P2W Uchiha in Konoha (Completed)

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P2W 11 - Mission

[Chakra Attribute Upgrade: Lightning (LV3) upgraded, costing 100,000 gold coins. Successfully promoted Lightning Chakra attribute to LV4.]

[Chidori A-rank ninjutsu: Accelerated training experience purchase, costing 120,000 gold coins to master A-rank ninjutsu Chidori.]

Constantly visualizing the use of Chidori in his mind, Uchiha Yoru felt as though he had completely mastered it. Simultaneously, he sensed a difference in his chakra within his body. Uchiha Yoru realized that he had successfully practiced Chidori and upgraded his chakra attribute.

Fortunately, having Chidori as a ninjutsu meant he only needed to purchase experience packs to achieve mastery. However, it cost him a hefty 120,000 gold coins to fully master the technique.

Now, he only had 110,000 gold coins remaining in his balance. Uchiha Yoru narrowed his eyes and muttered, "Orochimaru is still preoccupied with Danzo during their honeymoon, so he isn't focused on the Sharingan at the moment. After all, Orochimaru doesn't care about Sharingan below the three-tomoe level. I need to catch Orochimaru's attention, and this is the only way."

[Exchange Balance for Swordsmanship (Physical Skills) Experience Package..., Cost: 110,000 gold coins, Swordsmanship (Physical Skills) Upgraded to LV4]

As the name suggests, experience packs are designed to allow the user to directly master a specific technique or elevate it to a higher level.

These levels correspond to one's strength: LV1 (Ninja Academy student) → LV2 (Genin) → LV3 (Chuunin) → LV4 (Jounin) → LV5 (Elite Jounin) → LV6 (ANBU) → LV7 (Kage level) → LV8 (Super Kage) → LV9 (Six Paths level) → LV10 (Otsutsuki).

Uchiha Yoru felt the changes in his body and couldn't help but shake his head and sigh, "Indeed, this only enhances experience and techniques. Experience packs don't directly improve physical qualities."

For example, Swordsmanship and Physical Skills are interconnected, but after his promotion, he only gained skills and experience, while his body still needed training to keep up. It's similar to the original story when Sasuke unlocked his Sharingan and could see through Rock Lee's movements but couldn't match him physically.

He had worked hard before this, and his proficiency in swordsmanship and chakra attribute was at the Chuunin level. With the direct purchase, these two skills were elevated to the Jounin level, saving him at least a year or two of training time. More importantly, he had also mastered an A-rank ninjutsu.

Combined with the single tomoe Sharingan he awakened on the night of the Nine-Tails attack, his overall strength was enough to be considered an elite Chuunin.

Each ninja has their preferred style, and most people explore their talents while forging their own path, eventually developing their unique fighting style.

However, Uchiha Yoru smiled confidently and thought, "Why waste so much effort? It's better to follow someone else's path while others follow mine." For instance, his plan to emulate Uchiha Sasuke's early path with Taka Team was perfect, and it also helped him save money.

The future development path was just right. The combination of the Chidori series of ninjutsu for offense and defense not only saved money but also looked cool, right? Who wouldn't want to be both powerful and handsome? Most importantly, he aimed to gain fame and establish a solid reputation within the clan.

Being in Orochimaru's squad at the moment was ideal. He could perfectly emulate Uchiha Sasuke's fighting style from the early stages and even benefit from the clan. As for Orochimaru's curse mark series, did it really pale in comparison to the Uchiha clan's?

At least until Orochimaru's defection, having Orochimaru's seal would bring him maximum benefits. As for the future? Hehe, that's why he wanted to maximize his benefits during this time, exploit the clan as much as possible, and then strengthen himself.

"Yoru, let's go. Orochimaru-sensei has a mission."

At that moment, Anko's voice came from outside the tent, and Uchiha Yoru, who had already heard her footsteps, smiled. "Coming, Anko."

Uchiha Yoru, with his handsome face, stepped out with a sunny smile on his cheeks. Meanwhile, Anko had a tsundere expression. The two of them walked together towards Orochimaru's camp, a sight meant to be witnessed by others.

As expected, other ninjas secretly whispered to themselves. They saw the Uchiha clan as despicable, using seduction through Orochimaru's disciple to further their own interests.

The elite young ninjas of the Uchiha clan wore somewhat embarrassed expressions. How could they not see through such obvious intentions? Many of them secretly rejoiced that it wasn't them selling their bodies.

Even Uchiha Shisui, quietly observing the two as they walked away, couldn't help but sigh in his heart. "Yoru, you're working hard. The clan won't forget you."

For the mission, for the clan, sacrificing emotions and even one's body were all acts worthy of admiration.

"Yoru, your Uchiha reputation isn't looking good."

As they walked, Anko teased and joked, and Uchiha Yoru shrugged nonchalantly, saying, "Can't help it, it's all for the village."

Yes, if it weren't for the Uchiha clan's hard work in completing missions, how could they capture these spies and gather intelligence from the Lightning, Earth, and Water Nations?

As for the Wind Nation, he could only sigh. He also wanted to sell information to them, but currently, there was no channel to pass on the information. Otherwise, he would have done it already.

And there were so many small countries. Just thinking about it, Uchiha Yoru's face revealed an excited and determined expression. The revolution hadn't succeeded yet; comrades still needed to work hard!

He had to become greater, stronger! Apart from Konoha, among the Five Great Nations and the various small countries, he would become the most prominent information merchant.

To make Konoha bigger and stronger, to contribute his extra efforts! Everything was for the village!

On the border of the Fire Nation.

Inside the boundless forest, it felt like stepping into ancient times. Ordinary people standing on tree trunks appeared as small as cats, while shadows weaved through the dense foliage.

Black silhouettes darted with extreme agility through the primeval forest. Meanwhile, Anko and Uchiha Yoru stared solemnly at the passing figures.

"Yoru, those are the spies mentioned in the intelligence report."

At that moment, Uchiha Yoru's Sharingan, spinning with a single tomoe, glowed red. With his enhanced vision, he clearly observed the figures passing by from within the shadows. Speaking in a low voice, he reported, "A small team led by one individual, with three

subordinates. A total of four people. The leader is approximately twenty-five years old, carrying a ninja sword on his back. The other three are male, around twelve or thirteen years old."

Uchiha Yoru calmly relayed the information he had gathered, while Anko, by his side, found nothing unusual. Ninjas often had their idiosyncrasies, which served as a form of release. But during missions, especially when preparing for battle, nobody would joke around at such a time.


Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound echoed in the distance, followed by a scream. The team leader quickly raised his hand, signaling his comrades to halt, and shouted, "It's a trap! Retreat!"

However, just then, two figures swiftly emerged from the trees behind them, blocking the retreat of the retreating ninja.

Having already lost one member to an explosive tag trap, the remaining two young ninjas wore serious expressions. But upon seeing the newcomers, the team leader's gaze turned blank, and fear crept onto his face. Trembling, he stammered, "Orochimaru!"


Emerging slowly from the shadows of the tree trunk, Orochimaru revealed his sinister face, wearing a mischievous smile reminiscent of a cat playing with mice. His tongue slithered out, licking his lips, as he let out a distinctively husky laugh. "Hehe, it seems we have a few little mice here."


The team leader trembled in fear as he uttered Orochimaru's name, instantly causing the two other ninjas to show signs of shock. Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin! How could this be possible!

However, in that moment, a swift gust of wind shattered the silence. Countless shuriken emerged, gleaming with a cold light, hurled from behind.

"No! This can't be right!" Realizing the surprise attack from behind, the team leader's face suddenly displayed excitement and delight. If Orochimaru were truly present, why would there be an ambush?

"Run! Orochimaru has no chance here. Run! I'll cover you. Go deal with the attacker!" The team leader shouted at his two students, his voice filled with urgency. With determination, he charged towards Orochimaru.

This experienced ninja quickly analyzed the situation. In just an instant, he deduced that the Orochimaru before him must be an imposter, or else why would there be a surprise attack? He didn't know the strength of the person attacking from behind, but his two students were the perfect candidates to test the waters.

Upon hearing their teacher's command, the two young students showed excitement on their faces. It was their team leader!

"Be careful!"

In the blink of an eye, everything unfolded rapidly. The team leader, without a ninja forehead protector, swiftly drew his ninja sword from his back and lunged towards Orochimaru. Meanwhile, the two students, each holding a kunai in both hands, intercepted the incoming shuriken attacks with their own weapons.


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