But when it comes to her first-born child, the patriarch of the family, she just gets angry every time. She tried to send all kinds of ladies and young boys his way and yet her son didn’t even blink.

Did she raise a monk? Why was her son so different from others? He didn’t even have some side off springs, this would have made it easier for her. As long as she gets a grandchild from her son, then anything else doesn’t matter.

At this point she didn’t care about the background of the person her son choses. As long as he brings someone home that is all that matters.

Her son lives with her in the villa so she was very much aware whether he was seeing anyone or not. He has numerous villas outside but as the patriarch of the family he has responsibilities on his shoulders.

Aminah looked at the smile on her son’s face and she knew that something had happened. Did he manage to get some project or screw some enemy over? Anything related to those two didn’t catch her interest but when her son came and sat by her side, grabbed her hands and then looked deep into her eyes, she knew that her son was scheming something again and he was about to use her.

“Mom, I found you a daughter in law,” Keaton said and Aminah who had known her son for thirty-five years laughed so hard. How can she believe such nonsense after nearly greying her hairs because of him.

“Son, you don’t need to stress me like this already. I already accepted fate,” Aminah sighed with grief.

It would bring her some relief to know what her son went through to stop being with women. She used to receive reports on all the woman her son spent the nights with even though he never established formal relationships with.

“Mom, listen to me. This time I am very serious,” Keaton spoke firmly which made Aminah to take her son serious. Her face quickly brightens up and urged her son to tell her everything about her.

After hearing her son speaking about how he got the little girl, she wanted to murder him. How can he blackmail a seventeen-year-old to marry him? Even though he had waited for years for her to grow up but wasn’t this a bit serious?

“Son, are you sure she is willing to marry you? She is still young after all. Will you be able to keep her?” Aminah was now worried for her son.

Her son may be rich and all that but this was a girl who haven’t turned eighteen yet. She still has a lot of things awaiting her. What if she decides not be trapped by marriage and suddenly reject the idea of marriage?

“Son, I think we need to move quickly and get you married as soon as possible. She may be still seventeen but as long as we receive the consent of the parents then you can be legally married,” Aminah began to cook some conspiracies for her son’s marriage.

So, what if she is fifteen, seventeen or fifty? As long as her son wants her then he will get her.

“I think that is also doable but mom, let’s wait for a bit. She won’t run away; she feels the same way for me. How about we let the families meet for dinner so that we may discuss about the wedding? I want to marry her when she becomes an adult.”

Aminah could only listen to her son, since he was so sure about this then she will just go along with what he was saying. There was less than three months before she turns eighteen, it’s not like she will run away.

“I will go and start preparing,” Aminah said and left her son on the couch.

Aminah who now knew that her dream was about to be fulfilled, she went to call her husband first and the rest of the family to spread this good news. As a result, a meeting was held on what to do so that they may not chase or make this little daughter in law feel out of place.

Keaton could only smile at how his mother was acting. He knew he had worried her a lot but he was someone who didn’t want to marry for benefits no matter how advantageous it was.

He wanted to be with someone he loves just like his own parents. Despite the families refusing their marriage, his father still fought for his love and got together with his mother.

His brothers and sister were all with people they love and he wanted the same for himself. As someone who was in the patriarchal seat, he needed a matriarch who could support him both physically and mentally.

Enchantia was strong and the best candidate for his wife but above all he was deep for the little girl. Her age made him feel aggrieved, he was truly old but since she didn’t complain about it, it mean that she didn’t mind and that was a huge relief.


In the nation of Kingston there are total of ten first tier cities, twenty second tiers and thirty third tier cities. As for towns and villages, it cannot be counted but one thing for sure is the nation is very prosperous and has always been especially under the management of the monarch.

Unlike other nations were there was democracy, Kinston was ruled by a monarch and the people also has the ability to demolish it if the royalty abuses their power.

In this nation or rather kingdom, there exists noble families that had been in existence for a very long time and some of these families now lives in seclusion. Unless the kingdom is at the stage of meeting its doom, the families will never show up or interfere with matters of the world.

In Falcon city one of the first-tier cities in Kingston there are a total of six powerful families and among them is the Chavez family. This family had been a merchant family for more than a thousand years and its roots had been rooted deep down that it was no longer shakable.

The Chavez standing in the whole kingdom was powerful and something that shouldn’t be reckoned with. Even though the Chavez didn’t live in the capital city where the royal family lives, they were doing quite okay on their own.

For generations the Chavez have always emphasized on maximizing their profits on everything they do however when it comes to marital affairs, they follow their own hearts.

Ever since one of their ancestors committed suicide after being forced in a marriage that she didn’t desire, being forced to abandon her lover even though he was just a pauper, a new rule was written on the family rules.

So, for generations, every male or female followed their own heart but it should also not be in conflict with the overall wellbeing of the clan. Being the richest family in the city and also among other cities, many people eyed their wealth and used a lot of schemes just to have a piece of it.

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