63 Team Captain

"Holy shit!" Leggy's mouth dropped open as he gaped at Colt. "It's fucking Colt Anderson!"

Leggy let out a small squeal like he was some kind of fangirl which made Colt frown. Embarrassed chuckles came from the others as they eyed Colt carefully. That was when Colt spotted posters in the background of Leggy's room. One of them had him standing in the foreground, holding the first trophy he won as Camelot's Captain. His avatar, when he was known as Excalibur, stood proudly behind his real-life image.

Colt gave an awkward smile when he realised the reason for Leggy's reaction. 'He's a fan...' Colt sighed when he thought about the damage that it might do to Leggy, when he remembered the way he acted towards him. Clay cleared his throat to get everyone's attention off of Colt for a minute. 


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