Chapter 47 Refining Gold-Eating Mother Bug, Consuming Magic Artifact Materials_1

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For Zhou Sui, the downfall of the Lu family was undoubtedly a good thing.

If possible, he even wanted to expedite their collapse.

After all, the Lu family was known for settling their scores, no matter how petty. Even though they might not know who had killed their family members, once they recovered, they would surely seek revenge.

Rather than waiting for the Lu family's retaliation, it would be more effective to obliterate them entirely and resolve the issue once and for all.

Click click ~~

At this time, not only was the Book Worm devouring the Heritage Jade Record of the First-grade Pill Master, it was also consuming the pill formulas bought from the Treasure Pavilion.

In an instant, the contents of these pill formulas were absorbed by him, vividly engraved in his memory the ways to refine various first-grade pills.

Thus, all the knowledge from the Pill Medicine Pavilion he had bought had been successfully recorded by the Book Worm into a series of virtual books.