P2W Uchiha in Konoha (Completed)

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P2W 32 - Yoru's Hehe Moments

Border defense of the Land of Fire was recently entrusted to Sarutobi Shinzo. Now, the defense of the Land of Water has also been taken over by someone else. Many years of hard-earned achievements were snatched away, and Orochimaru, one of the Sannin, was transferred back to the village.

This news spread, causing concern among the ninja on the front lines. It seemed excessive to them. Orochimaru, though cold to others, was still considered a hero of Konoha.

In the Land of Lightning, inside the office building of the Raikage in Hidden Cloud Village, the Fourth Raikage, A, looked at incoming intelligence and grew increasingly concerned.

"Orochimaru has been recalled to the village? They replaced the front lines with Sarutobi Shinzo, Uchiha, and Hyuga? What is Konoha thinking? They're completely disregarding us!"

Just when the tension on the front lines had eased, Konoha seemed to be rubbing it in their faces, displaying no fear. Anger filled the Fourth Raikage's eyes.

Dodai, a mature-looking middle-aged man in the office, saw the irritable Raikage and sighed with a bitter smile. "Raikage-sama, despite the losses suffered during the Nine-Tails incident, Konoha's strength is still formidable. Regarding this intelligence about the front lines, there might be something else worth our attention."

Dodai, a high-ranking shinobi of Hidden Cloud Village and a minister to the previous Raikage, had gained the trust of the Third Raikage when he was young and possessed the Bloodline Limit of Lava Release.

He handed over a selected intelligence report, his expression growing more serious.

The Fourth Raikage opened the scroll with dissatisfaction. His brow raised when he saw the information inside, especially the date at the end. A solemn expression flashed in his fierce eyes.

"Dodai, you're saying that you received intelligence about Sarutobi Shinzo coming to the front lines two months ago?"

The issue wasn't the intelligence report itself, but rather the timeline. Nobody knew two months ago that Sarutobi Shinzo would be appointed as the commander of the border. This was the biggest problem! The Fourth Raikage's expression turned grave, and Dodai nodded solemnly.

"There's no problem with the timeline, but the person who transmitted the information seems not to be the one we arranged."

"The spy who transmitted the information was captured by Konoha. This line should have been abandoned, but someone unexpectedly used it to transmit information."

The Fourth Raikage's expression turned grave upon hearing this. "Dodai, increase the level of scrutiny on this intelligence transmission. And be cautious."

Both of them were seasoned veterans of the ninja world, having seen many things. Dodai agreed with a nod.

"Raikage-sama, rest assured. There are only three possibilities for someone to transmit this information using that line. First, our spy has not been exposed, but the likelihood of that is low. Second, someone in Konoha is dissatisfied with their leadership or too greedy and has betrayed their village's interests. Third, it is highly possible that this is a trap set by Konoha."

It was common for a spy to be captured, and the opposing side would use the spy's intelligence line to transmit false information. Sometimes they would even use this intelligence line to transmit important information of their own, proving their betrayal of the village and demanding resources or money.

"Raikage-sama, the other party's intentions are clear. They are currently trading intelligence for gold and valuable medicinal herbs."

After Dodai presented the materials Konoha's undercover agents were demanding, the Fourth Raikage, A, sneered, "Give it to them! The person who can transmit this news is not low in status. As long as the information is accurate, we'll give them what they want."

"Ninjas always value information above all else. Whether this person is genuine or not, they have some value for now. Giving away some resources is normal. If the other side didn't ask for anything, I would be suspicious."

The authenticity of the intelligence and the requested resources would be confirmed by their specialized department, so they wouldn't easily fall into a trap. It all depended on the strategies employed by both sides.

However, this time, the Hidden Cloud Village miscalculated. After exhausting numerous methods, they discovered that everything they had given was in vain because the information provided by the other side was all true and contained no deception.

"Dodai, prepare the front lines for another probing harassment. Let's see what game Konoha is playing."

"Yes!" Dodai, experienced and composed, immediately acknowledged without hesitation. He admired the Fourth Raikage's character. He was reckless but never made foolish mistakes. He was rough but had a keen eye for details.

In the Land of Water, Village Hidden in the Mist, Fuguki Suikazan opens his sharp teeth and gazes at the intelligence in his hand, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Hehe, it seems there are quite a few like-minded individuals in the shinobi world."

There's never a shortage of people who betray their own village to further their own interests. Just like him, Fuguki has also secretly betrayed the interests of some villages.

"Hehe, your appetite is quite large, demanding such a quantity of precious medicinal herbs and gold. However, I'll indulge you, but I hope you, little mouse, won't play any tricks."

As for the opponent's setup? That's a joke for Fuguki Suikazan. With the significant events occurring in Konoha, his village has already decided to launch a probing war against them, albeit a small-scale one.

The Village Hidden in the Mist has never cared much for these sacrifices; they are only concerned with their own interests.

In the Land of Earth, Village Hidden in the Rocks, inside the Tsuchikage's tall office, the current Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, appears energetic. As he receives the intelligence that requires an upgrade, his eyebrows furrow, revealing a sense of seriousness.

"Another selfish person betraying their own village's interests? Or perhaps it's another self-directed play?"

Muttering to himself, Ōnoki, who has experienced the three Great Ninja Wars, is filled with wisdom. His eyebrow raises when he reaches the part of the intelligence that reveals the enemy's demands.

"Such a grand appetite, but it might be possible. As long as the intelligence is accurate, it's worth it."

Ōnoki places the intelligence on the table and seals it with an S-rank seal. "Instruct the Intelligence Division to monitor closely. Whenever significant intelligence arises, thorough analysis must be conducted. As for the gold and medicinal herbs they are demanding, as long as it doesn't exceed the value of the intelligence, provide it."

Having finally discovered a high-ranking spy within Konoha, Ōnoki intends to capitalize on this advantage. It could also be a trick orchestrated by Konoha's secret manipulator, Danzo Shimura, but such tactics are commonly used by nations. It's a matter of whose methods are superior and whose strategic abilities prevail.