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If you're looking for a story where the only romance is between a man and his sword... wait... something doesn't sound quite right with that statement... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Xingjian has given up all of his “good” emotions for revenge, which makes it sound like he will be very 1 dimensional, but he is definitely more complex than that. It has plenty of well written and translated fight scenes, courtroom dramas and delicious sounding food. I think that the cultivation system is much easier to understand then some other stories and the plots that he is encountering when he is powering up are interesting and lots of fun. Anyway, this is one of my favourite translations due to the quality of the translation and the story in general 😄 it is one of the few that I have to get my fix of everyday!

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A great story with an interesting premise while having a plus of a fast paced storytelling like our MC, the MC doesn't go around offending everyone he comes across, nor does every girl falls in love with him, the author used a great tool to make his story engaging and keep you interested, the story beings with our Cliche'd trash MC outcast-ed in the family, there is a good uncle, evil elder, snobbish aunts, etc which is pretty generic in CN now-a-days. But the story takes a turn when the MC's cheat is introduced, he needs to give up a large part of his life and his own personality to gain only the potential of power, not the power itself. He still needs to work hard and climb the ladders of those in power. THe author has taken the usual cliche's of CN's and turned them over their head, as each power is fleshed out and described properly(Through science), there is no gaining understanding of mountain and using its image to fight, nor does it contain paintings with immortals souls in it. It is outright close combat fights at superhuman levels, which is pretty exhilarating and often times ends faster than most of the fights when compared to other novels(which take in the least 3 chapters to conclude). The world is filled with different characters with their own aspirations and goals that they want to achieve, some try to befriend Mc and use him and some are trying to force him to obey him, the MC always strives for more profit and prone to tilt toward the side that gives him more resources. There are people saying that the MC creates a Hero kind of personality, but that is wrong, I can't go into spoiler territory, but the MC only eliminates those he deems evil(Even if they are good to others doesn't matter to him) and will not go out to help out the weak and poor nor will he cry over his death, instead he welcomes it so that he may get more angry and progress in his cultivation(He is one f@cked up MC), while he kills those who killed the weak and poor.


Website : qidian china Views : 1.48 million Rating : 7.8(122) Chapters : 1182 Status : completed Word count : 2.60 million author rank : lv5


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Overpowered prick of a main character kills other arrogant pricks in most gruesome ways possible. Author is trying to write about how awesome is his character by putting him against other arrogant or cruel pricks but less awesome than him. Charactrs, fights, development, plot and more are so shallow that ants won't drown at its depth. Do not read this wate of a time. At first you might see an illusion author wants us to see, but be awere that time you wasted will not come back.


Good: - Firt 20 chapters. Bad: - Give up to 72 year of his life and the majors emotion for crap - the story declin and decom boring and the MC lost his personality. That what I think about this novel in short.


There are stupid tribal black savages in this book .... Typical racist chinese worldview. If you are a racist b@stard then this is for you.


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The premise is interesting: our MC basically trades his emotions and lifespan in return for the best talent with swords ever, and has only 5 years before he dies. He has to achieve his goal -- revenge on his extremely powerful family that wanted to use him as a cultivation resource for a cousin -- before that time is up, so he has to reach extreme cultivation levels in the sword. The story goes on past the point where he gets revenge, and his goal becomes achieving the highest level of cultivation he can. Pros: - the early characterization of him after he trades in his emotions as someone who is amoral and only cares about other people positively or negatively to the extent that they can benefit him ... is quite refreshing compared to the lustful and prideful MCs we might have seen before. - early on, the time limit seems to add a sense of urgency to the MC's development, and give the sense that the novel will advance quickly Cons: - at some point he decides that following his inner desires to punish evil helps his cultivation progress, so he starts acting more like a typical hypocritical MC; this goes away later after he powers up some more. - the author stops mentioning the time limit at some point, the quest becomes a typical power up quest, and the plot starts to drag on. - the chapters devolve into mostly filler in the later stages of the novel - the QI updates are too slow considering that most of the chapters are filler. I like the world, cultivation system, the original premise of the MC selling his soul (essentially) and having a hard time limit before he dies, and the MC originally not caring about how other people think or act unless it impacts him. But the author seems to have decided to drag out the plot and pad the story with filler, and QI's slow updates exacerbate the bloody-spit-inducing exasperation of the stretched out plot. Overall it's a nice world, and the plot is interesting. However the filler-rific nature is overwhelming, so I don't recommend reading this until it's been completely translated, so you can skip and skim as needed and don't feel the annoyance of waiting 2 weeks to get a reasonable 4 days worth of plot development.


The best wuxia i have read so far. The world is interesting, the MC is not cliched, he has NO harem, the author DOES NOT constantly harass the reader repeating that the MC is smart, brave, unrestrained, cool, handsome, unparallaled and all that sh*t, every female char he meets DOES NOT fall head over heels as soon as he moves his little finger, the MC is actually capable of planning in advance and shut up when the situation requires it instead of relying on plot holes and ridiculous armor plots. Higly recommended


To me the story starts off good, interesting, and with potential for future chapters, as you continue reading it becomes fine, not really good but worthy of passing the time. It's a novel you skim through because it isn't really worthy of more attention, you want to get to the part that does grab your attention. You know the part that when you start reading you become entranced and can't stop. The thing is though it never comes, you just keep skimming through as your eyes get tired and eventually you start becoming more and more dissatisfied because it has so much wasted potential. The characters become more and more bland as the story goes on and the arcs consist of a repeating plot over and over; which can be fine, but the story doesn't do them well and the plot becomes increasingly boring. Overall I would say the story leaves you extremely dissatisfied because it could have been so much better. (currently read up to chapter 650)


Been following this novel. It's great and enjoyable. I'm waiting for the post every day. Thank you very much for translating and I really hope we can see through this novel to the end together.


If you want to keep your brain cells please do not read this. At this point, I wish I could make up for the time spent reading this garbage. Sounds like it was written by s third grader.


When you start reading it doesn't seem like a bad novel. But after 500 chapters it's always the same. The mc defeats and enemy but doesn't kill it. Then that enemy appears again and is defeated but not killed. 100 chapters later the same chatacter is defeates but not killed. And that's all about this novel. He don't kill enemies they appear again then defeat them and repite


If you hate romance and want a revenge story where the revenge is actually satisfying with high pace story telling like you will read the 500 chapters in one sit and not regret it there is slight repetition but not much deviation from the main story unlike most novals where the main character keeps going zig zag and pissing you off acting like a kid with ADHD the main character has 5 years and he makes sure he is using every minute possible of staying on that thought


Anyone expecting an MC going on an journey where the mc's only love is his sword? Woo**, you won't find any love here. You will, however, despite the authors protest, find a lot of kinship! The mc will turn into an self-righteous piece of sh*t by chapter 134, somehow understanding right and wrong and abandoning all his understanding of the world to pursue an ideal world which can only exist in his heart. Yes, the author actually justifies his actions by blatantly saying the world has to be clean for him to feel at peace. Arrrgh, the mc had such a good premise and the author was still deciding where to take the story before chapter 130~ and i have to say i'm sorely disapointed. I believe the author has experienced some unfairness in the period he wrote these chapters and therefor just went with it. But.. yeah. What really buggles me is that the author had the audacity to name this sh*tty way of thinking some grand name. Fjfbfnfnkf i'm speechless. Still giving great score because the story IS well thought out, character development is good and one of the villains had more than 2 dimensional thinking as of chap 130~, so thats great! Unfortunately the mc's thoughts don't link up well with mine and i get mad whenever i hear his thoughts, so i'm dropping it. Happy reading!


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Novel is great for 100 chapter or show after that its trash of a novel . Author tries so hard to extend and milk more readers. The plot was good but then we have cockroah villains poping one after another and they wont / cant die cause author want to extend the novel while some random youngmaster dies whose a minor clan as backing so we'll have more chapters to read. author recycled plot so much that its hard to read by now . i have rpobably skimmed through like half the chapters that i have read . JUST DONT READ THIS SHIT , MY GOD IT'LL BE WASTE OF YOUR TIME . BETTER GO FA**P TO SOME HENT*i


If you guessed that this novel is another generic cultivation novel, well dingalingling, youve won, and the prize is that you dont have to suffer the horrors brought upon me by reading this book. The only redeeming quality is it had potential. The premise was a bit interesting Too bad the author is utterly incapable of any meaningful story building. The fact this had potential made my experience worse due to the fact that everytime i was forced to read some bull**** reason the guy down the street hates or despises the mc, i couldnt help but think about how reading this could of brought me an emotion other than dread and exasperation. The only thing worse than this novel is the readers. Reading the comments made me consider that genocide may be a viable answer to some problems, if that problem was retarded fanboys who read self insert novels just to experience what its like to be a man. Too bad their idea of being a man entails breaking some poor ****ers kneecaps cause the author made the mcs iq equivalent to a toddler trying to crawl into an oven. The absolute number of comments saying "if you dont enjoy it then dont read" made me want to strangle the nearest thing to me. Thank god my little brother was in the other room. Even if he was, i bet i could present this novel as evidence in court and i would have a good chance of getting off scott free. Do you want to know how far i read? 458. Thats the chapter i stopped at. When i began this novel, i thought it had 400 chapters. There is over 1100. When i realized my error, i cried. I'm not even ashamed to admit it. This novel broke me. I've read so much worse, yet is this subpar piece of garbage some try to call a novel. Why? The MC is soooo bad. I hate him. ATG, MGA, the mcs in these novels are universally hated, but this dickhead somehow is worse. Never in my life did i think any person could be so incapable of self reflection. I'm not gonna list the problems this novel has. Every problem other novels have, it has too.


The beginning is pretty great first 100 chaps or so, afterwards it gets a peanut gallery. Everyone and their aunt repeating stuff for 80% of a chapter. The characters and world are really well built if you can tune out the background characters voices though.