How I wish this broken heart of mine

Will be healed and fixed by the time

Every deep and unending wounds will be wiped

And leave no scars and pain will vanished

and hopefully, I'll be totally fine.

Years full of tears, and mind full of fears

Cause my heart not to care and change the way I feel

Darkness filled my whole body,

Emptiness imprisoned my true identity

Still chained with our full of sorrow memory.

And forgotten who I was, when you're still not yet with me.

How I wish I could be madly insane so I can set aside my saddest sane.

Can I just please escape this ruthless pain?

Stuck in my heart and continuesly ruining my ruined slay.

Up until now, I'm waiting

Patiently waiting while hurting

For my heart keeps on yearning

For my love to be back, yet never, but still I'll be forever hoping.

That someday, somehow somewhere

Our love will be reincarnated

I'll just let the time ruled our fate,

what future will it dictates

And what END the two of us can create.

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