 known ones which are Light, Fiire, Earth and Water.

For example, My mom needs a light primus required spell, it's easier for her to conjure it than other elemental primus.

Attributes are the things or phenomenon that you can mix with your affinity, like another limb you can use this specific thing to conjure effects specifically for yourself.

I guess researching was enough for today, I looked at my clock that was hung on the wall and it was 7pm already.

"I need to eat!"

I went downstairs minding my steps when I heard a conversation between mom and Uncle Richard.

"Yeah at least we could let him play along with other kids right?"

"Yeah at least a daycare would be good for him, Cecile just called and said she was sick right now so it's for the better. "

"We just have to change his last name though"

"Yeah, avoid unnecessary attention, our last name brings a lot of trouble"

I took a peek at the corner of the wall, they're at the kitchen but of course I was caught, uncle Richard was looking at me with a chuckle.

"Damian come here, Uncle needs his phone"

Oh yeah, I still have his phone, I walked over to Uncle and gave him his phone, he took it back and tucked it on his pocket

"You let him borrow your phone?!"

Mom doesn't seem happy though

"Relax, I only let him play games"

He took the phone out and opened it to the face of a browser


"What is it?"

Freya scurried closer and took a look, Richard took a look at the search history and of course all of the things I wanted to know were there. "Magic circle" "magic circle theorem" "History of magic" "The event of 21st century", etc

They knew I was a curious child. If I ever actually cast a magic circle it would be troubling, what I need right now is proper guidance, That's what they're thinking.


I looked at Freya, she looked at me seriously, then picked me up

"You must never cast one by yourself alright?"


"Magic, you should hide it"


"Bad people out there don't like you have magic, so it's better to hide it"

I nodded, She didn't expect me to understand. But I wasn't just a child, I reincarnated from an old soul. So I understood immediately.

"Lets eat, I brought Fried chicken with gravy"

My eyes lit up, being rich is the best!

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