Overwatch: Rise of Rose

Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch, its events or its characters. In a fit of rage, our protagonist accidentally kills himself and gets the option to get reincaranated to a world of his choice. Based on the many hours of dedication and a body pillow, he chooses the world of Overwatch. Join Shawn as he fights robots and helps change the world. Cover is done by Badbitch21.

Eaglestriker_22 · Video Games
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106 Chs

We Have A Problem

We couldn't simply just run past the waves of Bastions in front of us. We had to momentarily pause in order to deal with them, then hurriedly proceed past.

Of course, standing there put pressure on us as it allowed both flanking sides time to collapse on our position. 

Fortunately, the omnics on my side were still a good distance away from capitalizing on our stagnancy. 

Soldiers who weren't fully covered by either S3bastians or my shield had to lay on the ground for cover.

"Shawn! Your time to shine!" Reinhardt shouts over his shoulder to me.

Dropping my shield, I know I have little time and margin of error before we risk getting mowed down by Bastions in turret form.

Making my way to the front, my headpiece takes a second to calculate the projected distance I would need to efficiently stun enough Bastions for us to proceed.

With it calculated, I lob an EMP grenade in their direction.

Unfortunately, there are a bit more in our way than expected, so some in the back are unaffected.

Around seven Bastions transfigure into turrets and begin pelting Reinhardt's shield with bullets.

"Barrier is failing!" Reinhardt calls out to us.

If his barrier fell, the rest of us would no doubt fall as well.

Reloading another EMP grenade in my assault rifle I make a decision last second that could save us.

"Rockets up men! Target those bastions in the back! I shout.

They take a second to process the command before spurring into action, showing their inexperience.

However, they waste no further time in taking the lead and following the order.

The zooming of three rockets whizz past Rein's shield and crash into the turret form Bastions in the back, scattering them into parts.

"FORWARD!" Rein screams and we begin to rush forward as the Bastions on either side of us being to draw closer.

We hurriedly pass the line of fallen Bastions and Rein falls behind, holding out his cracked shield as we rush to get out of their trap.

Unfortunately for us, the ambush was actually well thought out.

I'm sure the initial crash was to disorient us. In our confusion, they surround the crash and take out any survivors.

Should any find a way to slip past the waves of Bastions, the landscape would betray them as we were in vast acres of fields.

With flatlands stretching far into the distance, anyone who escaped would just be easy pickings, leaving the Omnics no opposition to reinforce New York for the time being.

We found ourselves in this scenario. Although we found a way past the ambush, with Reins shield almost gone and the Bastions soon to recover, we were sure to get mowed down.

"Shawn we have a problem." The second in command runs next to me and cautions.

"I'm aware. Our options are limited to continue running and hoping they can't aim or standing our ground and fighting." I respond being transparent with my thoughts.

"We just narrowly escaped the ambush, why would we throw away our advantage by turning around and fighting?" He counters.

Surveying the area in front of us I think about different plans if we did try to reengage with them.

Maybe if we had some form of trenches, we could oppose their advance and possibly take their numbers down. But there was no one amongst us who could build anything resembling trenches in that short amount of time.

Plus, with their sheer number, we would be using a lot of resources with highly coordinated attacks if we hoped to outmaneuver the Ravagers. 

"There is one way we can escape this." S3bastian slows down to sprint alongside us.

We both look at him, waiting for his response. "You're not going to like it." He warns. 

At this point, over the sound of bullets being deflected, his words capture everyone's attention who can hear him. 

Those who knew of the situation we were in who heard his caution, grew solemn as they realized its implications.

Seeing no one was objecting, he continues,

"Those Ravagers are smart, but one weakness that they keep repeatedly showing is that right now, they can only react based on what they observe humans doing. In the future, they may be able to, but right now, they aren't too capable of predicting our movements.

Therefore, someone could distract them, making them focus elsewhere as the main force continues in a different path."

His proposition was our best option, but it was basically a condemnation to death, a suicide mission.

Before anyone could counter, the second in command says, "I see."

He reaches over to the nearest soldier next to him and snatches the grenade belt off of them.

Unpinning one immediately, he tosses it in front of Reinhardt. Smoke begins to spill from the grenade, covering our retreat.

Turning back to us he says, "Take this moment and head to New York. People there are expecting us to help. Despite everything that's happening, people must never lose hope."

Having said that, he turns to our right, throwing smoke grenade after smoke grenade to form a line of smoke which he begins shooting out of.

The bullets that once were heading our way start to trail to his direction.

Rein finally has a chance to drop his shield as the remainder of the group continues to sprint as far away from the ambush as we can.

Even after the sounds of battle is nothing but a whisper among the wind, we continue to sprint. Long after we make it past the vast acres of flatlands and into a forest, we continue to sprint.