1 Hey Im Aiko

Hey I'm Aiko. I love to film. I work on taking pictures and videos to make a edit for my class of 2023. I want to be a movie producer when I am an adult. I have have so much drama and stress in my life that half the time I don't know what to do with it. I am 17 now but not when I met him. When I met him I was only 14. I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was Christmas Eve a perfect night. I walked upstairs to say Hi to the rest of my cousins. A boy...crouched down but looked tall...Looked older than me...Hair in a beanie with a pretty cool leather jacket. His shirt was Batman. He had on black jeans. And he looked like my uncle except way younger. Who is he I thought?

"I am Batman." He said to my cousin Naokatsu.

"Aiko!" Naokatsu ran to me to give me a hug. " Kiatsu likes superheros just like you!" He smiled up at me. I looked at him as he arose. He was taller than me but not too taller. "Kiatsu this is Aiko, or I call her Flash or Black Canary!"

"Well, He's wrong. I'm Batman." He said. Then Kotoko ran in the room behind her was Rokuto, Yasuko, and Satoko causually walking in the room.

"HEY AIKO!" I smiles as she ran up to me to give me a hug.

"Hey crazy." I said rubbing her head. The other three just sat down pretending like I wasn't there and just kinda waved. I hate them. I'm too young to hangout with them. I'm the baby of the group. I am all alone no one is in my 3 year range. In their 3 year range its them. I always been known as the baby the youngest. I never had anyone. Kotoko and Naokatsu don't count Well Kotoko is too young she isn't considered my cousin. She is my step cousin. And Naokatsu well He's my niece technically. He is also my god brother and is very little.

"So you met my brother?" Kotoko smiles.

I look back at him and He smiles at me. "Your her brother?"

"Guilty as charged." Kiatsu says smiling. I smile back.

"You ready to stay up till Midnight Aiko?" Naokatsu says jumping onto me I catch him and smile as I cary him with one arm.

"Well, If I have to take care of your crazy butt maybe not." I giggle playing with hair.

"Well, Now you have someone to help!" Kotoko says looking at her brother.

"You're right Kotoko. Batman you are now my side kick to make this Christmas better than last years!" I smile at him.

"I can do that...But shouldn't you be my sidekick." He smirks at me.

"NO! BLACK CANARY ISN'T A SIDE KICK AND NEITHER IS FLASH!" I yell in his ear. Yasuko looks at me and rolls her eyes. Girl just because this your house doesn't mean you have to act like that...

1 hour and 20 minutes later....

"Aiko?" This so called "Batman" asks as we grab some cupcakes from downstairs.

"Yes?" I reply taking a velvet cupcake.

"I know its stupid but what do you think love is?"

"Love.....Deep affection.....And when you find the one the world take color."

"How Cliche" He laughs. What is cliche....Who was he in love with?

"Is there a girl?" I ask.

He just smiles. "I guess you can say that."

"And your in love."

"Maybe...I dont really know."

"Well what's the deal? She has eyes of a angel or something?"

"She's amazing but...."

"But what....What's the deal breaker?" I ask

Well she has a boyfriend." I heard the heartbreak in his voice....Poor thing....

1 hour later....

"I know its only 10:34 and we always do this at 11:00 but lets play night tag like every year!" Kotoko says smiling.

"Why not? Btw New kid or "Batman" it's just tag in Yasuko's grass." I look up at him and he smiles at me.

That was just the start....Who knew I would spill secrets of my own....

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