1 Painful Marriage 1



"Where's Selena?!"

As I was peacefully cooking in the kitchen, my fear instantly took over me as I heard my husband's voice echoing throughout the whole mansion. followed by a loud thud of a paddle on the floor, which I was holding earlier.

"Hija..." Yaya Nila's worried voice made me face the kitchen's door.

I let out a small smile. "I will be fine, Yaya." "Can you please finish the food?" I ask her, pertaining to the one I'm cooking. She nodded before we heard my husband's angry voice again.

"Tell her to f*cking come to me, now!"

The maids around him instantly went to the kitchen. Like me, I can also sense their fears.

"Stay back." I ordered them and went to my husband. I can hear the loud and rapid beating of my heart, but I tried to wash away my fear.

I will be okay.

He is in our living room. Sitting like a ruthless king, the anger in his eyes and the way his hand turned into a fist make it look like all his servants will instantly fear him.

Including his wife. I thought. Considering how he treats me, I am more like his servant than his wife.

"I-I'm h-here. Why?" I tried not to stutter, but I guess it just naturally came out every time my husband was near.

"Follow me," he said in a hard tone before turning his back on me. I gulped and immediately followed him.

We both enter the master's bedroom. Even before I closed the door properly, a loud gasp escaped my mouth in shock as he aggressively held my wrist.

"You went out of the house." That was not a question; it's a statement. I guess one of the helpers reported that to him.

I met his glowing gaze. There was hate, disappointment, and everything. I'm scared. Always.

"I just picked up some vegetables in the garden."

"Didn't I tell you that you are not allowed to go out, huh?" "I told you to f*cking stay inside the house and don't f*cking show your face outside!"

House. Yeah, this is not the home I'm dreaming of.

I let out a whimper when I felt his nails sink into my wrist. The corner of my eyes was already heating up, but I fought my tears to prevent them from coming out.

"It hurts, Emerson."

"You're really f*cking disobeying me, huh?" "What, now?" "You want to show your body to the men out there and let them have a taste of you?"

At that point, my tears started falling. In the past months, I have been able to stop myself from crying in front of him. But lately, I have noticed that I have been very sensitive, even to the smaller things.

"T-that's not my intention, Emerson... Please let me go... I'm h-hurting..." I sobbed loudly.

"And you dare to f*cking answer me back now!"

I immediately closed my eyes and prepared myself for a slap when I saw his hands in the air. A minute passed, but I felt no slap on my face.

I heard Emerson's ragged breathing before I felt him push me on the floor. I gasped loudly and opened my eyes.

"F*ck!" He cursed.

I heard the banging of the master's bedroom door. Closing my eyes tightly, my tears fall one after another.

I hugged my knees and buried my face in them, crying painfully.

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