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Chapter 103: Shifting the Blame

Under the night's curtain, Konoha, as well as the Hyuga clan's slumbering main house, has been alerted. Numerous elite Hyuga ninja from the main house were filled with both anger and panic upon hearing the news.

The branch family has lost control! The caged bird is no longer useful! After years of enslavement, they are well aware of the branch family's resentment towards the main house. If they were to take action, there would only be one side left standing.

"Clan head, those from the branch family who have forgotten their ancestors' teachings, this time they must not be spared."

"Has the branch family forgotten our traditions? Have they forgotten the rules of the Hyuga clan?"

Throughout the Hyuga clan, shadows were flickering everywhere. At this moment, Hyuga Hiashi's expression was stern as he looked at the arriving family elites and sternly rebuked, "Do you not realize the urgency of the situation at hand?"

"Hyuga A and B, both of you, quickly lead the elite main house members to escort all the families to the shelter."

"Clan head, at a time like this, we should pursue those from the branch family!" An elder shouted angrily, but Hyuga Hiashi retorted with fury in his eyes, "The branch family has escaped to find support. If we were to chase them now, they'd launch a frenzied counterattack. What would you use to defend against that? Do you want to become the culprit of the Hyuga clan?"

Hyuga Hiashi's stern voice resounded, and the elite main house members who had rushed over at the news finally realized the gravity of the situation. Cold sweat broke out on their foreheads one by one.

The enmity between the branch family and the main house, if escalated into action, would result in a never-ending conflict. Only one side could survive.

"As the head of the Hyuga clan, I am responsible for the entire family. I am responsible for the continuation of the Hyuga clan! Rather than seeking immediate gratification, if we pursue the branch family now, who among you is certain that we can completely annihilate them? I, Hyuga Hiashi, am willing to lead the charge and follow orders if that's the case!"

At this moment, Hyuga Hiashi had never been so domineering. He stood in the courtyard, gazing at the crowd, and the elders were somewhat intimidated by his imposing presence. Some who had been angered were snapped out of their anger by this dose of cold water.

"Yes, Hiashi is right. If we pursue the branch family after they've broken free from their cage, it will lead to civil war! It might even become the spark that leads to the downfall of the Hyuga clan."

An elder immediately thought about the branch family's combat capabilities. While the main house held some secret techniques to restrain the branch family, the latter had extensive frontline battle experience. Regardless of whether they were from the main house or the branch family, they were all part of the Hyuga clan. Once a war started, they would all suffer.

"Quick, prepare for combat readiness, Hyuga clan! All non-combatants, enter the shelter!"

"All Hyuga ninja, assume combat-ready status! Begin setting up defenses and traps within the clan territory! Be ready for battle at any moment!"

At this moment, Hyuga Hiashi displayed the bearing of a seasoned commander. He issued commands with a composed and resolute tone, directing the main house's ninjas.

It was also the first time the Hyuga family had encountered such a situation. No one had expected the branch family to defect en masse. Amidst the panic, Hyuga Hiashi's presence was reassuring. All the ninjas within the Hyuga clan began nervously preparing for battle. The sounds of infants crying and family members seeking refuge echoed in the night as they all hurried into the shelters.

"Explosive tags! Each chunin should have a hundred explosive tags, fifty for genin, and a thousand for jounin! All members of the Hyuga clan, assume combat-ready status! All jounin from the main house, be prepared to lead the family members in battle at any time!"


As Hyuga Hiashi's commanding presence swept over the Hyuga clan, they transformed from an outwardly calm exterior to an iron fortress ready for war.

Heavy, sealed crates were opened, revealing stacks of explosive tags being brought out. Simultaneously, a multitude of armors, kunai, and shuriken were also prepared, ready for the impending war. In less than half an hour, the Hyuga clan had established their defensive formation.

Standing at the highest point of the Hyuga clan, Hyuga Hiashi gazed solemnly at the first rays of dawn. In his heart, he prayed, "brother, I've done my best to buy time for you. You must act quickly! The Hyuga clan can split, but internal warfare must not break out. Otherwise, both of us will be considered criminals of the Hyuga clan."

"Report! Inform the clan head, the reconnaissance team has brought news that all members of the branch family have arrived at the Seventh Division of the Police Force's headquarters. They've announced their allegiance to Konoha's Root! They've pledged allegiance to Orochimaru-sama, one of the leaders of Root!"

Upon hearing this information, Hyuga Hiashi's eyes gleamed with opportunity. This is a great chance! An exceptional opportunity! Reacting swiftly, he feigned a look of righteous anger and bellowed, "Prepare for battle, all members of the clan! Summon all the elders and jounin to convene!"


Although Hyuga Hiashi appeared composed in this critical moment for the Hyuga clan, every order he gave seemed to buy time. Despite appearances, he was actually being cautious.

Before long, on a high ground of the Hyuga clan, both the clan's elders and the available jounin had gathered.

"Hiashi, all the available jounin have assembled, and those who couldn't make it are preparing for battle."

Observing the assembled clan members, Hyuga Hiashi's expression became solemn as he addressed the group, "Everyone, the Hyuga clan is facing a life-and-death crisis."

"What's happened clan head?"

"Hiashi, what's going on?"

The sudden change during this night had caught everyone off guard. Now, to see Hyuga Hiashi adopting such an attitude was even more shocking and surprising.

Hyuga Hiashi surveyed the crowd and then lowered his head, his voice heavy as he said, "We've gathered information, and it turns out that the branch family's actions were orchestrated by someone behind the scenes: the Root! The branch family has arrived at the Seventh Division of the Police Force's headquarters, and you should all know that it's Orochimaru's territory. Orochimaru is the deputy commander of Root."

As Hyuga Hiashi's words fell, the usually composed and refined clan elders were now red-faced and cursing loudly.

"I knew it! After so many years of peace, the branch family just had to stir up trouble tonight. There's definitely something fishy going on here!"

"The villager from the Land of Lightning, Danzo Shimura! Damn him, this one-eyed rat hiding in the shadows. He's truly ruthless."

"Damn it, Danzo Shimura, that's right! Clearly, they're all in cahoots. First the envoy from the Lightning Country, and now the branch family. This is clearly the Konoha's upper echelons using this as an opportunity to attack our Hyuga clan."

"An attack? What kind of attack is this? Don't you see that even the slightest negligence would lead to disaster? If we'd discovered their plans before the branch family left, our current situation would be a devastated Hyuga clan territory. This is a battlefield!"

"Danzo Shimura! Hiruzen Sarutobi! The high-ranking Konoha officials are so ruthless, actually meddling in our internal affairs. Damn them!"

"What is this? It's the division of the Hyuga clan! How dare them!"

The normally well-mannered clan elders were now roaring in struggle. At this moment, they all seemed to want to tear those two treacherous individuals apart.

Damn, this is getting dark! This strategy, only Danzo from Root could conceive of it. And Hiruzen, there's no one else who could do this. To think that with just a method to dispel the Caged Bird Seal, they would effortlessly split the Hyuga clan, one of Konoha's major clans, into two halves. It's even possible that with a single misstep, the Hyuga clan could be pushed to the brink of extinction.

Hyuga Hiashi saw the hatred being shifted away and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he discussed with Hizashi to avoid a civil war within the Hyuga clan. With the Hokage's forces wanting to discipline them, isn't this the perfect opportunity to have a scapegoat handed to them?


Hyuga Hiashi's gloomy gaze swept over the crowd, immediately capturing everyone's attention. He suppressed his anger and spoke with a deep voice, "The Hyuga clan has encountered a major crisis under my watch. I, Hyuga Hiashi, am responsible. However, we are now at a critical juncture for the survival of the Hyuga clan. I am willing to apologize before the ancestors' memorial tablets, but the matter at hand is about splitting the clan."

"Now, all members of the Hyuga clan have gathered at the Seventh Division Office of the Police Force. I am willing to lead the elite members of the main family to directly attack the police force. This is the best time, as the split members will likely be relaxed and off guard. We can take this opportunity to eliminate these traitors!"

Wow, he's organizing for a slaughter at the back while saying this. At this moment, Hyuga Hiashi's appearance was full of anger, clearly mobilizing everyone for battle.

"You can't do this!"

Seeing Hyuga Hiashi's reckless plan, some of the elders panicked. This is obviously a scheme from higher-ups in the village. If they start an internal war, they'd be playing right into their hands.

"Hiashi, you can't act rashly!"

"Exactly, you're right. The split members are in chaos with their families, but what about the police force? It's Uchiha's territory, not to mention the Root! If we start a war, it's like striking an egg against a rock."

An elder thought of a possibility and quickly mentioned a terrifying thought. As his words spread, the people around them also had their expressions change drastically.

Just dealing with the branch family alone would be enough trouble, not to mention dealing with the police force. The Uchiha clan isn't to be trifled with, and even if they join forces with the branch family, it might not be enough.

Moreover, there's the Root! That's the darkest organization in Konoha.

"Clan leader, you can't act impulsively! This is the enemy's scheme. You mustn't be impulsive."

"Indeed, Hiashi, you are the last hope of the Hyuga clan now. If anything happens to you, the main family won't have anyone to take the lead."

"As the head of the clan, how can you easily resort to violence? Do you realize that once we go to war with the branch family, the Root, and the police force, who already hold grudges against us, won't sit idly by? It's not that we're afraid, but once the war starts, either the main family or the branch family will have to go."

"Hiashi, be quiet! How can you be so impulsive? Do you want the honor of the Hyuga clan to be lost under your watch?"

With repeated shouts, it was clear that none of them wanted to start a war at this moment. Hyuga Hiashi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, even though his face still showed reluctance.

"Elders! Shimura Danzo has gone too far! The Hokage has gone too far!"

Wow, they've expertly shifted the blame. When the others heard Hyuga Hiashi's resentful shout, they all displayed anger.

"Sarutobi Hiruzen's tactics are impressive. He has managed to divide the Hyuga clan without using any force, truly the longest-serving Hokage and the one who expanded the Sarutobi clan into the third-largest family in Konoha. I salute him!"

An elder even spoke through gritted teeth, showing deep-seated hatred in his eyes.

"What are you trying to say? Are you suggesting we go after Sarutobi Hiruzen? That old fox has probably already arranged everything. Otherwise, how did the branch family manage to raise the banner of the Root?"

"Shimura Danzo! He plays the good cop, while Sarutobi Hiruzen plays the bad cop. With Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane mediating, they've executed their tactics perfectly."

"I've been wondering why that old Sarutobi was so kind three days ago. We thought a little scolding would be enough, and we accepted it. But he's clearly aiming for something bigger, wanting to crush the Hyuga clan."

"Damn it, even if we settle the score with Sarutobi Hiruzen, we'll still end up blaming Shimura Danzo. In the end, we'll be carrying the blame for them."

The Hyuga clan now completely shifted their resentment onto the higher-ups in the village. Although it happened just after the Hokage's visit, where he scolded them and then told them to wait a few days, it's clear he wanted them to lower their guard.

"Hiashi! We absolutely cannot go to war with the branch family at this time!" The eldest elder suppressed his anger and spoke through clenched teeth, "Go! Unite with the major clans and ask them. The Hokage has meddled in the affairs of our clan. We must collectively demand answers from Sarutobi Hiruzen."

Saying this, the eldest elder's heart was bleeding. This time, the Branch's rebellion shattered the backbone of the Hyuga clan. Their century-old legacy that they were so proud of was breaking, and it could get even worse if they're not careful.

"Grand Elder!" Hyuga Hiashi pretended to look helpless, and upon seeing this, the grand elder became even angrier, saying, "Hiashi! You are the clan leader! At this time, you must consider the clan's best interests. Do you really want to ignite the flames of war and lead the Hyuga clan to extinction?"

"Furthermore!" The highly respected grand elder of the Hyuga clan looked around, his teeth clenched, "I despise it! But no matter how big the grudge between the main family and the branch family is, we share the same bloodline. Should we commit acts that bring pain to our own kin just to satisfy a grudge?"

"Now, if we go to war with the branch family, everyone in the police force, the Root, and all of Konoha will watch. The great Hyuga clan of Konoha will fall amidst this upheaval, becoming an insignificant small family or even facing extinction!"

As the elder's hoarse voice described the situation, everyone present seemed to be affected by the atmosphere. They all showed sadness. The Hyuga clan wasn't declining due to a war; it was being undermined within their own village.

"Ah, Clan Leader, the Grand Elder is right. Despite the grievances between the main family and the branch family, they are still of the same blood. Starting a war will only lead to the decline of the Hyuga clan."

As the grand elder spoke, everyone recognized the reality. It's not that they didn't want to confront the branch family, but they simply couldn't bear the consequences of starting a war.

Hiashi looked around at everyone and clenched her teeth in anger as she said, "The Grand Elder is right. The enemies of our clan are not from within, but from outside - it's Danzo! We must definitely ask the Hokage, what exactly is their intention! To think that Root would intervene with the Hyūga clan! This is clearly a planned rebellion to divide us. We absolutely cannot let those who destroyed our Hyūga clan's century-old heritage go unpunished."



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