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[Sponsored] Chapter 184: Semi Sage Mode

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"Through the power of the curse mark, mastered this semi-finished senjutsu chakra and then developed the current results."

"You, while severely injured, had diluted and stabilized cells enter the wound, and your body just happened to still contain senjutsu chakra, so it triggered some unknown reaction."

"No, that's not right!" Tsunade frowned at this point, deeply engrossed in her research problem, wondering what she had thought of.

"Why can the Uchiha be compatible with the Senju bloodline, could the legend be true? Were the Senju and the Uchiha clan originally from the same ancestor?"

"How could that be?" Tsunade suddenly laughed, shaking her head in self-mockery, wondering what she was thinking, to even consider such an idea.

What does it matter if they had a common ancestor? The Senju and the Uchiha have been fighting for so many years, their own people fighting against each other? This is a joke.

"Brat, I need your blood for research, and you can't leave recently, I need to carefully monitor the changes in your body every day."

After the preliminary examination, Tsunade couldn't help but look enviously at the person pretending to sleep on the bed, "Brat, after awakening Wood Release, your chakra has completely surged, and your body has been strengthened by this power."

"Right, let me check your eyes."

Tsunade approached and solemnly began to examine the other's eyes, continuously instructing: "Activate your Sharingan normally, yes, the three tomoe, good, now activate the Mangekyō Sharingan."

"Indeed, after awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan, it has strengthened on the original three tomoe basis, we can say that the normal three tomoe of the Mangekyō Sharingan is far superior to the ordinary three tomoe."

"The unique vitality of Wood Release not only strengthened your eyes but also promoted the production of special chakra in your brain, which is what your Uchiha clan refers to as the 'dōjutsu' power."

When all the examinations were over, Tsunade finally smiled upon unraveling the secrets of the legendary Wood Release and the Mangekyō Sharingan.

"Unexpectedly, Wood Release could perfectly coexist with the Sharingan, originally two powerful forces that suppressed each other, yet they have fused within your body."

This is entirely a medical miracle, like Danzō who used the First Hokage's cells and the Sharingan to suppress each other without fusion, while Uchiha Madara awakened the Rinnegan using the First Hokage's cells, and Obito recklessly used the Mangekyō Sharingan with the First Hokage's cells.

One is the unique power inside the Uchiha clan's own bloodline after awakening the Sharingan, and the other seems to be the opportunity for fusion only after the Mangekyō Sharingan has awakened, producing a more powerful special chakra with the Wood Release cells.

Just like Kakashi's Sharingan is not his own, even after awakening the Mangekyou, the special power of the Sharingan is limited, making it almost impossible to merge with the power of Wood Release.

"That should be enough, right?"

Uchiha Yoru's face showed an embarrassed look, Tsunade's eyes flashed with panic, but she still managed to appear calm without showing any sign of it.

Suddenly, Uchiha Yoru sniffed and frowned in disgust. Tsunade immediately tensed up and coldly huffed, "Complaining about your own body, that's really sick."

After the check was over, Uchiha Yoru hurriedly got up to wash his face in the bathroom, as Tsunade seemed to have intentionally made his face quite messy during the eye examination.

Under the sound of trickling water, Tsunade outside the door showed a hint of anger. She herself ended up with both hands and her face covered.

"Kid, hurry up, gulp!"

As Tsunade urged, a drop of liquid suddenly fell from the wall, and as she happened to open her mouth to speak, it went straight into her throat.

After swallowing with a gulp, Tsunade's face turned green with disgust and anger. She cut off her sense of smell during such an awkward moment, but not her taste.

The indescribable feeling filled her mouth, even rushing to the back of her brain and sweeping through her body, with the first sensation being nausea.

But as the sound of the bathroom continued, Tsunade's face looked extremely unpleasant. She opened her mouth to say something but felt that no one noticed, and a secretly thrilling sensation rose in her heart.

Her eyes trembled, and like a thief, she sneakily stuck out her tongue quickly and then retracted it.

The thrilling sensation rushed deep into her soul, also bringing an indescribable excitement throughout her body.

"I'm done."

At that moment, Uchiha Yoru, having washed up, quickly came out of the bathroom, remembering that someone was waiting for him outside.


Tsunade glared at him with gritted teeth. She has always held a high status since childhood, and although she had experienced life's ups and downs, this strange stimulus was something new to her.

With complex feelings, she didn't know how to describe it.

The continuous pouring of water over her face and the washing of her blond hair from the dirt, Tsunade slowly showed a determined look in the mirror.

The emergence of Wood Release was a big deal for the village, but it's different when it occurs in an Uchiha—it's bound to be trouble.

And looking at the will of this "kid," he was totally determined.


Thinking of this word, Tsunade couldn't help but sigh deeply, "Maybe we are all old now, lacking the passion of our youth."

Is the village corrupt?

The Sarutobi clan is becoming increasingly powerful, flourishing in numbers, especially during a time of chaos, from the first war onwards, where every major clan in Konoha and the entire ninja world suffered losses due to the conflict, with many on the brink of extinction.

Not to mention other cases, such as the Hozuki clan of the Mist Village, a bloodline that produced the Second Mizukage, which is now on the verge of disappearing due to declining population.

Even the mighty Uchiha clan suffered great losses during the conflicts, yet the Sarutobi clan thrived, not just in power but also in population.

Setting aside various shady matters, during the third war which became a defensive battle, the children of Konoha were sent to the front lines, but did any of these old folks go to the front? Thinking of this, Tsunade couldn't help but shake her head in self-mockery, remembering how her great-grandfather's original intention in establishing Konoha was to protect children from the battlefield, and yet they still ended up there.

"Uchiha having Wood Release is just too terrifying."

It's not the fear of Wood Release itself, as even a weakened version is not enough to make Tsunade apprehensive. What she fears is the momentum it brings.

For an ordinary ninja, acquiring Wood Release is merely a personal power.

But for someone like Uchiha Yoru, with a firm will to enact change, it's a boost to his stature.

"Uchiha Yoru! I hope you don't use Wood Release to bring disaster to the village."

After freshening up, the first thing Tsunade said when she came out of the restroom was a grave message to Uchiha Yoru.

To eliminate the turmoil from its root? Leaving aside whether she could strike against a village's people, whenever she recalls the silhouette standing in front of her.

Hot blood spattered on her cheeks, she saw a pair of eyes filled with determination, the Mangekyo Sharingan that her granduncle spoke of as evil, at that moment, she felt nothing but a protective will under the guise of evil intent.

"I! I promise you I won't use Wood Release."

Sitting silently on the sofa, Uchiha Yoru said these words with a touch of irony felt by Tsunade.

What right does she have to intervene? Just because the First Hokage was his grandfather? Because the Wood Release cells came from his grandfather?

The corruption of the village, she avoided and didn't want to deal with, and she wouldn't allow others to deal with it either?

"Forget it, as if I didn't say anything." Tsunade said with a self-mocking smile, realizing she had no right to interfere. Doesn't Konoha need reform?

Looking at the downcast Tsunade, Uchiha Yoru forced a smile, "Don't worry, I definitely won't bring disaster to the village."

"Disaster has already arrived," Tsunade said without hesitation.

When it comes to serious matters, Tsunade is absolutely stern, and she solemnly said, "I will investigate this matter myself, whether Danzo really possesses the Sharingan and Wood Release cells, whether the Fourth Mizukage of the Mist Village was really manipulated by the Mangekyo, and all the conspiracies you've speculated."

"The Mist Village is too dangerous, even for you!"

Before the words "you are one of the Sannin" could be spoken, Tsunade chuckled softly, squinting her eyes and said, "Who said I was going to sneak into the Hidden Mist? Don't forget my other identity."

Tsunade, the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju, was also titled the Princess of the Land of Fire by the daimyo.

Looking at Uchiha Yoru with an understanding gaze, Tsunade narrowed her eyes and slowly said, "Tonight, accompany me to a place where we'll shatter some black demons' skulls, retrieve our belongings, and then I will visit the daimyo of the Land of Water in the capacity of the Princess of the Land of Fire."

Black demons? The Land of Lightning!

Upon hearing this, Uchiha Yoru exclaimed in surprise, "You've found the whereabouts of the First Hokage's weapons?"

Seemingly excited, or perhaps due to the recent acting, he couldn't help but step forward and grasp Tsunade's jade-like hand, which he hurriedly released afterward.

However, Tsunade rubbed her hand as if to remember the sensation, but her face remained expressionless as she continued.

"This time, the Land of Lightning seems to have brought a formidable being, but it's just right. We need to give them a good thrashing, otherwise, these black demons will not know their place between heaven and earth."

Tsunade, with a threatening look and a fierce gleam in her eye, revealed her intention to strike decisively and directly reclaim the belongings of the Senju clan.

As night fell, in the forests of the island elsewhere.

"Good, good, you Uchiha are truly ambitious wolves! And you, Kakashi Hatake, you've betrayed the village."

At this moment, Sarutobi Umeko's mouth was smeared with blood, and she looked unwillingly at the arm impaling her chest with Chidori.

Lifting her head, she saw the cold Sharingan and silver hair amidst the chaos. Uchiha Shisui was breathing heavily and angrily approached.

"Damn wench, what have you done to Lord Yoru!"

They had finally captured Sarutobi Shinzo without a hitch, and found important intelligence on him.

Umeko, leading the Anbu, was wounded and returned, calling for support.

Kakashi and Shisui were shocked by this intelligence; the enemy's plan was already in motion.

So what happened to Uchiha Yoru? No issues, right? They stealthily came to the enemy's path and ambushed, encountering six disheveled Anbu ninjas with masks hurriedly moving through the forest.

Kakashi, looking at a shattered mask, was shocked, "It's you!"

With a cough, Umeko spat blood on Kakashi's face, showing resentment upon hearing his words.

"I'm not satisfied, my ambition has just begun, I!"

Umeko was severely dealt with by an enraged Tsunade and was heavily injured. She feared enemies on her return, hence she disguised herself as an ordinary Anbu member, with another person disguised as the leader to command their return.

Then suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck. Normally, she could dodge, but now her organs were severely damaged, and she couldn't even dodge the Chidori.

She watched helplessly as Kakashi with Chidori pierced through her body.

Shisui, realizing Kakashi's target was Umeko, was stunned, then with full force, he proceeded to completely eliminate the threat.

"Kakashi, we can't let anyone know about this, or we're finished!"

In the political realm, Shisui may not have been gifted, but in battles among ninjas, his combat IQ was off the charts, instantly analyzing how the current situation could be advantageous.

Kakashi, watching Sarutobi Umeko losing her life with unwilling eyes, was so shocked that he couldn't speak.

A one in six chance, and these people all suffered extremely bizarre injuries, their chakra nearly depleted, their internal organs damaged by blunt force, yet no signs showed on the surface.

Then a single Chidori strike hit the target, just like that, smoothly.

"How could this be!"

Even the famously intelligent and calm Kakashi of the ninja world panicked at this moment. He took out a member of the Anbu Root so easily, and it was the daughter-in-law of the Third Hokage.

They had just captured the Third Hokage's son, and now they had killed his daughter-in-law, heading straight for a dead end.

"Shisui! Something's wrong, they all have serious injuries, not caused by blunt force but by a powerful force, as if struck by a punch that penetrated their bodies. Ordinary ninjas with such injuries couldn't recover in less than three to five months."

Kakashi was shocked to find that the Root's elites were too weak this time, or rather, they had picked up a bargain.

But it was a hot potato of a bargain.

"It's wrong, but we killed the Third Hokage's daughter-in-law, Sarutobi Umeko."

Uchiha Shisui calmly looked at Kakashi and said, not only was he not the least bit panicked, but the corners of his mouth slowly curled up, with a schadenfreude glint in his eyes.

Kakashi felt even more frustrated. It was an oversight; the enemy wore masks, who could know who was who? Besides, he had planned to injure the enemy, not expecting them not to dodge and instead taking the hit in the chest head-on.

Could that even be possible?

And Shisui, secretly rejoicing, knew Kakashi could no longer extricate himself from this situation, now completely tied to 'Brother Yoru'. This way, he no longer needed to be wary of Kakashi, as they were all in the same boat now.