“Get your fucking hands off me!” Siana shouted, breaking loose from the man’s grip, and stepped back looking into his face.

She tried her best to figure out where she had seen him before but couldn’t. All she really wanted was to catch the last bus so that she could get home. She had no idea why a strange guy came out of nowhere grabbing onto her arm, trying to drag her to a car. She had no idea what he wanted or why was she being pulled towards a strange car.

Siana had stalkers before but none was brave enough to approach her, none was as brave as him.

“I told you. I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she shouted pulling out the phone from her bag. She unlocked her phone, dialed a number, and placed it at her ear, “Hello, nine-one-one. There’s this guy here-” She froze looking at the man in front of her as she heard footsteps approaching her from behind.

“Put the phone down.” A softly spoken voice whispered in her ear.

A trace of fear spread across her face. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, his hand lightly placed on her shoulder, and an object resting on her lower back. She turned around in fear to be met by the world’s most handsome creature standing in front of her. His sharp jawline glowed in the dark, his thick eyebrows stood out. She gazed up on every little details of his face, grasping the fact that such beauty exists. She switched her gaze to his messy brushed back hair, then finally at his murderous eyes.

How could a face this beautiful scare her that much? She flinched. She gripped the phone tight in her hand, swallowed hard and looked down at the object that was poking her. The sight of a gun being pointed at her fried her brain. A gun was being pointed at her! With the rapid increase of her breathing and the terrified look on her face, he could tell that he was getting through to her.

“Get in!” he shouted pushing her towards the car.

Was she being kidnapped? What exactly was going on?! The last thing she could do was run. It would be like she was asking for death if she did. This was it, the last time midnight would catch her at the bus station alone.

She entered the car as he commanded, he smiled and entered behind her, the gun still pointed at her. This was worse than anything she'd ever experienced or dreamed of.

The cold night wind blew her hair back as the passing trees danced with the wind. Siana took small secret peeks at him trying to figure out his next move, wondering if his next move would involve her waking up the next morning half naked in a strange bed or if she would wake up at all. Everything was confusing and scary. She had no idea why a gun was pointed at her and where they were taking her. He slowly brought his hand down and placed the gun next to him, eyeing her up and down. Fear was growing rapidly inside her as a thin folder was suddenly handed to him by the other man.

“Sign!” he shouted moving closer to her handing her the paper and a pen.

The stench of alcohol on his breath slapped her in the face hard as she placed the pen on the paper, praying he wouldn’t come any closer to her. She was focused on if he would try making a move on her when she should have been focused on what she was signing.

“Aren’t you even a little curious about what you’re signing?” he asked in a low voice smiling.

It was clear from his shaky movements and the strong scent of alcohol that he was hardcore drunk. He could hardly keep his eyes open.

“You just signed a marriage contract,” he sighed smiling. Was this guy crazy or something? What exactly was he blabbering about?

“Siana Jones now the wife of Alexander Miguel.” He said laughing crazily. “What was she thinking?” he asked looking out the window.

It was the alcohol in his system acting up. This was the first he had ever acted this stupid. He had never gotten his feelings mixed up with business before, so where did this all come from? Siana sat next to him shaking in fear, asking herself what was going on.

What was with that look, that crazy laugh echoing in her ears? Still questioning herself if he was telling the truth. She slightly parted her lips about to say something then she stopped partway observing him. He tossed the papers on the front seat and made his way up to her. The refreshing wind blew his hair into his face as he reached out his hands to her shoulders pinning her down.

“Get the fuck off me, what the fuck! Are you a rapist?!” she shouted in terror.

It wasn’t anything like the scenario playing out in her head but one of Alexander’s drunken habits. Hovering over her looking down into her light hazel eyes, he smiled. “You look a lot like her,” he said and placed his hand on her red rosy cheek and slowly lowered his head aiming at her pink plump lips. It was impossible to push him off now.

Not when she could feel every bit of his weight laid heavily on her. She tried wiggling her way out from underneath his grip but he was way too heavy. What else could she do? Her eyes widened as his face came closer to hers. His hot alcohol filtered breath blasted in her face continuously.

The car suddenly came to a sharp stop sending shivers down Siana's spine. This was the final stop. What's next? What will they do to her now that they've met their final destination?

The sharp unexpected stop threw Alexander over causing a disrupting feeling in his stomach. He began throwing up all over the car. The constant twisting and turning in his stomach increased even more as he placed his hand over his mouth trying to hold it down. This was beyond disgusting. Siana wanted to throw up at the site of Alexander throwing up.

The car door was flung open and Alexander crawled out with puke all over his jacket. "Miss Jones I'm so sorry." The man said helping him up from the ground. He staggered back and forth trying his best not to fall over.

"Hey what's your name?" Siana asked walking up to the man with confidence.

"It's Aden. Aden Snow." He replied to her still fighting to keep his balance as he held Alexander up.

Alexander was out cold, unaware of his surroundings or the people in it. Siana stood there as the wind blew her straight black hair wildly watching as he struggled to keep his balance with Alexander in his arms. The sounds of her boot echoed hard in the empty underground parking lot as she made her way up to him.

"Why did you bring me here?" She asked glaring at Aden deeply.

Aden froze. This was news to him. How could she not have known? She was the one that had just signed the contract. He was there witnessing it all when her father willingly signed the contract with a big bright smile. How could she not have known?

"I'm sorry Miss Jones but are you not aware of the situation you are in?" He asked as he released Alexander’s arm and turned around to meet her gaze with confusion plastered over his face.

She was unaware of the reason why she was there, Why was Alexander telling her all that, and if it was the truth. Sure she could ask her parents but they didn't exactly want to hear from her or see her.

"What are you talking about? Why am I here? Start explaining or I'm calling the cops. You kidnapped me. What situation?!" She shouted holding her phone up, clearly pissed and scared.

"You were sold by your parents to Sir Alexander and by signing that contract you made it legit. You'll marry Sir Alexander in two months. I will give you all the information you need. But for now, I'll get going." He said with a serious face. Aden grabbed Alexander's arm and began walking towards the elevator disappearing into the dark.

What was she supposed to do now? How will she get home? Was this just a prank played out by her parents or was it all true?

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