Paragon of Sin

The Heavenly Dao exists. It decides what is right and what is wrong. To act against it is to sin, to act according to it is to be blessed by its graces. The world of cultivation is difficult, an unchanging principle. Yet there are those who are cherished by the Heavens, cuddled into rising above all and everyone else. How can this be? Why must this be? What is moral and just? What is evil and immoral?! WHY DOES IT GET TO DECIDE?! So we, the Sinners, we act against the Heavenly Daos, grasp our own fates in hopes of truly overturning them. This is a Journey of a young boy born Blessed, but turned Sinner. The greatest sinner of them all. ----- As some of you may know, I'm also the Author of Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies! This is my second project, and one I'm incredibly passionate about! I hope you all enjoy following the adventures of Wei Wuyin! And I hope that I can bring a fresh experience to you all. ---- Follow for Updates: https://twitter.com/KevinAscending Here's Discord if you just want to chat or meet some like-minded individuals! https://discord.gg/kevinascending If you want to support my novel, to increase the ratio of releases, or to receive monthly bonus releases! You can support here: https://www.patreon.com/KevinAscending https://ko-fi.com/kevinascending paypal.me/KevinJpl Or @Kevinjpl Any and all support goes to supporting me and my right to write!

KevinAscending · Eastern
Not enough ratings
1650 Chs

Chapter 1464: Assault (2)

"FIRE!" Sky Monarch Bai controlled the Sky Destroyer and cannons charged unleashed beams of mystic light that jetted forth, covering tens of thousands of miles in destructively condensed mystic energy! Each Sky Destroyer was widely considered an Earthly Saint, and this attack would have been enough to send pre-Neo-Dawn era Zhang Ziyi retreating pathetically with fear!


These Earthly Saints were not Zhang Ziyi! 

Six Demi-Mortal Lords took the lead, each assigned to a beam of mystic energy, unleashing earthen, metal, or water-attributed Minor Ascension Arts, forming defensive barriers.


These Demi-Mortal Lords dispelled these attacks. The expressions of the Sky Monarchs and Imperial Monarchs drastically shifted! These Demi-Mortal Lords weren't even in their Demi-Mystic State…yet!

Suddenly, an ominously cold feeling enveloped their hearts immediately! Unfortunately, the arrow was let loose, and they had to fight!