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Chapter 55: Training

The training hall of the Police Department was filled with the echoing sound of air bursts. It was a spacious and empty hall, occasionally illuminated by flashes of electric arcs. The physical techniques being practiced were so fast that they exceeded the limits of human perception.

Uchiha Yoru's figure moved swiftly, almost invisible to the naked eye. Only when he paused briefly or changed direction, his shadow would briefly appear. His speed had reached the level of a high-level ninja.

Suddenly, shurikens struck the walls of the training hall, triggering hidden crossbow mechanisms. The air was instantly filled with the sound of numerous crossbows.

Swoosh, swoosh~

Countless shurikens rained down from all directions, attacking relentlessly. Uchiha Yoru swiftly reacted and appeared in the training hall. With the power of his two Tomoe Sharingan, he focused his gaze on the incoming shurikens.

Ding, ding, ding~

A dense and crisp sound filled the air. Uchiha Yoru wielded the Kusanagi Sword, surrounded by arcs of electricity, creating an afterimage as he swung the sword. The dense rain of shurikens couldn't get close to him, and many shattered shurikens fell to the ground.

The metal shurikens made a crisp sound as they landed on the stone floor.

The sound abruptly stopped, and Uchiha Yoru's heavy panting could be heard. He was drenched in sweat.

As he looked at the shurikens scattered around him, Uchiha Yoru breathed heavily and inwardly frowned, realizing he still fell short.

Although he successfully defended against the onslaught of shurikens, he knew that one had pierced his skin from behind. His strong body had managed to resist the damage.

Surrounded by arcs of electricity, Uchiha Yoru smiled and thought, "Indeed, talent is required in every aspect. Now, I can consider myself gifted."

After acquiring the Third Raikage's physique, not only had his chakra attribute talent reached its peak, but his physical talent was also exceptional. His body seemed to possess limitless strength, and his growth in power had been exponential.

[Host: Uchiha Yoru (Two Tomoe Sharingan)]

[Chakra Level: Jonin (1.2 Cards)]

[Chakra Attributes: Fire (LV3), Lightning (LV5), Earth (LV1)]

[Martial Arts (Kenjutsu): LV5, Medical Ninjutsu LV4]

Looking at his current attributes, Uchiha Yoru smiled with satisfaction. In a short period of time, he had reached the level of a jonin, not just in terms of chakra level but also in mastering lightning nature manipulation and his kenjutsu skills.

His exceptional progress was largely attributed to his physique's talent, which enhanced his chakra amount and nature manipulation of lightning. Progress in both physical training and nature manipulation seemed twice as fast with half the effort. His advancement was rapid.

Considering his age, the period of explosive growth for ninja generally occurred between twelve and sixteen years old. At this age, individuals were in their developmental period as ninja.

To make such rapid progress in physical techniques, in addition to his enhanced body, his proficiency in supplementary ninjutsu played a significant role.

He had acquired two types of ninjutsu through exchange, including the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, the Raikage's legendary Lightning Armor.

The Lightning Armor, also known as the "Lightning Release Chakra Mode," was a B-rank ninjutsu. In Kumogakure, it was considered a secret technique because it required specific secret medicines and practice methods. The Lightning Armor's true name and its requirement of secret medicines elevated its classification to a secret technique.

Uchiha Yoru murmured to himself, "The Lightning Armor is not just an ordinary B-rank ninjutsu when combined with the proper secret medicine and practice. It belongs to the realm of secret techniques."

Secret techniques, like those of the Akimichi, Nara, Yamanaka, and Aburame clans, were not bloodline limits but different from ordinary ninjutsu. They required specific methods and secrets for practice, hence the name "secret techniques."

The Lightning Armor fell into the category of secret techniques. In addition to the corresponding B-rank ninjutsu, it required secret medicines of different levels and extensive practice. It was comparable to the Eight Gates in terms of being easy to learn but difficult to master.

With the Kusanagi Sword crackling with electric arcs, Uchiha Yoru smiled, realizing that the lightning nature manipulation and the cover provided by the Chidori could perfectly conceal the presence of the Lightning Armor.

Although he had further advanced in strength, officially entering the ranks of jonin and ensuring his safety, he also wore a pained expression due to his depleted funds. The cost of secret techniques was not cheap, but fortunately, his physique was a near-perfect match. Otherwise, possessing ninjutsu without the ability to practice it would be a joke.

The classification of C, B, A, and S levels in ninjutsu not only referred to the power of the techniques but also indicated their training difficulty.

An ordinary Chunin would find it extremely challenging to train an A-rank ninjutsu, while some geniuses at the same Chunin level might find it relatively easy. The complexity of manipulating chakra within the body increased with the level of the ninjutsu, resulting in higher difficulty.

To make such rapid progress within a short period, besides the enhancement brought by bloodline evolution and his physique, Uchiha Yoru's ability to quickly learn ninjutsu was mainly due to the chakra seal (talent) he acquired from Kakashi Hatake.

Despite being only fifteen years old, Uchiha Yoru's control and manipulation of chakra were at the level of a Kage. His ability to cast the Seal was comparable to Kakashi Hatake during the Naruto era, who was at the Kage level.

"Come out," Uchiha Yoru casually spoke as the electric arcs around his body dissipated. His Sharingan transformed back into ordinary black eyes.

"Hmph, Uchiha Yoru, you've been making rapid progress recently," Mitarashi Anko said as she entered the training hall through the open door. Her eyes still held a trace of shock, but she put on a forced, tsundere expression. She looked at Uchiha Yoru with envy and jealousy, thinking, "So this is Uchiha? Just by awakening the Sharingan, he's a genius. Such talent is truly envy-inducing."

Uchiha Yoru was also surprised to see Mitarashi Anko. While he had noticed someone spying outside the door earlier, he assumed it was a member of the Police Department. He didn't expect it to be Anko.

"There's a class reunion tonight. I came to give you a heads up. Are you coming?" Anko asked with a proud look in her eyes.

Uchiha Yoru's eyes flickered, but he smiled and nodded, "Of course, I'll attend the class reunion."

However, he couldn't help but feel suspicious. Anko inviting him to the reunion raised questions in his mind. Was someone orchestrating it, or was he overthinking things?



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