1 Shocked to see me

"What are you doing here? and how did you get into my house? She ordered.

" Who I am or what am doing here doesn't really matter my dear Cathy" He said with a smirk on his face as he sat down on a cushion and crossed his legs comfortably.

He was handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and broad shoulders spoke of strength and power which was the dream of every lady, He had straight eyebrows and an imposing Romanesque nose and was adored by his Teutonic-gold hair which was neat and flowing. He walked with a tiger like tread as his nomad-blue eyes twinkled to grace his footsteps.His firece personality and bass voice were a big part of his ambitious character.He possessed power as he walked with purpose and authority.

"Why don't you have family photographs hanging on the wall?"He asked peering at her face.

Shock was written on her face as she was surprised by his audacity.

" You must have guts, but I have no time for silly plays or jokes ; just get your ass off my favourite cushion and leave!" She screamed in anger.

He laughed mockingly as he buttoned up his suit jacket and said in between the laughter,

" Your my type you know, your not nice at all don't you know how to treat guest? go get me a glass of water or better still orange juice will be fine".

"Are you joking with me? Honestly i will call up security if you don't leave my house right now" she said sternly as she looked around in search of her phone.

"This guy must be insane, who the hell does he think he is?" She thought and asked herself.

" Maybe he lost his sanity, but he looked well dressed to be mentally ill" she thought hard of the situation at hand but was interrupted by his words,

" Cindy, aged 24 born in Los Angeles and then thrown into prostitution because she was an orphan and was extremely poor, parents died In a manipulated car crash and not forgetting..." He stared at her as she looked at him visibly shocked and frightened.

He smiled at her frightened look and turned away in satisfaction to continue,

" ... Your also a victim of sexual assault which took place on the 12th day of June exactly 8pm on the day of your 18th birthday and then how can I forget your twin sister Cathy who up till this moment you have not heard from and then your greatest secret of pretending to be a prostitute so you search for the man who assaulted you, you really have guts Cindy and then you claimed I had guts, Give up Cindy, your very good in doing tough things ".

With these he rose up from the cushion with wild satisfied looks of feeling .

The young lady was visibly shaken as sparks of blind terror was shown on her face. She felt something inside her wrenched and soured, her heart seized as she felt a clutch of fear.

She slowly opened her mouth to say something but was held back by his warm fingers pressed gently to her lips.

"Shhh , not another word my dear Cindy" he said bitting his lower lip,

" I have a business deal for you" He annoced and clapped his hands twice.

The door opened to reveal a guy who looked like a bodyguard. He wore a black suit and had grey hair which matched his grey skin and he was an epitome of self confidence.

He came into the room holding a huge envelope and left immediately he handed it over.

" Call me Mr. Damien" He said as he opened the envelope and brought out pictures and documents.

" Here is a photo of Mr Axl" handing her a photo which she didn't collect because she was still scared. He smiled and packed the pictures and documents back inside the envelope.

" The job is simple,just make him fall in love with you and then the rest of the deal will be communicated to you" he said staring at her to ensure she was listening to him.

" My contact is at the back of the envelope , call me if you accept the deal, that's if you even have an option " he said as laughed in mockery .

Still laughing he turned to leave with the same bossy aura shutting the door behind him.

Seconds passed which then ran into minutes as she stood at the same spot without shaking just staring with wide open eyes to no one in particular, she looked like she had seen a ghost

After few minutes she sat down not on her favorite cushion but the arm chair beside it, she wasn't so sure of what happened so she tried to remember everything that had happened.

Battling with different thoughts in her head her eyes met the envelope on the table, she stretched forth her hands to see what was inside silently praying it didn't contain the pictures.

Unluckily for her it contained the exact same pictures and documents she had earlier seen with the man who came to her house.

At that point she accepted everything was true and not just her imagination.

"A guy who knew every single thing about her visited her, but who could it be?"


Back in Damien's car.

"Stage one perfectly placed" a voice said

"Boss, how are you sure she's going to take the job?"The driver asked

"She's curious to know who I was and how I knew much about her that means she's definitely going to call me" He answered

"I still don't understand Boss"

"Curiosity will lead her to our trap"

The face of the driver showed he wasn't satisfied with the answer.

"So Boss, how did you know this much about her?"

"Some things are rather kept as a secret Bennett" He answered with a tone that he needed no further questions.

"Yes Boss" Bennett replied as he reversed skillfully and drove away.

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