Shi Beiyu, You Big Dummy!

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Gu Yifan could not care less about Madam Gu anymore. Instead, he removed his coat, placed it around Mu Xingyu's shoulders, and forced themselves out of the door.

Now, with the reporters' attention fixed upon Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu, they chased after the latter two with their cameras.

Soon, the heated atmosphere in the room subsided and original tranquility was restored. The only people left were Mu Siyin and the helpless Madam Gu on the floor.

Madam Gu was also shocked by Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu's affair. She, who was initially here to prove Mu Siyin's supposed adultery, ended up putting her son in a bad light!

Eyeing the dazed Madam Gu, Mu Siyin stood before her with her arms crossed and sniggered. "Madam Gu, thanks for bringing so many reporters from the media today. Otherwise, things wouldn't have taken such a dramatic turn."

Madam Gu regained her senses and glared at Mu Siyin. "Mu Siyin, you b*tch! One of them is your fiancé and childhood friend, and the other is your elder sister. How could you hurt them like this?!"

"Hehe… Do you have a screw loose, Madam Gu? They were the ones who hurt me— eh, no, you ganged up with them to hurt me. What I did was just tit for tat."

Madam Gu nearly passed out at Mu Siyin's words. "You, Mu Siyin, to think our dear Fan'er treated you so well back then, and you don't even seem to care at all! You're an evil woman!"

Mu Siyin's lips curled into a cold smile and her gaze was inscrutable. "No matter how evil I am, I'm no more evil than him and Mu Xingyu!"

Madam Gu was terrified by Mu Siyin's gaze. The latter used to be a naive person and would always express what she felt, but today, she realized that Mu Siyin had changed…

"What are you waiting for, Madam Gu? Aren't you going to help your son and future daughter-in-law out?"

When Mu Siyin said that, Madam Gu was so furious that she nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. However, this was not the time to argue with Mu Siyin. She must go outside to have a look.

"Mu Siyin! Just you wait! I won't let this slide! Hmph!"

With a hand on the back of her waist, Madam Gu hurried off in a rage. The world was finally quiet.

Mu Siyin sat on the floor, exhausted. She held her own shoulders and gradually closed her eyes, trying to process the fact that she had been reborn.

Was it God trying to give her a second chance in life because he felt sorry for her death?

Fortunately, there was still time. Fortunately, she could see him again…

Shi Beiyu, you big dummy!

She did not understand why he was so obsessed with her.

In her previous life, when she learned that she had spent the night with Shi Beiyu, she hated him with all her guts. She thought that he had ruined her life, and she wished he was dead!

She was so cruel to him, yet he quietly gave his heart and cornea to her. She did not deserve that at all…

Tears streamed uncontrollably down Mu Siyin's cheeks, and her sorrowful wails echoed in every corner of the room…

In the presidential suite next door…

A tall figure dressed in a neatly pressed suit and a pair of leather shoes was seated on an elegant, navy blue sofa. From afar, one could tell that he oozed a dignified and respectable charisma.

His long legs were crossed gracefully as he silently watched the young woman crying pitifully on the LCD screen. His amber, monolid eyes narrowed slowly and darkened.

"Young Master…"

Suddenly, a courteous yet cautious voice appeared from the doorway.

Only then did Shi Beiyu regain his senses. He turned off the LCD screen and gave a brief acknowledgment.

Yan Ze, who was standing by the door, let out a soft pant before he said, "The reporters have left and are following Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu."