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[Sponsored] Chapter 118: Let the Kunai fly a bit longer...

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Hokage's office.

Everyone's attention was focused on the rising star who had gained prominence in just a few years. Especially after today's confrontation with one of the Three Sannin, Jiraiya, it was clear that his strength did not just come from his family name and the reputation of Orochimaru.

Facing the Third Hokage's seemingly inquisitive tone, everyone understood that this was not a negotiation. It was a signal sent in front of everyone regarding the village's conciliatory policy towards Orochimaru's forces.

Uchiha Yoru, seeing the situation, showed no extreme reactions. With everyone watching him, he said in a deep voice, "The Police Force's Seventh Squad will follow the Hokage's orders."

Internally, he sneered. Such a calculated move; truly worthy of the Third, one of the three great shinobi. Even though they were caught off guard by Orochimaru's actions, their response was swift.

The conciliatory policy towards Orochimaru's forces was clear: first appease, then divide and conquer. With Orochimaru's departure, years of his accumulation would crumble.

With the loss of their leader, the followers' spirits would scatter, and Uchiha Yoru was the heir to that leadership. Thus, their current focus was on him.

"Uchiha Yoru has been mature and steady in this matter, avoiding further escalation. This deserves praise."

Homura Mitokado, with an admiring look, said these words. Turning to the Third Hokage, Koharu Utatane nodded in agreement, "Indeed, if it weren't for Uchiha Yoru's stability, the situation might have been much worse."

Among the top leaders of Konoha, only Shimura Danzo remained cold-faced. His displeasure wasn't directed at Uchiha Yoru, but rather at the entire Uchiha clan.

Indeed, as the two senior advisors began to heap praise, if it had been anyone else, they might have been overwhelmed by now. The Third Hokage, after listening, also nodded in agreement, "Well done. The village will reward those who contribute. With the village in turmoil, I hope that Uchiha Yoru, as a Jonin, can perform well, especially as the prison is of utmost importance! He will also be rewarded with a Konoha-style Swordsmanship A-rank ninjutsu scroll and a chakra metal weapon."

As the voice of the Third Generation fell, everyone couldn't help but glance at this rising star. This person had been confined, even though it was only for a short period, and there was compensation. But did the Uchiha clan lack this?

Among the elite ninjas, Kakashi Hatake tightened his fists involuntarily upon hearing this decision. Uchiha Shisui lowered his head, but determination was evident in his eyes.

The Konoha higher-ups didn't want this matter to cause too much turbulence. Therefore, among Orochimaru's disciples, only Uchiha Yoru, who could stand up for this cause and even cause instability, was confined. Once everything settles down, it would become a thing of the past.

"Uchiha Yoru obeys the Hokage's orders."

Uchiha Yoru had anticipated this situation. Anyone in this position would not just watch an unstable factor exist. So he calmly and sadly accepted everything.

Inside the meeting room, Jiraiya watched the scene with some disappointment. The higher-ups' complacency for stability disappointed him. It was almost like raising a hand high and just making a louder sound when it falls.

Orochimaru had completely lost the qualification to compete for the position of Hokage and couldn't recover. All of this was caused by the higher-ups for the sake of stability. However, the result was just this. Although this method was safe, it hurt some people's feelings.

"Haha, little Yoru, I will be in your Seventh Police Department during this time. If you have any questions about ninjutsu in the future, feel free to ask me."

In the suppressed meeting room, a hearty laughter suddenly rang out. It was Jiraiya, laughing carelessly and patting his chest, making it clear to everyone that he wanted to let bygones be bygones and also to protect Uchiha Yoru.

"Thank you, Master Jiraiya."

Uchiha Yoru bowed his head respectfully, but as he lowered it, the corners of his mouth slowly rose, revealing a profound smile.

Divide? Win over? Completely collapse Orochimaru's power?

If it were a peaceful time, unless he had the power to overthrow everything, he would have to succumb. Unfortunately! The news from the border won't give you time to divide or win over.

With Orochimaru's departure, it seems that this power will become fragmented. But if he could come to the forefront, this power would converge and rise again from the fragmentation. Although there would be losses, the essence would remain.

Let Kunai fly a little longer.


In the Hidden Cloud Village of the Land of Lightning, inside the office of the Raikage.

At this moment, the Fourth Raikage looked at the report in his hand. The veins on his forehead bulged out of anger, and he shouted, "Damn it! What is the intelligence department doing! Just as we signed a peace treaty, the Sannin Orochimaru gets expelled from Konoha and is even listed as an S-rank dangerous ninja."

A Cloud ninja with a solemn expression said, "Lord Raikage, there is a piece of intelligence that has been elevated to S-rank that you need to review."

Upon reading this piece of S-rank intelligence sent by the intelligence department, the Fourth Raikage was furious, slamming his fist on the desk, breaking it into pieces.

"Damn it! Why wasn't this information given priority? Why am I only hearing about it now?"

The Raikage was enraged. This intelligence came from an insider spy in Konoha. It clearly stated that Konoha's higher-ups were not pleased with Orochimaru and wanted to suppress him to prevent him from competing for the Hokage position.

The date! This was from a month ago! Had he known this information earlier, he would have chosen to create chaos with the spies stationed within Konoha and the Land of Fire.

"Lord Raikage, at the time, the intelligence department thought this information seemed exaggerated. After all, no one expected that Orochimaru, one of the Sannin, would be expelled from Konoha."

"Damn it!" The Fourth Raikage roared in anger. Even if he had been in that situation, he wouldn't have believed that Konoha could almost force one of their own top-tier ninja to defect.

"Inform the intelligence department that all information from this spy should be reviewed by me as a priority. Given that this insider from Konoha knows such confidential information, they must hold a high rank. Whatever they want, be it gold or medicinal herbs, offer it generously. Even if it's jutsu below A-rank, as long as the information's value is appropriate, the intelligence department has the authority to decide."

"Yes, sir!"

In the world of ninja, intelligence is of utmost importance. Likewise, between nations, intelligence is paramount. If there truly is such a high-ranking mole within Konoha, it would be a huge gain for them. It would mean that they would have access to the internal information of Konoha right under their noses.

Land of Water, Mist Village office.

The petite Fourth Mizukage coldly looked at the information in his hand and said in a stern voice, "Have this lead watched by the 'Watermelon Mountain Pufferfish Ghost'(excuse me who?), and take this opportunity to initiate the plan to occupy the former site of the Whirlpool Country."


The Mist Village had long been plotting to occupy the Whirlpool Country. After all, the Land of Water is an island nation, far from the mainland. Similarly, the Whirlpool Country is an island nation, but it's located right next to the Land of Fire.

Even though the Whirlpool Country had been destroyed and remained unclaimed for a long time, it has always been a buffer zone between the wars of the Land of Fire and the Land of Water, staying as a no man's land over the years.

During the Third War, they established a foothold on this island (Whirlpool Country) and directly led their ninja corps into the territory of the Land of Fire. Having tasted success, they naturally wanted to fully occupy the old site of the Whirlpool Country during the instability in Konoha.

Land of Earth, Iwagakure's office.

Ōnoki looked at the intelligence in his hand, unable to hide his astonishment. "Looks like Sarutobi and Danzō were still careless. The White Fang incident from nine years ago didn't teach them a lesson. I thought they could control it this time, but who knows about human nature, haha."

After experiencing three battle defeats, a rarely seen broad smile appeared on Ōnoki's face. He looked at the intel in his hand with a big grin, nodding, "Have the intelligence department keep a close watch. Even though we are 80% sure of an internal traitor, it might just be a bait."


"Hehe, with Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin, being expelled from the Land of Fire, who is left in Konoha to bear the burden?" Ōnoki squinted his eyes and revealed a cunning smile, "Spread the news of Orochimaru's expulsion from the Land of Fire throughout the shinobi world at the fastest speed."

"At the same time, secretly instructed our spies in all the small village countries to create chaos, saying that there was a civil war between Orochimaru of Konoha and both the old and new factions led by Sarutobi Hiruzen and Danzō. In the end, Orochimaru fled disgracefully from the Land of Fire, and Konoha suffered heavy casualties."

The Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki's methods were in no way inferior to the Third Hokage. Both were crafty figures. He decided to maximize benefits and create chaos, regardless of whether the news about Konoha was true or not. He would not miss any opportunity.

"At the same time, dispatch three elite teams to the borders of the Land of Fire to cause trouble posing as shinobi from Takigakure, Kusagakure, and Amegakure. Also, undercover teams disguise themselves as Konoha shinobi to cause chaos in various countries. We might not be able to start a great ninja war, but I want to plunge the borders of the Land of Fire into perpetual warfare and gloom."

Tsuchikage Ōnoki smirked, relishing the chance to stir up friction between the smaller nations and the Land of Fire.

"Someone, send orders to the ninja army at the borders of the Land of Earth, make them create an illusion that they are ready to wage war on the Land of Fire at any moment. In a word, make the front lines of the Land of Fire tense, and let the smoke of battle rise."


With Ōnoki's successive orders, the massive war machine of Iwagakure started to move, signaling the initiation of warfare.

Under the setting sun, Ōnoki revealed a cold, resentful smile, "Hiruzen Sarutobi, we have fought in the Land of Fire for three wars. I won't give you any more time to recuperate."

The foundation of the Land of Fire was too strong. So strong that the other four countries couldn't compete on their own. After so many years and three wars, just when hope seemed near, it ended in defeat. Even though Konoha also suffered losses, a defeat was still a defeat.

Unexpectedly, fate seemed to favor them. The Nine-Tails' rampage killed the Fourth Hokage of Konoha and several elite ninjas. Just when things seemed to stabilize, news of a potential Hokage being expelled surfaced. If he didn't seize this opportunity, it would be foolish.

Country of Wind, Hidden Sand Village.

The Fourth Kazekage, Rasa, looked at the intelligence report, unable to suppress a frown. After pondering for a long time, considering the deep scars of the Third War, he let out a sigh of resignation.

"Let our people try to incite a conflict between the small nations and the Land of Fire. Even if an overt war can't break out, we must still instigate covert assassination missions."


The Land of Fire, Konoha, is in turmoil. Similarly, his Country of Wind is also greatly diminished. The Hidden Sand Village suffered the most grievous losses in the Third War, which is why they now don't even dare to show their strength openly.

"Speed up the peace talks with the Hidden Mist Village. The ninja world is becoming unstable, and we don't have the energy to engage with the Mist ninjas."



While this happens, the entire ninja world spread the news that Orochimaru from the Hidden Leaf Village was expelled. Thanks to countless pushers, the spread of this news was so fast that it caught the Hidden Leaf Village off guard.

Numerous ambitious small countries showed their bloodthirsty fangs. It wasn't that they foolishly thought they could take advantage of the Hidden Leaf at this time, but they saw hope.

The idea of ambitious small countries was simple: to provoke wars between major countries. Countless ninjas from small countries, disguised as ninjas from the Five Great Countries, began to provoke, especially with the unrest, various escort missions within the Land of Fire were often attacked by unknown ninjas, instantly dropping the recently recovered peaceful atmosphere to freezing point.

Some puppet small countries supported by major countries directly bragged about the damages the Third Great Ninja War did to them. They started causing troubles at the borders. Some played the victim first, accusing the Hidden Leaf of causing troubles.

Less than five years after the end of the Third War, the once peaceful atmosphere of the ninja world became turbulent again.

Especially the Land of Lightning, seeing the escalating situation, shamelessly put the peace treaty they just signed behind and began to cause frequent troubles at the frontline.

All major countries in the ninja world almost unanimously agreed on one point: they could possibly bring down the number one major country in the ninja world while the Hidden Leaf was vulnerable.

Land of Fire, Hidden Leaf office.

The Hidden Leaf's top leaders, F4, gathered again. At this moment, their faces were full of worries, especially the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, who said sternly, "Who is it! There's a traitor among us, and we don't even know. Our defenses at the borders aren't ready, yet the entire ninja world knows."

They knew they couldn't hide the matter about Orochimaru, so they reacted immediately. But this incident exceeded everyone's expectations. The spread was too fast, and the responses from major ninja villages were not only quick but also very clear about their frontline defenses.

Especially the defenses of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Water became like sieves, causing chaos within the Land of Fire.

"Damn, did Orochimaru betray us and sell our frontline intelligence after being expelled from the Hidden Leaf?"

Danzo Shimura, who often thinks of people in the worst way, was the first to speak. However, Hiruzen Sarutobi angrily slammed the table, "Danzo! If Orochimaru wanted to betray the village, it wouldn't just be about frontline defenses."

Everyone in the Hidden Leaf was guessing if they had a traitor among them, but they never thought of Orochimaru. After all, if he had really been betrayed, countless secrets would have been leaked by now.

Who would think that a young Uchiha boy, sitting leisurely in the office, was enjoying the turmoil of the entire ninja world?

What a golden opportunity. He was under everyone's watch and trapped in the Hidden Leaf. No one would suspect him. Orochimaru just glanced at the defense map last time, and he paid attention, never thinking it would come in handy.

Even if Hiruzen Shinzo was powerful, he couldn't possibly modify all of Orochimaru's arrangements, let alone the Land of Water region.

Let the kunai fly a bit longer.