Painful Smiles Book

novel - Teen

Painful Smiles

Princess Treasure Chuks

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Synopsis: When twin sisters are exact opposite but somehow gets entangled with the same guy. Michael Louis was a twelve year old young CEO who after the death of his mother lost interest in this world. He was tired of living hence attempted suicide. Claudia Larabee, the opposite twin of Clara Larabee, had suffered much unfairness by her family. For the twelve years of her life, her sister had been a thorn in her flesh. Amidst the wickedness her sister had shown her was forcing a nurse to suck blood from her as donation to some young heir. The consequence of that action, Claudia didn’t really recover from. Claudia, unknown to her, had become a reason a young boy had to live. Yearning to meet her for once in his life, Michael stumbles upon her wrong twin, Clara. Years later, he returns to find her again. The journey he makes to establish a lasting relationship proves dangerous to Claudia, as her wicked twin gets a rich and dangerous friend. Would Michael realize he’s falling for the wrong twin? Or would fate forever give Claudia painful smiles?