Paragon of Death

Life from birth has been nothing but hell. I lost my parents to some stupid aristocrats whom they offended. Executed for no good reason. My relatives abandoned me and pushed me aside. They feared for their lives and left me and my sister to starve and wander the streets alone! No, this is worse than hell! I watched my sister die of starvation. Her lips were dry and her feet bloody. Her nails were broken and her fingers riddled with cuts. She struggled in my hands and after a few seconds of struggle she passed away. She seemed joyful in death so I prayed mine will come just as swift and merciful as hers. So I stayed in the alleyway, alone with her rotten corpse awaiting my fate for God knows how long. I could see it already. The darkness encroaching from all sides Everyone said death is scary but I say it's the end! Who needs life after death? What is the need for reincarnation? Who would want to return to this crazy world? "It's not yet time for you to go... You have one more task to accomplish as my host" A voice called out to me. I could barely see or speak but how can I miss such a beautiful face? It was an extremely handsome man who gazed at me with tender eyes. "Haven't I suffered enough? Can't I just rest?" I cried out. Why would I want to stay back in such a cruel world? "Don't you want to avenge the death of your parents? Don't you want to become something greater? I can make that happen!" The beautiful man said with an alluring voice. "You... Who are you?" I asked with an anxious heart. My parents always said God is the only one who cares about me! Maybe in my final hours, he has come to save me. "Call me Death..."

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Chapter 6: Haggling with a noble family

Daniel and Brandon celebrated while Damon converse with Death in silence. The entire house of Ross jubilated while a few were fearful of the little demon with immense talents.

"Fortunately for you, I am a shadow and Fire mage! I can teach you a trick or two once you become my disciple" The Ross family mage tried her best to look big in front of Damon.

Meanwhile, Damon remained silent and learned as much as he could about the death magic from Death. According to what he understood, Death magic is not limited to just the shadow magic but he can also master all powers from dark magic! Yet the death magic itself is a separate entity.

With this revelation, he realized he had so many other options to explore. But one question crossed his mind!

If a person has this much power what can kill him?

He asked but Death remained silent, making Damon feel uncomfortable. Since he has been chosen by the world it simply means someone else was chosen before him. The only explanation is that the person was killed but he didn't know how.

Since Death was no longer responding to his questions, Damon didn't bother him and turned his attention to the Ross family.

Seeing them celebrate so happily as if they have won a lottery made him laugh. Did these bastards think he would be their puppet so easily especially since his value has gone up?

"The original offer stated I have to be a mage to become a member of your family. Now I have far exceeded the requirements I demand an equal amount of compensation" Damon said calmly but his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Daniel Ross and Brandon Ross stopped celebrating and they slowly gazed at Damon with complex looks on their faces. How could a twelve-year-old boy act this way? He had no shame or remorse!

"This little demon…" Daniel Ross cursed under his breath.

"So what do you want? Do not forget becoming my heir is off the table. My family fortune and name will remain in the hands of my true bloodline" Daniel Ross didn't see Damon as a kid anymore. He saw him as an equal whom he needed to face head on without hesitation so he drew the line immediately.

"I have no intention to be the next patriarch of the Ross family, neither do I want your money… it's practically going to be spent on me since I'm your only ticket up to a higher status in this kingdom, what I want is freedom" Damon said calmly, leaving everyone stunned.

"Freedom?" Brandon, Daniel, and the dark mage asked with confused looks on their faces.

"Yes, freedom… I will bear your name and enjoy the family benefits but I am not entitled to help out the family in any way. I will be a member of the family who works as a hired sword…" Damon said calmly.

"So for each time the family needs your help to boost its reputation and for safety reasons in the future, you will be paid according to the difficulty of the task? That's why we have her!" Brandon quickly understood what Damon was saying and was infuriated.

Not only will Damon benefit from the family's resources to build himself but he also wants to be paid for each time he helps the family directly or indirectly! He is simply trying to reap absolute benefits from them!


Everyone in the Grand Hall gazed at Damon differently now. It felt like they were looking at a little demon void of any form of conscience or dignity!

"And what happens when you soar so high and become too big for us… when more prominent families try to poach you" Daniel Ross signaled everyone to remain quiet as he asked the question.

"I may be greedy but I am fair… Unless given a reason to leave by members of the Ross family, I will always remain by your side under the name Damon Ross… The higher I fly, the greater the family becomes…. You just need to give me a reason to fly higher" Damon said with a wink.

Only then did Daniel Ross let out a sigh of relief. He leaned back and signaled his son to come closer.

"Draft the contract… we have a new partner and son" He said joyfully.

In his opinion, even though Damon is quite expensive, he is fair. As long as Damon rose so will the Ross family and with the resources they gain from him, they will be able to meet his demands.

In truth, if everyone thought about it, they are still gaining, just a little lesser than usual. Unlike others, he wasn't mad at Damon. Instead, he appreciated how quick-witted the kid is and felt safer with someone old enough and wise enough to tackle nobles.

"I guess we made a powerful ally today… Miss, please take your time in tutoring this young child… the future of the Ross family is in both your hands" Daniel Ross said respectfully.

The lady pulled back the hood over her head revealing a shockingly attractive lady with bright red hair but dark skin. The large cloak prevented people from seeing her figure but everyone could guess by her magnificent face that she should have a busty physique!

"I don't know, my training is usually too difficult and many people drop out midway… I'm not sure someone this young can handle it" She pretended to think about it in hopes of not making it look like she wants Damon.

"Since the old hag is unwilling, maybe we should find another tutor" Damon walked up to Daniel Ross ignoring her!



The mage almost spat out blood out of anger but she dared not touch Damon. He was like a blessing even to her and even if she hates him, she is more than willing to wear a smile on her face every time she meets him just to reap the benefits.

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