Pampered by the Entire Family: Real Young Lady Went Mad After Reincarnating Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Pampered by the Entire Family: Real Young Lady Went Mad After Reincarnating

Gui Jiji

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Before reincarnating, Fu Xingxing was the lost young lady of the Fu family. After being found, her parents no longer loved her. After her fiance called off their engagement, her five bigshot brothers all despised her. "Fu Xingxing is truly ugly!" Her eldest brother exclaimed. "Fu Xingxing is a shrew!" Her second brother exclaimed. "Fu Xingxing is a hillbilly!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Fu Xingxing is arrogant and annoying!" Her fourth brother exclaimed. "You're all right!" Her fifth brother chipped in. After reincarnation, Fu Xingxing's multiple identities were revealed. She was a miracle doctor, an award-winning scriptwriter, a genius racer, the founder of a famous cosmetic brand, the CEO of a celebrity restaurant with a hundred franchises, and an extremely popular internet celebrity... Her brothers started pampering her beyond reason to win her over."Xingxing is the most beautiful person on earth!" Her eldest brother exclaimed. "Xingxing is the gentlest person on earth!" Her second brother exclaimed. "Xingxing is the most talented person on earth!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Xingxing is the kindest person on earth!" Her fourth brother exclaimed. "Xingxing... Hey! You all said everything there is to say. What am I supposed to say now?" Her fifth brother cried out. Even her ex-fiance joined them. "Xingxing..." "Belongs to me!" A certain bigshot uttered with a murderous look in his eyes. "That's right! I belong to Daddy!" A five-year-old girl replied.


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