802 Chapter 796: Saber Soul Evolution

Under the combined effort of King and Ori, the War Soul's spherical form was dissolved at a slow, steady pace. It began to liquefy, initially startling Wei Wuyin until his interests rapidly grew. The War Soul soon became a drop of crystalline liquid that was no larger than a typical rain droplet. As it glistened with a rainbow radiance, Wei Wuyin's enthralled interest continued to increase. 

Element released faint saber howls as this went on. Its excitement wasn't hidden at all, but its body quivered as if nervous of what was to come. The Nascent Saber Soul had its own set of memories that would transfer to the cultivator who refined it, so this meant on some level, it maintained a degree of sentience and awareness. 

It hadn't developed to the exceptional level of King, Kratos, Ori, or Eden, but it fully understood the current situation. 


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