Owner of the Distorted Arm [A HXH Fanfiction]

A young boy who was looking for his father and want to follow his path of sweat and blood... Another one who ran away from his family's culture and tried to find something that he wanted to do... A little girl who escaped from the sad experience and want to find the missing piece of herself... A kind father betrayed his only family for a reason that cannot be known... A living arm that will jump into the pool of blood to protect its weakest owner... Secco Rasvin has an arm that can kill people, an arm that hated by everyone, an arm that will stay with her forever and cannot be removed. She just wanted to know everything about her mysterious arm but her past keeps pulling her back right from the start, having dark intentions and desires. How can she overcome this fear, anxiety, and murderous intentions filled in her heart? How can the four characters keep her story on the right track?

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70 Chs

Part 67: Serious X Anger X Issues

"What do you want from him?"

Secco couldn't be able to trust Grenno anymore. Indeed, he was her master for months last year, but right now, she had the feeling that she can't trust him. She can't trust anyone.

Because of this, Grenno flinched in his position. He knew the reason for her having doubts. He knew that it was already inside her mind. He couldn't believe that he had to experience it at the first meeting for a while.

"Don't worry. I won't bite." He answered, tried to stare at her very soul to get her trust one more time, just like before. "I just wanted to tell him something."

Secco also stared at him, but it was a glare of malice that came from out of nowhere. Her small doubts became bigger, and with just a little hate from anything, it turned into a big deal.

But Killua and the others were oblivious about this. They didn't know what's going on with their friend.

Impatiently, the silver-haired boy stepped forward and approach Grenno.

"Killua?!" Secco exclaimed like she couldn't believe what he was doing with his carelessness. But the latter just turned his head with a smirk.

"Don't worry. I'll follow later on." He reassured them, which made her anxiety lower a bit.

Secco doesn't have any choice but to trust Killua on what he was about to do. And with this action, he found this strange. She overreacted like it was a threat. Why?

"So... what do you want from me?" Killua asked, with both of his hands in his pockets. The other three went out of the room after that.

"I wanted to talk about... Secco." He said. "You're the only one I could count on this information. And don't tell anyone else. Not your close friends, not to Secco."

This made Killua curious. He knew that he will end up in this situation, but he didn't expect that he will talk about Secco.

Indeed, Secco had the distorted arm, but it was gone. The doctors treated her and scanned her body to search for the cells, and there was no trace. What was left to talk about?

"You know about the distorted arm, right?" He said and now started talking about the information he just collected for a year.

He told him about the monster cells still lurking inside Secco's mind and that anytime soon, it will completely take it over.

"W-What?" That's all Killua could be able to say after dumping that information to him. Of course, he would be confused. Although he found her actions suspicious, he didn't have a single idea that it came from those monster cells.

His eyes were widened that it will almost go out of his face and his face became paler than before. Hearing that she was in danger from her own self made him shiver in his position.

"I-I thought it was gone..." He added, still stuttering after hearing the information.

"That's what we thought too. But my... acquaintance scanned Secco's body and found the monster cells moving, which can't be detected by normal scanners." He explained, in which Killua tried to listen despite the information he kept pushing to him all in one. "We theorize that it should be on her brain by now."

This made Killua more shocked and let his brain drowned in despair. Thinking about it made him remembered how happy Secco was after having a new human arm.

"Thank you."

She was happy that the cells are completely gone out from her body, so happy that she could be able to pull up a warm smile. He was happy as he finally did something for her.

But now, all his efforts were for nothing. Secco was still in danger.

Killua couldn't help but lower his head and stood still.

"Don't let her ran wild and try to calm her down," Grenno said, even though he noticed the boy's weakening. He's the only one he could trust in taking care of her, so he didn't have a choice. "I'm going to investigate this matter with my student. While I'm doing that, I'll leave her safety to you."

Killua didn't do anything but nod, then walked slowly out of the room like a dead corpse that came from the ground. No one knows if it was about the responsibility or knowing all he was doing was nothing, but right now, he must protect her.



It's been an hour since Grenno requested us to move out of the room, as he had something important to tell Killua. He indeed acted strange this time, even started sending me inspirational quotes for no reason.

He must be mad.

And at this moment, he might do something bad to Killua on the other side of the door. But since I've known Grenno for a year, and through Java, I know I could trust him. It's just that he started to be irritating right now.

Then, Killua came out of the door but with a different aura surrounding him. His head was hanging on his shoulders, looking down, and started walking towards us like a zombie.

I quickly ran towards him, followed by Gon and Alluka behind me.

"Killua, are you okay?" I asked, with a worried look on my face. I couldn't help but blame Grenno for this. He was the only reason I could think of.

As soon as he heard my voice, he raised up, started showing his face. The bags under his eyes were deepening and he looked at me strangely.

His eyes were filled with pity and sadness. The once cool glowing eyes of cobalt were now shaking. It's like any minute now, he was about to cry.

"K-Killua?" I asked him with a gentle tone, as worry filled my whole mind about him. I don't know the reason behind it, but I wish I knew.

There must be something I could do at this moment. I don't want him to be in sorrow for a long time.

"H-How about we eat some lunch?~" I tried to brighten up the mood with my suggestion, with an obviously fake smile on my face. Gon and Alluka noticed my change of subject so they went along.

"Yeah. Let's refill our energy!" He said with fisted hands, excited for the plan. Alluka yelled happily as she raised her hand in the air.

Killua, noticing the good vibes surrounding us, also tried to smile widely. But even with it, the sadness is still there. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, I could still see it.

We finally went out of the office and into the main districts of Yorknew City. I remembered my childhood days in the streets and the apartments.

My father used to treat me at the cafes for lemon cakes every time I did well at school. That's why I started studying hard.

Come to think of it, I remembered a boy that had the biggest influence on why I am here. I was bullied by a group of kids, but then he saved me from them and inspired me to be strong. The next day, I saved a kid too, and the action of helping others made me so happy. I hope he was doing fine.

Anytime soon, we were finally at our chosen cafe. We decided to eat out of the outdoor table since it was refreshing and spacious. It was also interesting to see the streets of the city. And the sun in the middle of the sky shone down on the scenery.

We finally ordered our food, which is steaks and grilled salmons. I decided to eat fish today since Aunt Mito told me to have a diet, even with this fast metabolism of mine.

As we are eating our lunch, we continued to talk about the things that we couldn't be able to finish during our time at the amusement park.

I couldn't help but smile widely at the scene. I wish this could last forever. I've never been this so happy in my life.

"This is so fun!"

I thought out loud, causing the others to hear it. I covered my mouth out of embarrassment. Why did I have to tell my true feelings like that?

But then, Killua gave me a smirk and looked me in the eye, now with different vibes than before. The sadness and hopelessness were no more to be seen in him.

I'm glad that he was happy. His smile made me smile too. I hope this moment will last forever.

On the contrary, as soon as we started having fun again, I saw a glimpse of an orange cat standing right beside me in my peripheral vision.

Out of curiosity, I turned around and looked at it for a long time. It had the dominant ginger fur mixed with little white on other parts. Its eyes were olive green.

It wasn't staring at me at all. Based on the direction of its eyes, it must be looking at my food. Its tongue started showing up, licking around its mouth.

It's not like I don't like cats, but I don't like interruptions in my meals. We started to have a great time right now and I don't want a mere cat to ruin it. If it will jump at my food, I will...

After short seconds, suddenly, the cat did what I just thought it would. It skipped from its position and reached for my lunch salmon.

I tried snatching it away from its reach by moving the plate, but its long arms still stretched towards the fish and escaped the scene with it in its mouth.

Its figure slowly disappearing on the streets, leaving us behind with my food and no trace of it left on my plate.

Somehow, I had huge anger started to build up in my head, and I couldn't help but take revenge on it.

How dare it ruined my day? We had such a good time together, but it ruined it just because he was hungry. I won't let this slide.

I stood up from my chair with a lowered head, which made all my friends turn around to see me.

"S-Secco...?" I heard Killua's stuttering voice. It seems like he knew what I was about to do, but I don't care.

That cat must pay for what it did. I was hoping to continue our good times together when we were in the amusement park, but now, it was gone.

"Excuse me for a bit," I said with a lower tone.

I started walking away from the table and followed the cat's path to the long street of Yorknew City. I kept searching every nuke and cranny for its presence. My feet dragged me too far from my friends, just for the sake to get revenge on the cat.

What can I do? It was the one who started this mess, therefore, it must pay for its own sins. It should've begged for food to avoid this problem. But no, it rather steals and sins than show its low pride.

Finally, after minutes of walking, I found a dark corner, and in there was the ginger cat. It started munching my food on the floor like it was it's own. Staring at it like that made me feel sick.

I entered the dark corner. As soon as I was finally hidden in the darkness, I took the chance to grabbed my small knife in my pocket. Then, I slowly approached it, never gonna let it run away.

It's because of it, my fun times with my friend got ruined. Not to mention I was hungry at that time. It didn't just steal my meal, it also stole the happiness we were having.

It doesn't have any purpose in this world. The only purpose it had... was for me to kill it right at this moment.

I raised my knife, getting ready to perform its death. Then, I sprinted towards it at a great speed that it couldn't be able to react and escape from my hands.

The weapon was now lifted in the air, and just one more swing and it will be dead like the salmon it was eating.

I decided to stab it with great speed... when suddenly, a hand grabbed my arm from behind.