Parallel World: Dungeons Galore Book

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Parallel World: Dungeons Galore

Playful All The Time

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Chen’an was at an anime convention when he saw a notification from the system. [Dungeon detected. Do you wish to activate it?] The rewards from the dungeon were as follows: [Basic attribute points, hidden title, divine-grade pet…] Chen’an had to admit, the rewards were enough to make him salivate a little. He chose to activate the dungeon. [Warning! This dungeon is extremely high-level. Dungeon will activate in three seconds. Please take the time to reconsider if you wish to proceed.] [3…] [2…] [1…] [Requirements to begin: 999,999 achievement points.] [Do you still wish to activate the dungeon?] Chen’an scanned the number of achievement points he had: less than 1,000. On second thought, never mind. Perhaps that other dungeon might not be so bad after all. He headed to the public baths next door.


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