A mansion that appeared to be over three centuries old was built in a secluded valley. This was the mansion of a family that had lived in seclusion for centuries, not interfering with any outside affairs.

There was a room in this mansion that was exquisitely decorated. This room belonged to the family's only daughter, the daughter who came after four generations, so she was spoiled and loved.

She was everyone's apple, but the apple was currently comatose, as she had been for the past eighteen years. She was discovered in a deadly state eighteen years ago, her body covered in blood as if she had been attacked.

Even after her life was no longer in danger, the girl never awoke, but no one gave up hope because they believed she would. Her life crystal was still shining brightly, indicating that she still had life in her.

She was probably fighting a psychological battle, and when she was done, she would wake up.

Every day, the woman will be wiped clean as if she were sleeping.

Her mother was currently reading a book to her, something she does on a daily basis, when the woman screamed as she opened her eyes.

For a split second, the mother forgot her daughter had been in a coma for so long, and when she regained consciousness, her husband and sons were already in the room.

Everyone turned to look at the woman, who was frantically looking around for something.

“Baby, what are you looking for?” her mother inquired.

“What happened to you after you were in a coma for eighteen years?”

The questions came one after the other, and the idea of calling a doctor was quickly forgotten, but when they received the answer, they all froze.


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