Paragon of Death

Life from birth has been nothing but hell. I lost my parents to some stupid aristocrats whom they offended. Executed for no good reason. My relatives abandoned me and pushed me aside. They feared for their lives and left me and my sister to starve and wander the streets alone! No, this is worse than hell! I watched my sister die of starvation. Her lips were dry and her feet bloody. Her nails were broken and her fingers riddled with cuts. She struggled in my hands and after a few seconds of struggle she passed away. She seemed joyful in death so I prayed mine will come just as swift and merciful as hers. So I stayed in the alleyway, alone with her rotten corpse awaiting my fate for God knows how long. I could see it already. The darkness encroaching from all sides Everyone said death is scary but I say it's the end! Who needs life after death? What is the need for reincarnation? Who would want to return to this crazy world? "It's not yet time for you to go... You have one more task to accomplish as my host" A voice called out to me. I could barely see or speak but how can I miss such a beautiful face? It was an extremely handsome man who gazed at me with tender eyes. "Haven't I suffered enough? Can't I just rest?" I cried out. Why would I want to stay back in such a cruel world? "Don't you want to avenge the death of your parents? Don't you want to become something greater? I can make that happen!" The beautiful man said with an alluring voice. "You... Who are you?" I asked with an anxious heart. My parents always said God is the only one who cares about me! Maybe in my final hours, he has come to save me. "Call me Death..."

3_Sins_Studios · Fantasy
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691 Chs

Chapter 68: New Plan

Damon stood rooted to the spot with an ugly expression and a fierce look on his face. Even Jean who would normally attack him on every little thing he did turned pale in fear as she heard Duke Hail's words. The existence of the blood clan's originals or first bloods as they say is no secret to any being on the continent.

Disregarding the fact that these beings have lived for thousands of years to accumulate this much power it wasn't too shocking to know that they have seven members who are all in the spirit realm in terms of strength.

Each of the blood clan's first blood is powerful enough to trade blows with the emperor or the arch mage, Kratos was enough to make Damon and Jean pale in fear.

Now, how are they meant to go against seven of them?

"What the hell? If I can accomplish that task, with that strength I might as well take on the entire kingdom alone and settle my grudges" Damon swore with a worried look.