Overwatch: Rise of Rose

Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch, its events or its characters. In a fit of rage, our protagonist accidentally kills himself and gets the option to get reincaranated to a world of his choice. Based on the many hours of dedication and a body pillow, he chooses the world of Overwatch. Join Shawn as he fights robots and helps change the world. Cover is done by Badbitch21.

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Bravery Inspires Sacrifice

We sat around the campfire, the exhaustion from running so long taking its toll on us, but no one was sleep despite that.

With S3bastion standing watch, the perks of having an omnic who didn't require sleep, everyone just looked at the fire, not saying anything with the second in commands sacrifice playing fresh in their minds.

Reinhardt knew that moral wasn't good, so he decided that something needed to be said.

"My friends, now is not the time to give up! Let us show them our mettle." He says trying to encourage them.

One of the recruits spoke up, "What's the point? Even if we went to New York, how many of us would end up like Fisher?"

Reinhardt remained unfazed, "The people in New York are counting on us. We can't give up after one bad moment. This is our time to show the enemy that we won't falter! Fisher understood that, which is why he did what he did. He was a great man, devout to saving what's left of humanity."

Another recruit stares into the campfire with a defeated look on his face, "There's barely anything left to save."

Reinhardt opens his mouth to respond, but his mind momentarily flashes back to Balderich's armor, sitting back in Eichenwalde. As he reminisces, he pauses, having no words to say back to the men.

We all remain silent, staring at the flames.

I think heavily on their words. It's these moments where everything seems dark, like everything you do won't matter. They needed to know that it did, and that they're a part of the one organization that mattered the most.

I think on how I felt when I first saved someone, think about the hope that was in the soldiers' eyes when I went back for him.

I can only imagine how the people in New York are feeling right now. Giving up on the people in New York was not the call. Even if it's just one person, we needed to go to save that person. But the troops needed to be reminded of that.

I was basically a new recruit like them, however. The more that I looked at myself and my actions, could I even consider myself a hero. Sure, I've saved all that I could, but I've let just as many die. I was just going through the motions, pretty much acting like I was a hero. 

Plus, with the recent pains of losing my Galvanic state, I wasn't the best person to instill hope into everyone. But as I scan the defeated faces, I realized I was the only one who could. Taking a deep breath, I begin.

"Devotion inspires bravery. Bravery inspires sacrifice. End up like Fisher? A hero? Sacrifice isn't condemnation to death, but a beacon to instill hope."

As I'm speaking, the soldiers one by one begin to look up at me. Not letting their stares faze me, I continue.

"He knew the only way for us to escape and made his choice without hesitation. I'm sure he would choose the same choice if faced with the situation again. He did what he did because he needed us to go to New York. Now, here we are, spitting in his face thinking about not honoring his sacrifice and retreating with our tails tucked between our legs."

My words tick off some soldiers, "That's not fair. We're not like Fisher!"

"How are you not? He was just like any of us. He had just as much to live for, something he was fighting for. Much like the rest of you. You are all here because you are fighting to protect something precious to you."

They calm down as they ponder on my words, and I press on.

"What if what's precious to someone else is in New York? What if it was you, hiding behind rubble in fear, hoping and praying for someone to come to your aid. 

Sure, we got outmaneuvered by the enemy once. Sure, it looks like anything we do won't eventually matter. But men, it's always darkest before the dawn. 

Right now, is the time for us to make a difference. Someone has to do something. WE have to do something. The world needs us now, more than ever." I take the dramatic pause before finishing as the sun peaks over the horizon.

"Are you with me?"

Silence reigns as there's only the crackling of fire. For a second, I feel ridiculous that I said all that and wonder if Winston felt the same as there is no immediate response.

Just as I start to sit back down, the soldier who I saved speaks up. 

"Back before any of this happened, I was a janitor at a school in California. Along came the omnics and I was replaced. In all honesty, I joined just so I could get revenge and destroy some bots.

It wasn't until I took a bullet to the leg, and I fell behind, that I started to give up. Then you came back for me, and my eyes were opened. This war is bigger than just petty revenge. It's a fight for humanity. If we leave those people in New York, then we have already lost what's left."

He stands up, looking at me with a newfound confidence. "I'm with you."

Soldiers look between each other, then gather their weapons and stand ready to continue our march.

Reinhardt begins to laugh and slaps me on the back. "Haha, I couldn't have said it better myself. I couldn't have continued this mission without you. I mean, I could... but I don't want to."

As everyone prepared to set out to New York, I sighed, mentally glad that my speech actually rallied the troops. Looking to the horizon, I only hoped that this really was the right thing to do.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I've been getting back into the flow of writing, so much so that I've cleaned up my original story. I've changed its name from, Life is a Curse, Reincarnated to make it a Blessing to Veiled Brillance: Chronicles of a Reincarnated Being. 

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