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[Sponsored] Chapter 182: ... put on you a white wedding dress

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Tsunade clenched her teeth and muttered this name, her eyes filled with endless rage.

Others may not be aware, but how could she not be? In the village, several old folks, the Third Hokage at least, were bathed in the sunlight, while Danzo, who lurked in the shadows, was different, with no reservations whatsoever.

Moreover, everything upon reflection truly fitted Danzo's character, using the powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan to manipulate conspiracies from behind the scenes.

Damn it!

At this point, Tsunade was clearly thinking off track, while Uchiha Yoru remained silent, not afraid of any investigation because the truth, when uncovered, would prove his words true.

Danzo did indeed possess the Sharingan, whether he had the Mangekyo Sharingan was not claimed, only that he had the Sharingan.

The truth is never afraid of investigation, whereas even the most perfect lie will one day be exposed.

"The village! To think that!"

Terumi Mei, upon hearing this enormous conspiracy, also showed anger, more so because of the policies of the Hidden Mist Village over the years.

"No wonder since the Fourth Mizukage took office the policies of the Blood Mist have become more severe, the entire Hidden Mist Village, even the entire Land of Water, has been discriminating against those with Kekkei Genkai. I initially thought it was because the Kekkei Genkai clans had too much power, but it turns out all this was to weaken the Hidden Mist!"

Clearly, Terumi Mei had also deduced this massive conspiracy, and her guess was not wrong; the person behind the scenes indeed would be pleased to see the Hidden Mist Village tearing itself apart.

"You brat!"

Tsunade, having calmed down, looked up at Uchiha Yoru's young and stern face, wondering how someone so young could carry so much darkness and still keep moving forward in secret.

Facing Tsunade, Uchiha Yoru hid all his previous emotions again, bowing his head and speaking hoarsely, "Princess Tsunade, the Uchiha clan's current situation is perilous. As the founders of Konoha, the Senju and Uchiha have a responsibility to protect the village."

"But the darkness in the village has become overwhelming. As one of the Sannin, if something happens to the village one day, you will be the last hope for the village, the hope for a resurgence."

With these words, a touch of sadness appeared in Uchiha Yoru's eyes. He formed a hand seal with one hand, and a small snake was summoned, which then crawled in front of Tsunade and spat out a scroll.

"This lists the high-ranking members of the village families and the Sarutobi clan's positions of power, as well as the complicit Ino-Shika-Cho trio. These are my preliminary investigations; there are still some secret units I have no authority to investigate."

As Uchiha Yoru's hoarse voice echoed, Tsunade's face darkened as she slowly opened the scroll. At this moment, she realized how shockingly significant these seemingly trivial investigation records were.

One or two positions were not a problem, even a dozen or twenty, but the densely packed list of positions with surnames either from the Sarutobi or the Ino-Shika-Cho clans or high-ranking officials' relatives was alarming.

For others, this dense list of hundreds of positions might not reveal much, but for Tsunade, who would later become the Fifth Hokage, it was crystal clear.

This was a shocking investigative report; all the important positions in Konoha were held by these old timers' own clanspeople or their followers' families.

For example, school teachers seemed okay on the surface, with quite a few ordinary civilian ninjas, but the logistics side was completely dominated by the Sarutobi clan.

This is still aboveboard. As for what happens behind the scenes, Tsunade feels a chill run down her spine when she thinks about it. The Anbu, the Root division—these forces that lurk in the shadows are less like official arms of the village and more like private armies for the upper echelons, even more shocking than what's overt.

We can come to a conclusion now: the entire Leaf Village is tightly gripped in the hands of the old high-levels. Of course, there are exceptions, like the Police Force! This unit has been outside the center of power since the creation of the Leaf Village.

"In every generation of the village, there have been many hot-blooded individuals."

Although Uchiha Yoru didn't specify, he highlighted one thing: there are indeed opposing views within the village; it's just that their voices are too small.

Crack, crunch~

After reading the startling report, Tsunade grinds her teeth in hatred, and the scroll is crushed into bits by the brute force of her jade hands.

The drifting scroll fragments fall into the bonfire, turning into sparks before vanishing. Although the report is gone, everything that happened cannot be forgotten.

"I need to return to the village!"

As Tsunade rages, Terumi Mei calms down, a resolute look appearing in her eyes. As a member of the Mist Village, she absolutely does not want to watch her own village descend into an abyss.

"Go back? What can you do?"

In response to Terumi Mei's determined look, Uchiha Yoru lets out a self-deprecating laugh, shaking his head as he says, "Me! A genius of the Uchiha clan, captain of the Police Force's Seventh Squad, one of Sannin Orochimaru's disciples, I still have no power to resist the tide of events."

"And what about you? Going back to the village just to die in vain? Or is it because you don't want to live with regrets?"

Faced with Uchiha Yoru's mockery, a complex emotion of sympathy arises in Terumi Mei's heart; both of them are powerless to change anything.

"What about you? I'll die in vain if I go back, so why do you still want to return to the Leaf?"

Uchiha Yoru is taken aback by Terumi Mei's counter, his gaze becomes distant, and he mutters to himself, "Yeah, why didn't I choose to leave."

Although he says this, Uchiha Yoru then smirks bitterly in self-mockery, "Because I am an Uchiha, I cannot just watch the village fall into the abyss. I want to change it all, which is why I've decided to take up the banner of revolution. I know this path will be bloody and sacrificial, and it might even be against my own people."

"But I have no regrets. The village has already shed too much innocent blood. The lessons of Sakumo Hatake, Orochimaru, and countless young children dying on the battlefield through the three wars—I would rather bear an eternal stigma, I still want to change it all. I don't want our descendants to bleed fearlessly."

Watching Uchiha Yoru become more resolute, even showing unprecedented determination when speaking of revolution, Tsunade's eyes momentarily show a glimmer of confusion, and then she flings her hand away in irritation, saying, "It's all for power, I couldn't care less, do whatever you want."

Faced with the darkness of the village, Tsunade still chooses to avoid it. Isn't her leaving the village a form of avoidance? A mature and resolute ninja is not so easily changed.

Watching Tsunade's somewhat irritable mood, Uchiha Yoru did not feel disappointed. Instead, his eyes revealed a sense of relief, as if he had breathed a sigh of relief.

But it was precisely this expression that made Tsunade even more irritated. "You brat dare to speak recklessly about revolution. You should better manage yourself first."

She hated this kind of concern. Everything between them was fake, yet knowing this, for some reason, her heart felt even more agitated.

What did this brat's relieved expression mean? Did he not want her to get involved in this vortex? Did he care about her?

Who does she think she is? She is Tsunade Senju of the Sannin from Konoha, yet she finds herself worried about by a brat.

Uchiha Yoru, upon seeing Tsunade's avoidance, not only did not dissuade her but also did not try to recruit her to join his force to change the corrupt Konoha. Instead, he pretended not to see and looked towards Terumi Mei.

"Mei, you are now a rogue ninja. Going back to the village, let alone changing your rogue status, who would believe the conspiracies you speak of? And how many years has the Mizukage been manipulated? How much power has been accumulated? This way, you may cause instability in the village, and even!"

The last words were left unsaid, but everyone was not foolish. The shadow of a village being manipulated for so many years, how many would believe the words of one person? Not only is she in danger, but the village might also face great turmoil.

Describing it as 'using one's hand to stop a chariot' would not be an exaggeration.

"Mei, I think what you are doing now is preserving the village's ember. You could use the threat of Samehada as leverage, secretly intimidate the Suikazan Fuguki, unite the gradually disappearing bloodline powers within the village, and at the same time contact reliable higher-ups or Jonin in the village."

"You are the village's hope of fire, not putting all hope on a single burst of passion."

Uchiha Yoru struggled a bit to articulate his plan. Although what he said was right, his awkward demeanor was evident to anyone, revealing his personal feelings.

He did not want Terumi Mei to risk his life. A burst of passion is courageous, but what after the passion is spent? That leaves one with no regrets, but it's also an evasive approach, not caring about the aftermath.

Clearly, he was giving her advice, advising her not to blindly go to her death with such an evasive philosophy. But could the future Fifth Mizukage be politically naive?

Terumi Mei possessed two Kekkei Genkai. In the Village Hidden in the Mist in the Land of Water, which so ostracizes bloodline abilities, she not only managed to live safely but also overthrew the previous Mizukage's regime, which bluntly speaking is a coup d'etat.

She certainly has the brains and the means, and she's not lacking in either, only perhaps a bit immature due to her youth.

Watching Uchiha Yoru's struggling demeanor, as if he, a Konoha ninja, was giving strategic advice to a ninja from an enemy country, Terumi Mei felt a complex warmth in her heart under her cold cheeks.

The feeling of being cared for, it seems, was something she hadn't experienced in the village, apart from her parents' memory.

The crackling bonfire burned, and the belly of the sky began to lighten.

After a night of rest, the three seemed to be avoiding, avoiding the pretense of their previous encounter. It wasn't that they dared not admit it, but that they each had their own missions and responsibilities.

"Alright, once I get proficient with Samehada, my strength will increase substantially."

After daybreak, Terumi Mei nonchalantly took a last glance at the cave, wishing she were a wandering ninja so perhaps she wouldn't have so much pressure.

Terumi Mei, with Samehada on her back, stood bathed in the early morning sunlight, her brown intercrossed curly hair hiding her right eye, revealing her enchanting green left eye.

At this moment, Terumi Mei, who stretched lazily, got up and looked at Tsunade, who was still pretending to sleep. She smiled indifferently, turned her head, and looked at the man in front of her.

Suddenly, Terumi Mei smiled charmingly, and with a dignified grace, she extended her hand teasingly, "We'll settle the matter of you stabbing me twice next time."

Uchiha Yoru's face showed a hint of embarrassment as he slowly reached out and held the delicate jade hand. In an instant, it seemed as if there was a kind of telepathy between them as they slowly walked out of the cave entrance.

The two seemed to have forgotten everything, but because of their differing positions, they couldn't be together. Being adults with mature thoughts, they could only suppress their emotions.

"Yoru, if I were just an ordinary civilian, and you were just a common blacksmith."

Looking at the morning sun, Terumi Mei revealed a smile and murmured as if intoxicated, while Uchiha Yoru, hearing this, didn't hesitate and said in a deep voice, "Then I would hold your hand, just as you once said, and put on you a white wedding dress…"

Before Uchiha Yoru could finish, Terumi Mei suddenly revealed a playful and giggly smile, turned her face nervously close to Yoru, and teasingly said, "The handsome guy from the Uchiha clan, you're not taking this seriously, are you?"

"Our previous acts were all pretend, fake. Being a ninja is all about deception. Have you forgotten the first lesson of the ninja school? Or is this 'genius' not as clever as he seems?"

At a height of 174 cm, Terumi Mei's figure is exceptionally tall, her skin fair and smooth, especially now as they face each other closely, they could even smell each other's breath.

Facing each other, Terumi Mei's face showed a playful and mature smile, as if she had thrown everything behind her.

With a soft moan, Terumi Mei's pupils dilated, her smile stiffened with shock, then panic, and her delicate mouth conveyed an experience she had never felt before.

Wetness! And it seemed there was a trembling in the heart!


Uchiha Yoru then parted ways, his face showing a determined expression, his blessing seemingly so cheap.

However, in a daze, Terumi Mei reached out her slender jade hand to touch her delicate lips, then revealed a stubborn and strong-willed expression, pretending to be calm as she teased, "I give you a kiss that melts the heart and bones. Don't forget me, such a handsome man."

After saying this, Terumi Mei revealed a sexy smile and casually waved her hand, as if to turn her previous embarrassment into initiative. She was a competitive character.

She also knew that the affection between them was fruitless, so it was best not to let it take root during the seed stage.

The moment she turned to leave, a blush rose on Terumi Mei's mature and charming cheeks, and for some reason, she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the corner of her mouth, savoring the lingering presence.

Her eyes seemed hazy as she reminisced about the moment, as if she wanted to etch the feeling into her heart. Terumi Mei left with style, as a person of faith, she needed to change her village.

"Hey, kid, everyone's gone, what are you still looking at? Isn't it time to finish what you didn't say last night?"

Standing outside the cave, watching Terumi Mei's figure disappear from sight, Uchiha Yoru was somewhat dazed. He too cherished the taste of the moment and ended with a self-deprecating laugh.

Indeed, the highest realm of acting is to immerse oneself in the role. As they parted, he knew the course of history had changed, and he could no longer predict Terumi Mei's future, which caused a sense of worry to rise in his heart.

But he did not stop her choices, just as he wouldn't stop his own, for the path he had to walk was also full of thorns.

Suddenly, a hearty voice came from behind, and Uchiha Yoru turned to see a glimpse of a golden figure.