754 Chapter 749: Soldier of War, 1 Versus 10,000

The dull sound of the corpse-induced thud and sight of spurting white blood geysering outwards from its severed neck generated surprised silence. The widened eyes of many fell on the corpse of the formerly alive Spirit of War, Zhou Dou, and the pooling liquid forming beneath his body. The stillness within the air, the tension, the unrealistic scene of a saber-wielding, closed-eyed, white-dressed mortal standing before 9,999 Spirits of War unfolded. 

Those amongst the Spirits of War were given an unexpected jolt of shock, unable to comprehend what just happened or how. A few even tunneled their entire senses to inspect Wei Wuyin, only to discover that his body reeked with the scent of a mortal being. Yet lying beneath his feet was an Ascended soldier of the finest quality, decapitated in an instant.


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