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Pancosmic Loner


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A sleep-deprived young man unhappy with his life, during exam week after a moment of distraction transmigrates to the universe he loves through Truck-kun. Let's see where this new life will take him. *** This is a wish fulfillment fanfic. This is a fanfic that I wrote because I loved the novel "Everyone else is a returnee" and instead of rereading the novel that I have reread 2-3 times, I said "why don't I write a fanfic of this?" and wrote it to distract myself. This is my first time writing a fanfic. English is not even my native language. I apologize in advance for any typos you may see. Some of the parts and the way plots are processed may be the same as in the original novel. I'm telling you now, please do not come and complain to me after reading it. I don't think I care even if you do. Except for the oc's in this fanfic, everything belongs to the original author of that series. *** #no-yuri #no-clone-b$ #no-dense-mc #eeiar


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