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1. The Hogwarts-Express

The wall came nearer and nearer but I wasn't scared. I just closed my eyes and then... I heard a train whistle and knew I was through. I could hear screams and voices from many people and suddenly my fear came back. I was not like all the others there. I had a secret for which they would surely hate me except maybe the Slytherins. Stop it!, I thought to myself. Nobody knows your secret except HIM, Draco, his parents. Well, and my parents. Just thinking about my father made me angry and filled myself with rage. I shook my head to free me from my thoughts which would only make me angry or sad. I opened my eyes and walked around the corner to see the most beautiful train I have ever seen. Not that I'd seen many... Just like he had described it, I thought just to mentally slap myself thereupon. I had forbidden myself to think about HIM years ago, but until now I haven't really succeeded in doing so. It always made me sad and angry at the same time. Once more I shook my head and was about to go to the train when suddenly somebody tapped my shoulder.

I turned around and faced a very known boy with platinum hair and a wide, cocky smile. In an instant I became happier than I hadn't been for a long time and returned the smile. Before we could hug each other Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy appeared behind Draco.

"Na na Draco. You won't forget your manners, won't you? Stop your childish behavior!" Draco's smile froze immediately and his eyes turned cold.

Lucius then looked in my direction with his cold grey-blue eyes, which were identical to Draco's. But for his are warm, I thought when Mr. Malfoy started speaking to me in his usual smugly, ice cold voice: "Pleasure to see you again Ms. Jackson" but I knew that he didn't mean it at all. At the same time I was surprised he addressing me with Ms. Jackson. He never had the urge before to show me some respect.

"It seems that you still have this effect on my son" His look went quickly to Draco who gazed the floor and back to me.

"I hope you won't do anything together at Hogwarts. Anyway, you won't be in the same house I think except you changed but from your attitude I see you haven't. So, do me a favour and stay away from my son or your little secret will come out by coincidence! Come Draco, you have to go on the train."

With that he turned around and walked away with Narcissa. Draco just glanced in my direction, muttered "Sorry! Gonna talk later" and quickly followed his parents.

I sighted and slowly made my way to the nearest traindoor. So long I had dreamed about seeing Draco again after two years and then his father had to ruin this moment. With a little help of magic I lifted my trunk easily and walked through the wagon, searching for an empty compartment. Soon I found one and pushed my trunk under the seat. I sat down and starred out of the window. My thoughts went back to the moment when Mr. Malfoy had threatened me. He was the only person who had ever threatened me. I've never had many friends. Until now I have only two. Nala, a cat which lived near the orphanage, came every day and accompanied me. I talked a lot with her and she was the only one who could make me forget what the doctor did to me every time I had to go to inspection. He knew that I liked Nala a lot, so he threatened me to kill her if I would ever tell somebody that he hurt me. I thought of Draco, with whom I had lived with for four years. He had always tried to protect me from his father who wanted to change myself into the same person my father was. But I would never be like my father. He had killed my mother. She could do magic without a wand, just like me.

Nobody knew about my parents or my abilities except from some people. I didn't want anybody to know about it, because then I wouldn't be accepted in Gryffindor, where my mother had been for her last two years at school - the place where she had met her fairy love. Fairy love was like Ying and Yang, to one fairy belonged another person with whom he or she would fall in love with. It was not very often that the other person didn't fall in love too, but it happened. I didn't think that I had found my fairy love yet but I had sworn myself that I wouldn't accept it like my mother did if it was somebody from my father's followers. I would prefer to suicide myself than to make the same mistake my mother had done. I would never understand how she could have done this. She was surely blinded by love otherwise she would have seen the bad heart my father had, anyway I had seen the monster in him when I lived nearly my first two years with him and my mum. Then he had killed her when he had burned his mark in her arm. The dark mark had been against the pure nature of a fairy. She couldn't heal any wounds he would cause with dark magic.

That was the moment when Severus Snape came into my life. Albus Dumbledore, the only wizard who was strong enough to beat my father, had taken me that night to a little house near the sea. Then he had called after him with whom I had had the best years in my life. The first time I had been completely happy and loved. With him I hadn't to fear my father even if he had been his follower long time ago, but just because he had cared about my mum and had wanted to protect her from my father. But then, after several beautiful years with him, he had gone back with me to the house near the sea and Dumbledore had taken me to the Malfoys at night. Severus had told me all this years that he would never let me alone, never allow somebody to hurt me and always protect me. When he had gone through the door and left me with Dumbledore he had made me felt the worst pain somebody could feel. He had broken his promises, every single one I had believed in. Without looking back he had make me lose my trust. Until today I felt more hurt about what he had done than all the physical pain Lucius Malfoy had done. The only thing that had hurt more was to see Draco in pain of the punishments his father had given him for protecting me. I could have helped Draco with magic but I had made a promise. Even if it was Severus I had given it, about whom I was very angry, I had never broken it. I couldn't explain why but I had never used my magic in front of other people. Not even Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had seen my magic. Draco was the only one I had shown it because I knew that he would never tell anybody.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the compartment door being burst open. A boy who seemed to be of my age with messy black hair asked: „Do you mind if I sit here with you?"

"Not at all." I said and invited him to take a seat. He smiled at me and sat down.

"My name is Harry, Harry Potter." I didn't know why but his name seemed familiar.

"I'm Arya. Well my full name is Aryanna Jackson but I prefer Arya. It's easier to remind of, given that Aryanna is an ancient name."

He grinned at my explanation "Nice to meet you Arya. Is this your first year at Hogwarts?"

"Yeah it is. And yours too isn't it?"

"Yes. Until a few days ago I didn't even know that magic existed" he laughed at his words and I joined in.

Excited that he surely wouldn't know my parents, especially my father; we started talking about our lives we had until our letters had come. Harry was nice and funny to be with, even if I sometimes wished I could speak with Draco. With him I wouldn't have to pay attention on what I was saying. Then again the door burst open and a boy with red hair asked if he could join us. After introducing each other we started talking about the magical world. The red haired boy called Ron explained us everything about it because his whole family were wizards and witches. Soon he started to talk about Hogwarts where two of his brothers had already done their exams and three others went at the moment. He talked about the teachers but one name caught my attention. Severus Snape, head of Slytherin house and potions teacher.

"Arya, you're alright?" Harry asked when I gazed on the floor and didn't say anything.

"Yeah, I'm fine..."

"Are you sure? You look pale"

"Nah, I'm fine" I gave him a smile and he returned to his conversation with Ron about the magical sport Quidditch.

Again I drifted away in my thoughts. Since he had left me alone, since he had abandoned me, since he had pointed his wand at me and said "obliviate" I had tried so much to come over him and the pain he has caused me. But all I could do was being angry and sad at the same time. And now he would be my potions teacher for seven years at Hogwarts. He who hadn't wanted me anymore would be my teacher. The person, who took care of me until he didn't want to do it anymore and had preferred other business, would give me marks...

I was this lost in my thought that I didn't even realize when the train stopped. Harry and Ron had to call my name several times to get my attention. With a mixed feeling of happiness to see Draco and horror seeing Severus again I walked behind Harry and Ron. When we saw Hogwarts the first time from our boats we were all stunned and some of the jaws fell down. It was so beautiful just like Severus had told me. Then my fear of seeing him turned back and I searched for Draco in one of the other boats. When I found him our eyes locked and he gave me a reassuring smile, well knowing what was troubling me. Feeling a bit better I turned my gaze back to the beautiful castle which would be my home for one year. When we arrived I wanted to back out but I stumbled because I stepped on my cloak and fell down. Because I was one of the last nobody saw me but suddenly a hand appeared in front of my face. I looked up and saw Draco grinning down at me.

"Didn't know you were clumsy Jackson."

"I'm not. I just-"

"-am too stupid to walk. Well this is the first time that I've seen a cat stumble and fall to the ground" he interrupted me laughing.

He was the only one except Severus who knew that my favorite animals were cats. I glared at him but it didn't last long because I started laughing too.

"Shut it Malfoy and just for you to know: I'm still better than you because this is the first time in my life that I stumbled. You however did many times" I grinned at my comeback but he wasn't at all impressed.

"Yeah sure. And just for you to know: if you want to have dinner today you should stand up"

His grin turned into the warm smile I loved so much. This was Draco's side nobody knew because he had to hide it from his parents. Nobody, except me. It was a shame.

I took his hand and before I stood steady on my feet he hugged me.

"I've missed you so much Arya, you know. Even if I hoped for you that you would be at a better place where nobody would hurt you anymore."

"I've missed you too Draco, so much. Every single day was boring without you"

"Can't live without me, can't you?" He chuckled.

"If I couldn't, I wouldn't be here now, wouldn't I?" I started to follow the others when he came after me.

"I'm very happy to be here with you even if we will be sorted in different houses."

"Me too." I answered and together we walked towards the castle.

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