Parallel Memory

A person's perspective plays a vital role in developing one's personality. What happens when you realize the world you live in is the same as a Novel. Zero Elea gets a Skill called Parallel Memory which allowed him to get the memory of his alternative self of a different universe. He realizes that the world he lives in is similar to the novel he used to read in his alternative world. The world will face catastrophe in the future but there is no need to worry as there is a main character working hard to save the world. And what about me? I am but a mob character. ======== Discord Link: https://discord.gg/taRUJMkDrc

SomDxD · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
513 Chs

Encounter With Other Race

"Greetings, thou humans! I am Seraphina, and in the company of Uriel and Gabriel, we chanced upon thy presence in our venture through the city and deemed it most fitting to extend our salutations unto thee!"

Seraphine said.

Seraphina was a vision of ethereal beauty, with an otherworldly presence that captivated those around her. Her most striking feature was her silver hair, cascading down in silky waves to her waist.

Her eyes were the color of a clear summer sky, a mesmerizing shade of ethereal blue that seemed to hold the wisdom of ages within their depths.

Seraphina's entire presence exuded grace and poise, as if she were a celestial being walking among mortals.

In the presence of Seraphina, one couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and reverence. Zero also sensed immense power from her. She was at least Rank-S or maybe even higher.

The group reciprocated the greeting, somewhat taken aback by the eloquence and formality of Seraphina's speech.